Heads Up, Landlords & Property Managers

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There are a ton of regulations  in the International Property Maintenance Codes
According to the website  of the non-profit organization, National Center for Healthy Housing , these codes were arrived at by “consensus”.  They are updated annually.  
My guess is they’re  lobbying to  get Congress to enact legislation to make these regulations the Law of the Land — if they haven’t already!  Think of all the juicy fines that could be levied based on non-compliance.  Municipalities know a gravy train when they see one. 
H/T to Kelleigh!

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0 responses to “Heads Up, Landlords & Property Managers

  1. And who the heck are these people? Will the UN (the same body that can enforce enything else) enforce this or consume $$$ saying that it will?

  2. Anybody want to take a wild stab at who most of the new landlords are going to be once most of the private ones have gone bankrupt and/or been run off?

    • Yep.
      A federally subsidized housing voucher from HUD personally autographed by Shaun Donovan.
      LOL – Unless they determine you reflect too much light, then it’s off to a homeless shelter with you.

  3. And Now if only y ou can get your tenant to do their duty.

  4. This lunacy is going to drive rental rates right through the roof.
    Why is it something tells me this will not be an “unintended consequence,” either?


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