Headline of the Day: Woman removes blindfold….

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You just can’t make this stuff up.
A woman (X) is suing another woman (Y) in UK court for sexual assault — for Y pretending to be a man (Z) and having sex with X with a strap-on dildo.
Gayle Newland, 25, is said to have befriended the alleged victim X by posing on Facebook as a man named “Kye Fortune”. What is really confusing is that X also is friends with Gayle Newland as herself — a woman. Both X and Newland are students at the University of Chester.
Here’s a key to help you keep track of the story:

X = Unnamed alleged victim
Y = Defendant Gayle Newland
Z = “Kye Fortune” (who is actually Gayle Newland)

Gayle Newland
Over the course of several years, X and “Kye” grew close and later had sex in hotels in Chester, Cheshire. “Kye” allegedly bound her chest and wore a woolly hat and swimsuit to disguise her appearance, telling X “he” was self-conscious about “his” appearance after an accident.
X’s pre-recorded video interview and witness impact statement were played to the court and she appeared via videolink to answer questions from Judge Roger Dutton.
X told the court she felt “sickened” when she realized her boyfriend was in fact Newland. During their telephone conversations, “Kye” is said to have dismissed his high-pitched voice as a result of his Filipino heritage. When the couple finally met at The Dene Hotel, Chester, on February 22, 2013, Newland, posing as Kye, insisted X wore a blindfold. The two then had sex, with Newland using a prosthetic penis without X’s knowledge. The prosecution said that “at no time” did X consent to sex with the use of a prosthetic and in so doing, “the defendant sexually assaulted” her.
X later met “Kye” at her flat on June 30 and the couple had sex again but this time X became suspicious and removed her blindfold for the first time. Newland “pulled her hat down over her face and said ‘it’s not what you think’.”
Newland denies five counts of sexual assault which are alleged to have taken place between February and June, 2013. (Daily Mail)
In court, Newland said the complainant, X, knew all along and is herself a closeted lesbian. (The Guardian)

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0 responses to “Headline of the Day: Woman removes blindfold….

  1. What a sick woman!

  2. Okay…
    So we have real person X, real person Y, and “persona” Z.
    Real person Y perpetrated a fraud on real person X, alleging that real person X is actually a “persona” for the closeted lesbian real person, who we might call “actual real person X+.”
    Struggling here… I think my pesky Y-Chromosome is blocking my capacity to deal with these complex issues.

  3. I couldn’t figure it out too so I asked my dick and it just stared back at me with a confused look on it’s head.

    • Actually, I believe they all probably look that way…..
      … you know, just hangin’ around all day with nothing to do…..
      … and then, when they do get a chance to do something…
      …it’s so damned dark in there that they miss all the action…..
      *Sigh*….. a life of frustration.

  4. Not buying her story. I’m guessing lover’s quarrel.

  5. You can’t make this stuff up…

  6. I think Dave got it right: simply more BNWOS, but don’t give it more than a moment’s attention, time to change the channel!
    NOTE: BNWOS is the acronym for New World Bizzaro Shit, I mean Stuff!

  7. First I asked myself, just how dang dumb would you be to go along with this for so long? Where is the natural female curiosity most women have?
    Did someone get caught in a lesbo affair and is now trying to back out?
    Something smells here. Did she not notice the natural female smells emanating from her boyfriend?
    I think we have a good case for two desperate people obtaining some serious therapy.

  8. Isn’t this considered normal behavior in the modern world?

  9. Well, I can’t follow any of this and keep it all straight, in the lavish, copiously conferred hours afforded me by my 10-hour work day in the public schools of this country….but…just thought you all would like to know that, within 2 days’ time I had 2 –6th-graders in ONE class tell me that they had 2 moms…or 2 dads….AND…for the SAME class, I had to prepare a weeks’-worth of history lessons for another child whose step-mom (“married” to her genetic mom) was going in for sex-reassignment surgery to turn into a man. Now…why the kid had to take off for a week for this, I don’t know…..was she going to dress the wounds?

  10. Well,..She, appearing to be a White woman,.. that’s what she gets for screwing a Filipino,..in the first place,….

  11. No wonder Christianity is dying in the West, when a Christian site posts this sort of filth— in such detail, too,— just to get a few more clicks. Shameful.

    • I thought the headline to be hilarious. But, sad to say, there are self-described Christians with no sense of humor or of the absurd. There are no obscene words in my post, which is a straight-forward reporting. Whatever “filth” is what your own mind conjured.

    • Well then “Won’t”—– I prefer you DON’T. We can love the sinner but NOT the sin. I will always be loving and accepting to the child who comes from a loving home of any kind—-or..in my case (don’t know how it is elsewhere..but in CA….) I will just plain accept and love any child AND…I can love and accept the loving people who raise this child….but that does not mean that I have to abandon my Christian understanding that marriage is a sacrament of the CHURCH…it is NOT a law enacted by 9 judges in the USA. I am willing to recognize a legal CONTRACT between a man and a man or a man and his goat/neice/chimpanzee/12-yr-old neighbor IF THAT’s WHAT THE 9 OLD JUDGES CHARGE ME WITH…but I am NOT willing to accept that a “marriage” as a sacrament of my church can be anything more than between a man and a woman.


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