He Tried to Warn Us 120 Years Ago

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Below are three pictures of an 1890 gravestone in a cemetery in Attica, Kansas. All three are of the same gravestone.
Scroll down through the three pictures. The last one is amazing. 

. . . and this guy died over a hundred years ago!
A big h/t to beloved fellow f (formerly fs)  😉

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0 responses to “He Tried to Warn Us 120 Years Ago

  1. we were talking about this the other day. my great grandad and grandmother were both in their late 80’s when they passed on. This was over 20 years ago. My grandma their daughter,says they were members of the John Birch society,and they were fearful then. My gosh,look what has happened,I for one feel guilty for not paying more attention when I should have.

  2. Tina, feeling guilty accomplishes very little.
    Let’s take our history lesson from this sad chapter known as the Obama Administration and ensure none of this madness can be repeated.

  3. Zorro is right, tina, because you also have the opposite, as both my parents, in their 80s, are democrats/socialists. The question is whether are not we choose to learn the truth, since that is a Quest each of us must make for ourselves. Two of the siblings have chosen to follow my parents into the insanity of socialism. The other three of us have chosen the Constitution and all it represents. Amazing to see that tombstone. May I have such conviction.

  4. My dear Papa, who would now be 107 years old used to dog-cuss FDR and the unions. At the time, I was way too young to understand or care, but he was a brilliant man! Later on, he did the same concerning old Joe Kennedy and how the election of his son was stolen.

  5. thanks for the inspiration! believe me I have been fighting every waking day,all the wrong doing and corruption has created a firestorm in me. I will not stop.


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