Hawaii Tours Announces the "Find President Obama’s Birth Certificate" Tour Package

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Toying with the idea that the President’s birth certificate may be missing, Hawaii Tours launches their ‘Find President Obama’s Birth Certificate” combo tour that involves sightseeing and a little bit of detective work for visitors to Hawaii…
“’Find the President’s Birth Certificate’ tour package was conceived to bring a lighthearted, adventurous aspect to touring the Hawaiian Islands,” says Kaka. “We believe in weaving relevant and recent history into our tours, when possible.”

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0 responses to “Hawaii Tours Announces the "Find President Obama’s Birth Certificate" Tour Package

  1. Just like “Where’s Waldo?” 🙂

  2. HaHaHa
    That’s brilliant marketing strategy. Who says American ingenuity is dead? LOL
    Obama is a fraud

  3. Let’s have a Fellowship get-together and ALL go. I am sick of winter here anyway. A trip would be fun. BO’s internet trolls would go wild.

    • I would love to, in a heartbeat. Sigh….
      Alas, I can’t leave home. There are 9 lives (1 human, 3 feline, 5 feathered) dependent on my care.

  4. I expect the next press release will be for a new “Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate?” board game by Milton Bradley.

  5. There holding it in the wrong place.
    LOL – They need to do this in Kenya.

  6. a tour, a board game, and a video game with the mario brothers trying to get past the gorilla to find obama’s birth certificate. and in the latest wiki leaks it seems obama has given top secret data to the Russians pertaining to where Great Britain has their trident submarines stationed.. Great how the heck did this simpleton become our President?


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