Hawaii Democratic Party Did Not Certify Obama's Eligibility

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In the United States, to become a party’s (e.g., the Democratic Party) presidential candidate, one must go through the following:

  • Step 1: Receive the votes of the majority of party delegates from the 50 states.
  • Step 2: The delegates’ votes are tallied and certified at the party’s national convention.
  • Step 3: Each state’s party must certify that the candidate is constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States of America.
  • Step 4: After the parties of all 50 states produced their Certificates of Nomination, the Chair of the National Party Convention also signs off certifying that the nominee indeed is constitutionally eligible.

Needless to say, fraud can be committed at each step of the process.
In the last couple of days, the blogosphere is abuzz with the claim that in 2008, the Democratic Party of Hawaii — Obama’s putative birth state — had refused to certify that he was constitutionally eligible for the presidency. As an example, on September 15, the website Obama Release Your Records said outright that “The State Democratic Party of Hawaii would not certify in 2008 that Obama was constitutionally and legally eligible for the Office of President,” citing a Butterdezillion blog post of September 10, which says:

“…somebody claiming to represent the DNC stated on a discussion board that the DNC relies on the state parties to verify Constitutional eligibility for candidates, so the oath by Pelosi and Germond would just confirm that the state democratic parties had confirmed the Constitutional eligibility of the candidates. But this is where the argument totally falls apart, because the Hawaii Democratic Party actually ignored their protocols in 2008 in order to specifically NOT certify Obama’s eligibility as they had done for candidates in the past. IOW, if Pelosi based her decision to certify on whether the state party would confirm eligibility, then she had a duty to NOT certify Obama’s eligibility, because the democratic party of the state supposedly holding Obama’s birth certificate REFUSED TO CERTIFY Obama’s eligibility.” 

I looked into these claims, specifically the primary source documents of Hawaii Democratic Party Certifications of Nomination for Presidential Candidates in 2000, 2004, and 2008. This is what I found.
In 2000 and 2004, the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s official Certifications of Nomination for Al Gore and Joe Lieberman (2000) and John Kerry and John Edwards (2004) both had the following identical language:

This is to certify that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution and are the duly chosen candidates of both the state and the national Democratic Parties by balloting at the Presidential Preference Poll and Caucus held _____ in the State of Hawaii and by acclamation at the National Democratic Convention held ______ in _______.

In 2008, the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s official Certification of Nomination for Barack Obama and Joe Biden carried this language:

This is to certify that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the national Democratic Parties balloting at the Presidential Preferences Poll and Caucus held on February 19, 2008 in the State of Hawaii and by acclamation at the National Democratic Convention held August 27, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

What the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s 2008 Certification of Nomination left out are these words:

“of the United States Constitution and are the duly chosen candidates of both the state and”

In other words, by omitting the above words, the Democratic Party of Hawaii (DPH) was signalling the following:

  1. DPH is merely certifying that Obama is legally qualified to serve as President by virtue of the ballots of the Democratic Parties of the 50 states. The DPH is not certifying that Obama is legally qualified to serve as President  under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution!
  2. The DPH is also saying that Obama and Biden are NOT the chosen candidates of the state of Hawaii.

Why are we finding out about this only now, 20 months into the Obama presidency? More importantly, what can be done about this?
 According to the Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure, vol. 15 (NY: American Law Book Company, 1905), pp. 338-339:

When the authority to make a nomination is legally challenged by objections filed to the certificate of nomination, and violation or disregard of the party rules is alleged, the court must hear the facts and determine the question.

Before we break out the party noisemakers, here’s some sobering information from p. 339 of the same Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure concerning who can object and the time period for making an objection:

One who is not a member of the party making nominations cannot object to the regularity of the proceedings resulting in the nomination.
It is usually provided by statute that objections to nomination papers shall be made within a designated time after such papers are filed, or within a certain number of days before election. And, after the time for filing objections has passed, in the absence of fraud a certificate of nomination to which no objections were filed and which is regular in form cannot be attacked. At all events such objection should be made before the election, for if not so made the legal authority of a convention will in the absence of fraud be conclusively presumed.

My conclusion:

By omitting certain words in its 2008 Certificate of Nomination — words that were included in its 2004 and 2000 Certificates of Nomination — the Democratic Party of Hawaii was signalling that (a) Obama was not constitutionally qualified to be President; and (b) his nomination does not have the State of Hawaii’s approval and consent.
We conservative bloggers and citizens can scream at the top of our lungs. But only a member or members of the Democratic Party can object to irregularities in the Democratic Party’s certifying of Obama. Happily, Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure also says on page 339 that filing an objection is simple:

“Service of a copy of the written objections to the certificate of nomination of a candidate whose nomination is attacked is sufficient notice.”

Is there a registered Democrat with a conscience out there? Hello? We only need one to step forth….
UPDATE (9/22/10): Please see a proposed action plan for patriots, What Is To Be Done.”

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0 responses to “Hawaii Democratic Party Did Not Certify Obama's Eligibility

  1. Doesn’t this state the time limit is passed? “At all events such objection should be made before the election, for if not so made the legal authority of a convention will in the absence of fraud be conclusively presumed.”
    Bless you, Eowyn, for doing all that homework!

    • The time to file objection is passed only “in the absence of fraud“!!!
      Thanks, Judy, for always being so encouraging. I briefly published an earlier version of this post, then quickly pulled it because I needed to authenticate the info by undertaking my own research. The work paid off. I think I’ve made a compelling case….

  2. What has to be done?

    • We spread the word, via e-mail and blogging. We call talk radio. We tell our so-called representatives in Congress. Lastly but most importantly, we need registered Democrats to step forth and file written objections that Obama was not certified by Hawaii! And we need to file lawsuits in the courts.

      • you guys are nuts. Democrats know this because we’re actually sane. All you’re doing is wasting time and money with ur frivulous lawsuits-ironic bcuz ur the same people screming about tort reform. However, when has hypocrisy stopped the crazies in the Republican Tea Party. Give it up all ready. You lost because Conservatives are always wrong and slowly but surely Americans are waking up 2 that truth. The Right Wing has nothing to offer but this kind of crazy desperate garbage. There’s a black Democrat in the White House. Grow up; stop ur temper tantrums and accept it.

        • Hi, ObamaAnitaMurie!
          Your silly comment is so laughable it barely warrants a response. But since my hobby is liberal socialist/parasite troll-hunting, I’ll bite:
          That gallon-size Kool-Aid you guzzled down in 2008 is still sloshing around and befogging what passes as your mind. You wrote “Conservatives are always wrong and slowly but surely Americans are waking up 2 that truth.” Have you seen the polls lately, or the recent state primary election results?
          And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Wait till the morning of November 3rd!

        • I see you’ve read your Soros-funded copy of “Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals”. ..Name calling, check. Race card, check. Baseless threats, check. A good tactic that you proggies enjoy. Get back to me on Nov 3rd and let me know how Americans are waking up.

  3. The entire DNC committed FRAUD! the sitting POTUS IS A FRAUD! Anyone that conspired needs to be arrested and put to trial,given the maximum sentence allowed,believe me there is quite a long list, I believe John McCain knows the whole story.

  4. This is fascinating stuff – today, the sort of thing a dream is made of.

    • Registered Democrat with a conscience? Hell, you can’t find one with any shame any more hardly… conscience might just be an impossiblity.

  5. Eowyn,
    Nice work.
    At this point, I’m willing to go for anything that gets that idiot out of the Oval Office – while there is still time.

    • Dave & May,
      That was Rev. David Manning’s point: Everything hinges on Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president. If he’s not, then everything he’s done, does, and will do is illegitimate. Manning “gets” what the gravamen is.
      That’s why I simply cannot understand why the people who are supposed to be on our side, like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, and RedState, dismiss the eligibility issue.

      • Anitamurie, quit the name calling and racist tactics. It’s one we don’t play and proves you can’t argue with facts. But when that’s all ya got…

  6. Eowyn,
    There are some who are apparently more concerned with how they appear to the other side – particularly in Erickson’s case.
    As for the rest, they might just figure that no one in a position to do so is going to step up and do anything (and so far, no one has), so wishing for it is a waste of time – as they see it.
    I do wish someone who matters would force Obama to prove it one way or the other, because the longer he stays in the White House, the longer it will take to unravel the mess in the courts should he ultimately prove to be ineligible.
    It could conceivably tie up the courts for decades.

    • “they might just figure that no one in a position to do so is going to step up and do anything (and so far, no one has), so wishing for it is a waste of time – as they see it.”
      Of course, in so thinking, “they” are simply making their fear/expectation a self-fulfilling reality. 🙁

  7. Is there a registered Democrat with a conscience out there? Nope. Party line is all that matters…

    • My name is Anita Murie and I’m woefully uneducated and ignorant as paint!

      • The questions should be: Is there a DemoRAT with a pair willing to take a stand on this issue? READ THE FULL POST before posting your ridiculous name calling rants. I’d rather see a literal rebuttal than your stupid name calling which warrants NO debate.

  8. This may answer why there are no lawsuits: Virginia took the case to court back in 2008. And this was the court’s reply:
    “The judge held that the Constitutional requirements for a presidential candidate are to be determined solely by the congress in session when the electoral votes are cast.”
    The post on this ruling, in its entirety, can be found at Citezen Wells News
    The courts have essentially killed it, ie, all other lawsuits will defer to this one, which is why so many no longer focus on this issue. Even if it finally made it into a court, willing to hear it, by the time it was heard and ruled on, the term would be over.
    Frankly, for a president who’s campaign promise was transparency, it’s another broken promise. One of too many.
    I want to know why no one has started impeachment proceedings. In comparison, Nixon’s indiscretions were child’s play.
    There are 20 states with suits filed against the federal government over healthcare. Despite Arizona being taken to court for their illegal immigration law, by the DOJ, there are other states preparing similar laws.
    The Dems are terrified to move one way or the other, and the Reps are almost as scared. The federal government is imploding, and the general public, to the horror of those in office, are watching with interest, and a touch of glee. As I’ve heard others say, “They have woken a sleeping giant.” Can you say tactical error?
    The importance of essays like this one is that we are reminded of everything that’s wrong. It was ignoring what seemed wrong that landed us in this mess to begin with, so we may not be able to do anything about some things, but the list is growing. In building a case, rarely is all the evidence used, but there needs to be a foundation. Sooner or later — I was going to say that the right person with the right piece of the puzzle will come along — but I don’t think that’s how it’s going to end. This is about WE THE PEOPLE. We will educate ourselves, learn our history, learn about our Constitution, and learn to make different choices by accepting greater personal responsibility. And we are also learning how to hold our representatives’ accountable and if necessary hold their feet to the fire. Too many seem to have forgotten they can be fired.
    I’d say just my two cents, but I think it’s a bit more than that.
    Thanks again, Eowyn.

    • You said it so well, Judy! (sounds of hands clapping)
      Even after 1.5 years of blogging, I’m still incredulous at how corrupt so many of our institutions and officials are — Congress, state governments, party officials, the courts, and even the military (as shown by Lt Col Lakin’s court martial). But as you pointed out, the “glass half full” in all this is that We the People have become wiser, better informed, and no longer naive and as easily duped. Henceforth, it’ll be more difficult for the Political Ruling Class to control and deceive us. We hope!

    • Good post…I just wanted to say that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are Federal political parties that are bought and owned by the same corporate bankers that own the lands of the District of Columbia. It is this very thing that also has shackled the governments of the Republics to the Federal Government. Whenever a person votes for either of these 2 parties they are not voting for people, they are voting for fictional things called corporations. This is the precise reason that the banker’s train wreck of a nation is not based on the constitution in the least, but instead how can millions of people be defrauded in the greatest manner and we bankers can get away with it. The only way out for any person is to cease and desist from as much Federal influence as possible. It starts with TV njewscasts and printed njewspapers. Voting in elections is asking for what you are getting. holding wealth in the paper mache banks is waiting for your meager assets to be up in smoke…

  9. Step 3 tells it all….i.e. the democratic party once again doing what it wants to do without regard to the law or what Americans wants. Great article!

  10. Notice the red, inverted star.

  11. I keep hearing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic…”

  12. Calif Sec of State Debra Bowen went along with the fraud also. Knowingly.

  13. Though embarrassed, I’m registered as a donkey in NYC (since I was 21) If I can help, and you can show me the docs to demonstrate I’m on sound grounds to do this (I believe there was fraud) then please contact me at johnkulaya@optonline.net and walk me through the process.

    • John,
      You’ve given me hope — that there is at least one honest registered Democrat who loves the Constitution more than his political party. But the hour is late and I am exhausted. Let me look into this tomorrow and I’ll get back to you.
      In the meantime, if anyone reading this knows what John should do to register his formal objection to the Democratic Party’s bogus certification of Obama’s eligibility, please contact John or me at eorivendell@gmail.com. Thank you!

    • UPDATE:
      I received this e-mail from pjr this morning:
      “The forms are posted on jbjd (https://jbjd.org/): look at the side bar under, “MODEL CITIZEN COMPLAINTS OF ELECTION FRAUD TO STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL IN APPLICABLE STATES”). Of course, the caveat is, contesting fraud in an election is strictly relevant to the election laws of any given state. All of this has been “exhaustively” gone over by jbjd, along with the appropriate legal groundwork, to demonstrate the fraud in the 2008 elections.”

    • My name is Anita Murie and I’m an idiot!

  14. Well if anyone knows whether B. Obama is eligible, it is B. Obama.
    And if he is indeed unqualified to hold office, then there is no question about his complicity and foreknowledge to commit a grave act against this country that would encompass the same laws dealing with fraud, espionage and racketeering. It is rather serious to even contemplate, and the fallout among others that conspired would likely cause major disruption within our country.
    Will we ever get the opportunity to determine this truth? This unconfirmed truth is much bigger than 9-11, and you see the problems we are having there. Even with the most obvious and transparent evidence associated with the 9-11 conspiracy, nothing is done by those in power. This speaks volume to me, and should to you.
    Unfortunately, we serve in the capacity of cattle. And we are to do just as we are told when we’re not grazing. That’s the truth of the matter. When the majority stop acting like cattle and apply a little critical thinking they too will become demonstrably angry at those in power, and demand answers or face retribution.
    Does anyone know whether https://www.judicialwatch.org/ is capable of handling something like this? Where are the Ron Paul fans? He is the next best thing to the truth. Where is Ron Paul? Anyone….anyone at all.

  15. sorry…almost forgot. Thanks very much Eowyn for your diligence and hard work on this matter. It would be nice to legitimize this further to withstand legal scrutiny. We need to solicit some “heavyweights” to support any further efforts. Are you continuing the effort on this? What can we do?

    • dogismyth,
      Thank you! I’m pretty wasted, having spent most of the day researching and putting together this post. I’ll need to sleep on what our next step should be. I know a couple of attorneys whom I’ll ask tomorrow. But this is a job for ALL of us. Let’s brainstorm and come up with a list of what we can do from here on! We each has different talents and abilities, and we’ll need all of our efforts to combat the Political Ruling Class.

  16. If Obama
    was in fact ineligible to run for that office in the first place, which it would
    appear is in fact the case (not a ‘natural born citizen’ in the definition of
    that term known to the Founders, and never subsequently legally changed), then impeachment is misleading, and would leave in place all the laws he signed to that point (including Executive Orders). He needs to be removed from office, period. And since Congress in effect signed off on his eligibility, by pretending there is no case, they are accessories to and after the fact (the Democratic Party executives who actually signed off on his eligibility, eg Pelosi, are accessories to the fact), and need to be removed from office as well. And since McCain did not win the election, the Republicans don’t automatically inherit the office.
    The answer is to put an administrator in place, who will dissolve Congress, and call for elections within, say, 3 months, and remove all Obama administration appointments to executive departments, since he was in that position illegally. That administrator to be supported by a march on Washington, of We the People – regardless of political party affiliation – taking back the country of which we are the sovereigns, and supported in that action by members of the military, who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution (“against all its enemies, foreign and domestic”), and who need to honor their oath. All this does not have to be run by the Supreme Court, since that body has refused to hear the case(s) for Obama’s ineligibility, and so justice has been denied The People by that body.
    Never doubt the power and right of The People to right wrongs in the Republic. In that action, they can work through their respective states, or not, since they are citizens of the United States along with being citizens of their respective states (14th Amendment).It’s time and past for action in this regard.

  17. The concept of “natural born citizen” was widely understood at the time of the writing of the Constitution to mean that the person who would ultimately become president would have both parents who were American citizens regardless of just where he was born!
    You see, even if Obama had been born in Kansas, that would be irrelevant since both of his parents were not American citizens. Obama himself acknowledges that his father was a Kenyan citizen, therefore a British subject, and never became an American citizen.
    Virtually every judge has contended that no one who challenged Obama’s eligibility, including a Democratic attorney, did not have “standing” and did not proceed with the case.
    If you have ever encountered for example a person who advocated a “single payer system” of medicine, you know they are not willing to listen to reason. These people are ideologues, die hard socialists, or simply fascists, who will stop at nothing to see their dream and vision of a collectivist state come into existence. They are not open to checking their premises, there minds are made up.
    Pelosi is one who was questioned by a reporter who asked where in the Constitution she found authorization for the take over of medicine. Her response was to question the seriousness of the questioner. It was evident that the question of Constitutionality was irrelevant to her and of no importance.
    Most of us appreciate that the states which created the federal government limited the powers granted to it and retained all other powers not expressly forbidden to the states in the Constitution. But the diehard “progressives” will blithely grab whatever powers they can pass in the Congress with no regard to whether that power is among those enumerated.
    They are like thieves who will take what does not belong to them as if it does belong to them. They do not recognize your right to your own earned property. They justify the taking because it is needed to fulfill their dream of a socialist utopia. They will not let property rights or Constitutional limits or ineligibility stop them.
    And they are in power, elected by the people just as Hitler was elected.
    The only thing which will stop them would be if enough of us understand in detail and to the root of the issue what is happening.
    I would recommend reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, The Objectivist Newsletter, The Virtue of Selfishness, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, For the New INtellectual. Also G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island; the works of Ludwig von Mises at http://www.mises.org; Henry Hazlitt’s Economics In One Lesson and the feature articles on http://www.campaignforliberty.com and http://www.fff.org http://www.fee.org http://www.atlassociety.org

  18. How does this differ from the DNC forms that JB WIlliams wrote about almost 2 years ago? IS this a different form ? Is there one Democrat willing to stand for truth? Actually, is there any CONgress that will address this issue with fortitude? I will post this link to Post&Email which covers this issue consistently.

  19. Obama needs impeached immediately. Enough is enough.

  20. I called for 500,000 harley owners to make a run to dc with me for a week of fun. we will pull the baffles out of our mufflers and circle the white house and congress 24 hours a day. i guarantee you they will leave town. we will race up and down the streets really racking our pipes off. they will not be able to stand the noise. i want biker gangs to go along too. we bikers love our freedom and we ain’t giving up any of it. RIDE FREE OR DIE. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

  21. I am a Democrat and I will gladly stand with you on this matter.
    As soon as you stand with me in bringing the war criminals in the Bush administration to trial. Three separate courts have already ruled that Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program violated federal statutes. Each violation, of which there were surely hundreds or thousands, is punishable by five years in prison. George Bush admitted to these crimes. Bush and Dick Cheney also admitted to authorizing an illegal torture program.
    Let’s hold these criminals accountable first. Then we will move on to the crime of Obama not producing a birth certificate to your satisfaction.

  22. Attorney Philip Berg, a life long Democratic Party member, contacted the DNC and Nancy Pelosi before the DNC convention in 2008 and insisted that Obama’s eligibility needs to be fully vetted and that if not, Berg was going to sue. Berg did sue and has been fighting in the courts since. So Berg is the Democrat you are looking for. Someone should forward this new information and analysis to Attorney Berg just in case he has not seen this posting here. Berg can be contacted at:

  23. This issue continues to amaze me. Anyone who has been through the Federal security clearance process knows this is a non issue. I can only speak for the Federal level, but the State of Illinois probably has similar background checks. To get his Federal security clearance as a Senator, all of Obama’s background information was checked and verified. Information on his resume and referrals are all checked. His financial data is checked and verified in detail. Any mistake brings a call from the reviewing official. Address or phone number off by one digit, expect a call. They wanted to know why one of my references was not the owner of the house he lived in. The house belonged to his wife and was titled in his wife’s maiden name.
    The reason the White House is not responding, more birth certificate requests will be made for other foreign sounding politicians, then the Jews, then the Italians, then the Irish, and so on.

    • How dare you come on my blog and make this a racist issue!!!!
      I, and countless other America patriots, have problems with Barack Obama BECAUSE OF HIS POLICIES AND IDEOLOGICAL AGENDA, not his bi-racial DNA. It is YOU who’s racist because you cannot see beyond the color of Obama’s skin to the content of his character.
      For all your smug know-it-allness, you do not even know that Natural Born Citizenship (NBC) is irrelevant for the FBI’s security clearance for federal officials — senators, in Obama’s case. Or don’t you know that NBC is not a constitutional requirement for US senators? You should try reading the US Constitution first before you open your big mouth.

    • “, but the State of Illinois probably has…”? Probably doesn’t cut it. “, all of Obama’s background information was checked and verified.”? Really? Substantive evidence/proof that Obama was subjected to and passed a Federal (FBI) security clearance background investigation can be found where? Obama’s close association with admitted domestic terrorists William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn alone (notwithstanding his close associations with many of the most prominent radical Communists, Marxists and Socialists in America) should have prevented him from being approved for even the lowest level security clearance, much less the highest.

    • One big difference between the President and any other government official… Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t need to be a Natural Born Citizen to hold any government position with the exception of the US Presidency!! Look at the Governator!!

      • You’re right, Sandman. Um, then what is your point??

        • Just answering AJ about why this issue didn’t come up with Obama as a Senator… His birth location, whether in or out of the US, was not relevant at that time. I agree with you on questioning this, as does my father… even on the validity of the documents that were shown (computer printed vs. typed or hand-written, etc)… and I grew up here in Hawaii, but unfortunately, the Congress here has been Dem held for over 40 years… and they’re used to working with total autonomy without explanations!!

          • Thanks for explaining, Sandman, and…
            a very warm Welcome to our Fellowship!!!
            P.S. I like your new gravatar 😉

            • Thanks Eowyn, I actually registered on WordPress because of your blog here. I use this avatar (or similar) for most things… Semper Fi!!
              PS – I like your hobby!! ;+}

  24. Eowyn,
    While you mention this lack of eligibility in the 2008 Hawaiian document, you fail to mention if you checked with the Republican party. When this claim first surfacedwell over a year ago, I checked with my state’s election board (Oklahoma) and the documents furnished by the BOTH parties FAILED to mention the eligibility clause. I think this needs to be verified so that we do not have yet ANOTHER red herring, and can keep the quest to remove the Usurper to the actual FACTS, of which there are already plenty. All we REALLY need is a judge who actually follows his/her oath of office!

    • Richard,
      If you’ve read the posts on this blog, you’d know that we’re just as hard on the GOP. McCain’s campaign staff must have known about Obama’s ineligibility but chose not to bring this to the American people’s attention in 2008. Shame on them.
      As to whether this is a red herring: That is why I spent HOURS yesterday, before I published this post, studying the primary source documents (Hawaii Democratic Party’s Certifications of Nomination for Presidential Candidates in 2000, 2004, and 2008), and trying to find on the web information about political parties’ procedure for certifying a presidential candidate’s eligibility. That’s how I found the Cyclopedia of Law and Procedure, vol. 15. Any reader can verify the information & claims in my post by simply clicking on the embedded links — which you could have done before you raised the “red herring” issue.
      Instead of criticizing, how about if YOU help out by (a) doing research into this yourself; (b) letting others know about this.

  25. In my research I have seen many things that contribute to the problem. I will touch on these subjects lightly as it is 5 years worth of research. We have to go back 100+ years to even begin to see the invasion. I will touch on the most important of these in my opinion and suggest a solution. I will not attempt to list tons of links as it will be time consuming and miss my point, one must do their own research in order to verify. I have read much on the inc. (corporation) of america and this seems to be the lions den, the strawman theory holds incredible weight. I have seen several videos on the constitution and its usurpation which makes sense as to why we are not a party to it. Here is one link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs92KlRJJXY
    another issue i read about was that we are still under martial law from decades ago, that is why the ex. branch can write ex. orders at will.
    I have studied extensively on the subject of hawaii and beleive under international laws, hawaii is still a sovereign nation, under occupation.
    and the end result or solution there holds true here as well.
    There are so many issues, smoke screens, lies, deceit going on that their plan is working well, keeping us looking in all different windows (divide and conquer). The only way we can ever even dream of winning this war on our lives, and our childrens lives as well as our life sustaining nature is to bring all the supporters of freedom and liberty under one tent. AGAIN IF WE ARE DIVIDED WE ARE CONQUERED!!!
    In hawaii, after years of research, (dr. keanu sai) went to school to study political science, and international law doing his research and dissertation on the illegal overthrow of the queen. The ulitimate answer which is what i came up with in my own research and consciousness was that we are in a state of war, there is a war, and the enemy is from within, listen to this video well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dOOFB8fs38&feature=related
    So in my research, bottom line is this, in a time of war the ultimate authority is the head of military, and if he is in violation of his duties, then the next in line should stand, all the way down to the individual private until someone(s) take action. If the constitution is real or not makes no real difference at this point, all the laws, statutes, codes are all under corporate law, common law is unwritten, it is written on the heart of every man and woman with a conscience. But it is the spirit (god is in nature) that matters most, it is our collective knowledge of right from wrong that must trump any written law by man. Bottom line, someone who can understand what i am saying could easily put the military on notice of these facts at which time they would be held for war crimes if not acted upon. international experts suchs a francis boyle have verified the situation in hawaii, which verify s my own laymen research. The one thing that we all have in common, which is what brought so many to this land, the only thing that we can all come together under is the constitution. And if it is just a g.d. piece of paper as bush and obummer state, then lets rewrite it, it is already written in our hearts.

    • Thanks, jobs, for the tutorial!
      My question is: What can be done about this? You say: “put the military on notice of these facts at which time they would be held for war crimes if not acted upon.” But this is the same military that is court-martialing Lt Col/Dr. Terry Lakin for challenging Obama’s eligibility. So I’m not hopeful that the military will come to the aid of our country!

      • I had an idea to open a website, make a declaration that we the people are in a state of duress and that we command the military to act upon this admin. and remove them. People would have to become aware of this website through as many channels as possible and could sign on their consent. if enough people sign on and the alternative websites such as this one promoted it, it would go viral. names could be designated a number for security purposes. I have heard through reliable sources that the military high brass would act upon a solid movement from the people. There are good people in the system! I do have a piece i have already begun to put together that would absolutely hold them personally responsible for their inaction, i need support and the right people to help with it. webpage creation, getting these types of websites to promote it etc. funneling all the movements to one page. After the fact new elections could be put in place to replace the criminals, it runs deep, throughout congress, the house, fed, all of it.
        the constitution clearly states we have the right to throw off bad gov’t and replace it period!!! we do not need a criminal judge to interpret that for us. whatever we do, we need to do, and soon.

      • The military has tried to stand up for what’s right… But there a lot of things and requirements that we have to answer for that civilians aren’t even aware of!! There’s even a complete, additional set of Military Laws that we have to comply with in addition to the various Civilian Laws!! Something I’d like to point out to those that want to bash the military… Look at how many Generals have “Suddenly Retired” in the last few years… Why do you think that is?? Semper Fi – God, Country, Family!!


    • Bless your heart (which is pure gold), tina! I so appreciate you for your never-tiring diligence in speaking your mind to politicians, your steadfastness, loyalty, and the time and effort you take EVERY DAY sending me news tips! You’re my fellow warrior!

  27. Considering the fact the US Constitution is NULL & VOID, the US is BANKRUPT, and no one care anymore…What’s for lunch?

  28. Phil Berg is a democrat of long standing, he filed the first legal challenge to obama before he was elected. The courts have so far refused to hear the matter on the merits.
    It appears obama has successfully overthrown the Constitution he has sworn to uphold, and set himself up above the law.

  29. They see our love of peace and think we are weak. They mistake our patience for fear. They believe their bravado will overcome our cold resolve.
    All of which are the same fatal mistakes made by despots and their cronies over and over when dealing with true Americans.
    I pray that it will be the same this time but without massive bloodshed. I doubt if that in possible now.
    The enemies of freedom are on the brink of what they have desired. Make no mistake, from the usurper to the UN and the whole world of Islam this is their Holy Grail; Death to the USA.
    Like my Dad (who fought at Peleliu and Okinawa) and millions of others who heeded the call this is our time. Would that it wasn’t within our borders but that is the hand we have been dealt.
    Will this be our finest hour?

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve seen enough bloodshed in my life from seeing combat in two wars (DS & OIF) and am still recovering from my last “Trip” to the Sandbox. I realize that it’s extremely frustrating and irritating, but we need to do what’s right… and do it the right way… like EOWYN is doing here… regardless of what others do or say!!
      Oh, By the way… For those individuals that just like to keep saying that Conservatives are racist (normally due to reverse racism) because you don’t have the ability to debate issues on their merits, I’m a white guy that grew up in Hawaii when being Haole (white) was really unpopular (big understatement)… and yet still got along fine with everyone!! Come talk to me about me being racist to my face!!

  30. obamas treason has been covered up by 100 main govt officials who could be charged with capital treason–death penalty and up to 10,000 other dem party officials/hawaii officials/occidental college officials/columbia univ/harvard officials with treason because they will not come forward and report obama as an illegal alien status there they are guilty of treason too !!

  31. Glad I happened across this blog. Some of you have done wonderful research–thank you. So many of us know that obama is not eligible, especially pelosi–she signed 2 different forms stating that he was qualified by the dems to be president. The one where she committed fraud was the one that did not have the part about bing a natural born citizen, that was left off purposely. I pray that we can find someone to help with the removal of the parasites in DC. It is my understanding that the repubs if they win in Nov will look into impeachment–that is okay but–removal is the best way to go therefore, everything he has done will be null and void!

  32. Good write up. Isn’t this the research done by Justin Riggs and jbjd a long while back? This sounds familar. What am I missing? What is new here?

    • jbjd’s 3-part “A Coup Through and Through” is mainly a detailed account of the hustling, manipulation, and intimidation of state delegates at the DNC in Denver in 2008. If he included a treatment of the certification of Obama’s eligibility, please point us to it!

    • what is new here jc is someone else other than you being educated

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  34. I have been wondering when some one was going to discover all the fraud that went on in the election.
    During the Democratic Convention Pelosi and et al. Filled out two certifications one of which was in accordance with the Constitution and the one that did not meet the requirements of the Constitution. The proper one they kept. The one which stated that they met all the qualifications of the Democratic Party was mailed to each state. Tennessee was the first to discover this and filed a protest. However, I did not hear what happened as the result of the protest. A good bet would be it got covered up just like everything else. Another case of fraud and an impeachable offense.

  35. Is this what you are looking for?
    I believe jbjd is a she. The scribd in the article has the certifications. (I think Justin Riggs was trying to get the certifications for each state) I am just trying to figure out what is new here? I think I am missing something. Sorry, just too much fraud , deceit, etc to keep it all straight after two years.

    • Thanks, JC, for the jbjd link. She (jbjd) does not seem to address the critical missing words (“under the provisions of the US Constitution….) in the Hawaii Democratic Party’s 2008 Certification of Nomination of Obama, which is the subject of this post. But the jbjd link is useful on the matter of Obama not meeting the Natural Born Citizen constitutional requirement.

  36. I am fed up and ashamed with how we have allowed this Illegal Alien Muslim from Africa sneak his way into the oval office. We better get him out soon and cut the crap as to politically correctivness. Fraud is Fraud, Treason is Treason therefore, he and all of his cronies from that Chicago Cult of Marxist scum of the earth better go soon. First of all I am for SECESSION if nobody has the guts to speak out. History is repeating itself. Lincoln was a Socialist and a Marxist whose mentor was Karl Marx in real life and so is Obama and the Bitch in the Pantsuit’s mentor Karl Marx.
    King George gave us southern territories complete sovereignty and Lincoln, American’s first and last dictator stole it from us. Check the real history and not the revised Bull Crap.
    Obama and the rest go or I am making arrangements to depart U.S. Soil to seek freedom elsewhere. Enough is enough with this bunch of candy ass cowards of this country today. Lets get this low life the hell out.
    And get that damn cocky African Kenyan Bitch Aunt the hell out n ow. SHe is here in violation of a federal deportation order.
    Wed need also to apologize to the UK government Obama’s returning the bust of Winston Churchill because of political views about the UK and Kenya during the British rule. Who the hell is this ass! He is an embarasment to this country and is trying to destroy us with his Marxist agenda and ideology.
    Remember those words just before his election was over? In five more days “I” will begin the reformation of American.
    Taking over Banks, Taking over large corp and enterprise, trying to weaken the dollar until we totally collapse. It’s all in the Communist Manifesto.
    Get this bastard son of whore and druken black african womanizer and political agitator the hell out of this country.
    Brith Certificate Secret????? No, there is no birth Certificate . The only in existance is from Kenya and it has been seen and validated.
    Lets see his application for U.S. Passport
    Lets see his Security clearance App.
    Why does he have 12 Social Security Numbers?
    Why is all places he has ever given as an address turn up bogus?
    What about the Nairobi Newspaper Archives where shows Obama front page “One of our own Kenyans is running for U.S. Senate.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg
    I am retried from federal service after combined Military Active and Reserve and U.S. Foreign Service. Served with Haige, Shultz. Counterintelligence Agent. Clearances still current TOP Secret TS/TK/SI type G Gamma.
    This son of bitch had better go soon before he does any more damage.
    Michael Hudson AKA John Doe

  37. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your research. I’m just an old granma who happened upon your column. I have been fuming, with no results, and emailing with like thinkers. But we are all old and don’t have the withal to do anything, except pray that you are successful in your quest to get him thrown out of office and hopefully sent to Africa, permanently.
    God bless you!

    • angellady,you have way more to contribute than you could ever know.This site is so informative,truthful and honest. You will enjoy it. Hang in there,”We’ve Only Just Begun”

    • God bless you, Angel!
      We need ALL patriots — young, middle-aged, and older. In fact, the ranks of the TEA Party movement that’s shaking up the American political system are filled with mothers and grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers. A year ago, I had compared Awakening Conservatives to the Ents of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings — slow to anger, but when finally aroused, watch out, world!
      So don’t discount yourself and your importance. Keep the Faith!

    • Angel… you and your kind have a tremendous amount to offer us… you have first hand knowledge and the true information from actually being there!! This is invaluable in a time where “Correcting the History Books” seems to be the “IN” thing to do (for the government at least)!! Let the younger ones be the muscle, and just help be the brains and get the word out. My hat’s off to you, and thanks.

  38. I just want to say that all I read here is very interesting and informative. I have thought from the start that Obama was a fraud and not eligible to be POTUS. Maybe this attorney Berg will do some good. We can only hope and pray. My real reason for posting was so I could subscribe to your site. Keep up the good work.

  39. Michael,please don’t leave we need you here! “Candy Ass Cowards” is right,once they realize just how exposed they are they will try and run. Can’t wait for the end game. i want every one of them in orange suits and cuffs. For life or better. It is coming. I believe we will see more military step up for Lt.Col Lakin soon. We are coming at Obama from all sides,he is feeling the pressure,his house of cards is starting to fall. We don’t just want him,we want everyone involved with this illegal scheme. This whole scenario was designed,from Soros on down,it is coming apart.

  40. Eowyn,
    Take the chip off your shoulder. I learned of you TODAY!
    We all know that McCain had problems with his birth but although he had a valid alibi (his father was in Panama at FDR’s orders as a LEGITIMATE Commander in Chief) he chose to lie about his place of birth in the New Hampshire case. I have no idea why Oklahoma chose to accept certificates that failed to state the candidates eligibility.

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  42. HI, I live eight minutes from DC If you need me to run errands or deliver anything. The last two years have been the worst of my life. I need to help.

    • THANK YOU, Lori! I’ll start compiling a list of patriots, and you’re on top of the list!
      Welcome to the Fellowship. 😀

    • HI Lori, and you too Eowyn,
      I live in Rockville MD, 20-60 minutes from downtown DC depending on traffic. The past two years have also been the worst of my life, including the years I was in harm’s way. I also need to help. Here’s an appropriate quote from “Alice’s Resturant”, a 60’s era anti-draft/anti-war song by Arlo Guthrie…
      “You know, if one person, just one person does it they may think he’s really sick and they won’t take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony, they may think they’re both faggots and they won’t take either of them. And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. They may think it’s an
      organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. And friends they may thinks it’s a movement.”
      And that’s exactly what this is…the anti-usurper Obama movement.
      Vietnam Veteran.

      • Racer,
        Bless your patriot’s heart!
        To paraphrase the famous last line from Casablanca: “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful TakeBackOurCountry movement!”
        I’ve added you to my list and will give much thought to what we should do next. I will keep in touch. Promise.

  43. “So there were two different Official Certification of Nomination forms sent out by the DNC.”
    Justin Riggs did alot of the initial research. It was a massive project. He has since shut down his site. jbjd is still trying to educate. Her site is full of years of research. I forget that everyone did not jump in this before the election or before he was sworn in and everything old looks new again. I should have known when you didn’t know who Justin or jbjd was. I don’t think one complaining Democrat is going to fix this mess from jbjd’s work.
    It looks like you have found new readers as well who want to learn more. Happy researching and learning. You are in for quite a ride.

  44. Eowyn,
    Praise God for passing us the ammunition! This geezer feels hopeful already.

  45. Don’t confuse the DNC cert with DPH cert…

  46. With all the energy already expended on this issue with very little accomplishment my belief is that it will take tremendous pressure to extract any kind of truth from these thugs.
    My suggestion, – – begin waterboarding one by one.

  47. What if anything do you know about the state of Oregon. Who can I contact at the state level in reference to the candidates eligibility ? Any help here would be appreciatted. How do I ask and what do I say. I really want to get involved here and thought I would start in my home state beings I live in the capitol city.

    • Vernon,
      I suggest that you contact your state’s Secretary of State:
      Oregon Secretary of State (OSS)
      136 State Capitol
      Salem, OR 97310
      The OSS is the person who presumably is in charge of supervising elections in the state of Oregon.
      This is the OSS’s webpage on elections: https://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/voterresources.html
      Here’s the webpage on how to contact the OSS (a href=”https://www.sos.state.or.us/other.info/contactus.htm”>”Contact Us”):https://www.sos.state.or.us/other.info/contactus.htm
      Ask your Secretary of State for a copy of Oregon’s certification of Obama’s presidential eligibility.
      Here’s the OSS’s Archives Division:
      800 Summer Street NE
      Salem OR 97310
      phone (503) 373-0701
      fax (503) 373-0953
      You can also ask the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) for a copy of its 2008 Certification of Nomination! Here’s the website of the Democratic Party of Oregon: https://www.dpo.org/
      DPO’s contact info:
      232 NE 9th Ave.
      Portland, OR 97232-2915
      (503) 224-8200 [phone]
      (503) 224-5335 [fax
      E-mail: Go to: https://www.dpo.org/contact
      Please report back to us your findings! You are among friends and fellow patriots here on Fellowship of the Minds! May God bless and guide you in your quest.

  48. We should make the march on DC and pull everyone of these SOB out and do what should have been done a long time ago

  49. Has anyone done any research into the judges who make these unconstitutional rulings? I’d really like to find out how “tainted” they are. Possibly get them fired for stupidity (constitutional stupidity?) I for one am sick to death of these idiot judges. Hey, you stupid jerks – liberalism is in its death throes. Don’t make yourself a target of the next attorney general (after BO and Holder are tried and convicted for,at the very least,perjury).

    • What a great idea, Judy! I know of no one who’s done that kind of research. How about you? No exaggeration, but every waking minute of my daily life — after taking care of my home, 3 cats, 5 birds, and an elderly frail sick husband — is devoted to this blog. Any patriot reading this can help out by doing the research Judy recommends. Send your results to me and I’ll post it here. Promise.

  50. Anyone with a grain of common sense knows that Obama is a criminal fraud, if only because of his savage, unremitting campaign to prevent release of a simple official document that would prove otherwise. This lying phony even has multiple Social Security numbers and aliases, all denied and all denials subject to prosecution as felonies. The Kenyan has even had the nerve to classify his naturalization papers “top secret.” He’s not an American citizen, and has promoted himself into office with undisclosed funding from our country’s deadly enemies! Don’t tell me that Reid and Pelosi have not known this from Day One. They are criminal co-conspirators. All of the judges and secretaries of state who dismissed out of hand this dire, lawless take-over of our government by Marxist thugs are also culpably delinquent in their sworn, legal duty. They must be terminated with serious fines and penalties. We demand accountability for their knowing, malicious attempt to destroy our freedom and institutions.
    Listen up, people. Here’s how we get this first-class traitor off our backs. First, we elect a Republican House and Senate. Second, we subpoena ‘Bumba’s original official records, publish the obvious facts, and impeach and convict him and his stooge Biden on their oaths of office. Third, the new Republican Speaker of the House takes office as President of the United States, as provided in the Constitution.
    Immediately upon taking office the New President declares a six-month tax holiday. He revokes every single act of the Bumba Administration, starting with socialized medicine and subversive Supreme Court appointees; take-overs of private industry; and other Fascist iniatives. He revokes the charters of the SEIU and ACORN, and directs the DOJ and Treasury to prosecute the UAW and other politicized unions for gangsterism and abuse of their non-profit tax status. He cleans house, firing every single one of Bumba’s Commie-rat political appointees, and guts Big Brother Gov’mint by dismissing the Little Dictator’s bureaucratic hires and abolishing the worthless, oppressive Depts. of “Education,” “Energy,” and “Environment.” Mz. Bill waves good-bye as secretary of state, and we end support of the United Nations. The White House and Congress reduce all federal tax rates permanently to a maximum of 18%, with the stated goal of limiting federal expenditures to 16% of GDP. The U.S. Army immediately sends 50,000 troops, with armored cars, helicopter gunships, and drone surveillance aircraft, to our Mexican border, charged to re-establish law and order and shoot interlopers on sight. The nation embarks on a crash program for oil and nuclear energy development. The DOJ investigates and prosecutes everyone connected with the Global Warming hoax, especially NASA, and cuts off grant funding to the institutions, such as Mann’s U. Penn, that allowed their faculty to lie and promote it.
    Our heroic New President introduces a number of long-overdue Constitutional amendments, including Congressional and Supreme Court term limits, and on the 4th of July 2011 he pledges not to run in 2012. He stands at the Capitol looking across to the Lincoln Memorial and declares “a new birth of freedom.”
    Loyal Americans dance in the streets, waving Old Glory.

    • I really like this… even if I don’t really see it happening quite like this!! But wouldn’t it be nice if it did??
      This is the same Sandman… only official now!!

  51. RE: “That’s why I simply cannot understand why the people who are supposed to be on our side, like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, and RedState, dismiss the eligibility issue. (Eowyn)”
    RE: “I want to know why no one has started impeachment proceedings. In comparison, Nixon’s indiscretions were child’s play. (Judy)”
    Reading David Limbaugh’s latest book “Crime against Liberty“. He is right on the money on the policy issues. His analysis of the Walpin scandal is especially interesting and very clear. That alone (even without the eligibility) should have the potential of Watergate. It is served on a silver platter on the GOP’s table. It would be child’s play to prove WH-misconduct. Yet, it is not touched.
    Remember the attacks on Bush because of the US Attorneys firing? The way the media reported it – one would have the impression that it was a crime – whereas it was the Prez’ right. Clinton or some other president changed all the US Attorneys – no one even blinked an eye.
    Yet, the Walpin-firing-scandal is swept under the rug. I had lunch with a quite well informed conservative friend today – he never heard about it.
    Back to the book: so far (more than half way) not a word about the eligibility question. David or his publisher, it seems, is unwilling or not allowed to talk about it. By the way, you don’t hear much about that theme from his brother Rush either. He cracked a joke or two – that was pretty much it. With his 20-m listeners he could influence starting an impeachment procedure or at least force SCOTUS to define nbc.
    And, you could add to your list of uninterested persons Ron Paul and Colin Powel (who in an interview yesterday, CSPAN or PBS, emphatically confirmed the HI birth and declared the Prez eligible – he also declared that he is a Republican).

  52. Now, just WHO, in their RIGHT MIND woulda thought for EVEN ONE MINUTE, that THE FRAUD -In CHIEF HAD help setting this whole SCAM UP??!! That A*SHOLE was put there to destroy our GREAT COUNTRY!!!

  53. Grand Jury presentments of voter fraud of Pelosi, Obama and the Democratic Party. Please pay close attention to exhibits 6 and 7. https://americangrandjury.org/public/

  54. Silly Birthers, can’t admit you’re fing racists, so you tool around trying to prove “Obama isn’t an American.”
    It would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn ignorant.

    • Racism, again? How b-o-r-i-n-g! Can’t you “progressives” commies come up with some other accusation? YAWN….
      Your comment merely betrays:
      1. A pathetic paucity of brain matter: We don’t need to be racist; Obama has given us plenty of policy reasons to oppose him.
      2. It’s YOU who’s racist: You can’t look beyond the color of Obama’s skin to the content of his character. So sad….

    • The COLB is not probative, there are no court-vetted documents proving any Hawaiian birth. Go ahead, call Hawaii DOH and ask if they verify the COLB as they are required to do per HRS 338-18 they must verify any document presented as to its legitimacy. Go ahead!!
      Hawaii admits the COLB was amended, which must be stated on the COLB but it’s not there, so right there we know it’s not anything but a forgery. Also Okubo said she could not be sure WHAT that apparent COLB-“thingy” was.

  55. I just don’t get it. Why are we being dismissed as a bunch of racists and nut cases without any real evidence contrary to our position? Do these people that snub their noses at us have something more than the certificate of live birth to stand on? There must be some insurmountable piece of evidence out there supporting Obama’s eligibility that exudes an apparent awareness so great that anyone who isn’t aware of it, or god forbid asks about it, is automatically some kind of idiotic racist who has been living under a rock for the past two years. Does that about sum it up correctly?

    • These commies will use the racist term because it paralyzes, you have to blow them off. They also will not stop at anything for their takeover, anything. The complicitness we see from low-level to high level is either from threats of knee-capping of bribery or they are fellow travelers. But having spoken to people in Hawaii and at lots of representatives offices, using my feminine wile and intuitive instincts, I will say that Pelosi, Reid, Frank’s people are pure psychopathic sociopathic commies who dole out abuse freely, then we get to McCain’s people who are defensive and prickly, and Bachman’s people who want to scream about the pink elephant break dancing in the living room but for some reason CANNOT and can’t say why, to Hawaii low level people who detest having to maneuver around the truth, to Hawaii governor’s office people who are total lying snots. I know that’s not a scientific analysis, but just my experiences summed up.

      • Actually… The Hawaii Governor’s office has nothing that I know of to do with his “Proof of Birth” or his certification … She’s the first Republican Governor that Hawaii has had in over 40 years, I’ve talked to her personally, and I think that she is honorable. However the Congress and the Hawaii Democratic Party, I’m sure had their hands in it… all the way to their shoulders!!

  56. Just as there’s a Senate Resolution for counting Electoral College (EC) votes, is there one for qualifying the candidates? Because QUALIFYING CANDIDATES IS NOT IN THE EC COUNT JOINT SESSION. Here’s where I did a little research…The counting of the electoral votes was not the place qualification would have occurred — I listened to the EC vote count on CSPAN from 1993 and 1997.
    The EC count was strictly for tallying the votes, purpose of opening certificates and ascertaining counts
    When counting EC votes each state says –“Mr. President (the VP pres. of Senate) the certificate of the electoral vote from the state of ____ seems to be regular in form and authentic and itappears therefrom that ____________ received ____ votes for president and _____________ received _____ for vice president. Then the president of the Senate has the EC votes tallied, presented, the state of the vote for president of the United States is as follows…bla bla bla, this announcement shall be DEEMED SUFFICIENT DECLARATION OF THE PERSONS ELECTED PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT IF THE UNITED STATES. Then session is dissolved. I also didn’t hear Quayle or Gore call for any objections, so it wasn’t just Cheney.
    So in no way does the EC vote qualify the elected candidates. A blog was saying that the Hawaii Democratic Committee is not a government body so it doesn’t matter whether they qualified Zero, but precedent points to this being the venue and forum and methodology.
    Usually, the state parties, Rep or Dem, forward a certification of qualification for placement on the ballot to the Secretaries of State, whereby they are taken at their word and placed on the ballot. Now we know that the Hawaii Democratic Committee REFUSED to qualify Obama for placement on the ballot other than by “acclamation” (he was a popular guy), because they had no probative documentation that he was born in Hawaii (or the USA) of 2 US citizen parents. So the Secretary of State then placed him on the ballot after Pelosi herself wrote a letter stating Obama was Constitutionally eligible, but again she had no documentation to that effect, she lied because she has balls so big she needs a wheelbarrow!
    So what I’m trying to ascertain is how the state Secretaries of State put BO on the ballot without documentation in the various states? AND where is some law or Senate Resolution where this qualification is notate?

    • Good questions, Jane! At least many Americans now are knowledgeable and wiser about this corrupt process and, in 2012, we will DEMAND to see credible PROOF of the prez candidates’ constitutional qualifications!

    • It has to do with the HDC and the power they have in Hawaii (vicegrips come to mind)… Follow?? Just look at the total number of Dems vs. Reps that we have in the State House and State Senate here (45-6 & 23-2 respectively)!! We are working hard on changing that ratio though!! In 2002 we finally got our first Republican Governor, Linda Lingle, in over 40 years (she’s small government/conservative), managed to keep her in office in 2006, and are now trying to keep it going with Lt Governor Aiona… but it’s an uphill major battle each time!!

  57. Jane, glad to see you are putting it all together!

  58. Ernesto J. de la Fe

    It has never been so evident that “Might is Right.” No one in position to do anything about this matter is listening right now. Their hermetic seal is in full operation.
    My suggestion is this. First, we emasculate Obama and the liberal leftist baby-boomer thugs by doing everything possible to boot the latter out of office this November. Secondly, we bring charges against all responsible parties after Obama finishes his 1 term “presidency.” If it is then proven that such an unprecedented fraud was indeed perpetrated upon the American People, then we should jail Obama and all who shirked their constitutional responsibilities, helping to bring this debacle and political crime about. Let all who know they conspired, whether by conviction or under duress from above, start shaking in their boots now. The time will come when those who aren’t listening now will be replaced by others who WILL listen, and dutifully disclose the information and documents that are necessary for conviction of the guilty.

  59. Excellent Job Eowyn!!!!!!!!!! ObamaReleaseYourRecords says World Net Daily picked up your article. Congrats!!

  60. The last thing we want is to have him impeached. He needs to have the Supreme Court “REMOVE” him from office. The difference between impeach and removal is when you impeach, BIG “O” is the only onr that goes and then you are stuck with you know who and then Queen Nancy moves up to Vice President. If the court removes him, everyone associated with him, everyone he has appointed and any staff member he has hired is removed right along with zobama. Any and all rules, regulations,laws and programs he has entered into become null and void. A new election is held. This means Barney, Nancy, and Harry get a can tied to their tail also.

  61. Vernon Rice is correct. I’ve been learning about impeachment and discovered that Clinton actually had been impeached for lying but didn’t have to leave office because there was no actual conviction.

  62. Thank you for posting straight forward and conclusive evidence that Obama is not eligible to be POTUS. Unfortunately, the Obama birth certificate issue has always been muddled. Some say his COLB is fake, others say it’s real and was used to generate the newspaper birth announcements, but does not prove he was actually born in Hawaii. Then there is the piece of work Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams that says Obama has no Hawaii birth certificate and was not born in Hawaii, but he thinks Obama is naturally born and eligible to serve because he has a COLB issued by Hawaii that says he was born in Hawaii.
    Thank you again for the great post.

  63. Isn’t Phil Berg a registered Democrat?

  64. Don’t we first need to do something about the Supreme Court? Otherwise, everything will be decided with the help of those who have been helped on high by the great “O”ne.

  65. $$$ and threats maybe??

  66. Thank you Eowyn for having this blog… I’m glad I stumbled across it today!! Semper FI!!
    Because of the number of home births at the time (and through the 70’s) … To get a COLB from Hawaii only took someone (a family member) to “attest” that the child was born there… regardless of the time after birth it was reported, except in the case that the child is deceased! Gee, what would the benefits to BO’s parents of have their son a US Citizen… maybe it’s the same reason why we have so many pregnant illegal aliens unsafely coming across the Mexican Border at 8-9 months pregnant just to have their baby in a US hospital… which automatically makes it a US Citizen and eligible for US Assistance and non-deportation of the parents!! Another thing people may not know… Both Newspapers that reported the birth have the same owners, share information, and are very Left Wing!!

  67. This is per the Hawaii Dept of Health…
    Who is Eligible to Apply for Late Registration?
    As provided by law (HRS §§338-15, 338-29.5), the following persons may apply for late registration:
    * Any person born in Hawaii who is one year old or older and whose birth has not been previously registered in Hawaii, or that person’s parent, guardian, next of kin, or older person acting for that person and having knowledge of the facts of birth may request the registration of a late certificate of birth, except that an application will not be accepted for a deceased person.
    * Registration of a late certificate of death, marriage, or divorce may be requested by the person in charge of the disposition of the body, marriage officiant or performer, or court clerk, respectively.
    Now do you see why I still question it??

  68. Don’t look for much help on this issue from the McCain camp; McCain is as deeply as involved as Obama. Inn as many as 6 states there were 3 candidates for President who were unqualified to hold office, with the 3rd being Roger Calero.
    Here’s an analysis of McCain’s culpability, most of which should not be new to those following the issues.
    McCain – A Case of Senate Fraud (PDF)
    Natural Born Defined (Obama) (PDF)

  69. I’m worried about Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who put his career of over 18 years, and his life, on the line to try to get resolution to this. He could easily lose his retirement, get busted to Private, be forced to go to Fort Leavenworth (Military Prison) at hard labor, and get kicked out of the Army with a Dishonorable Discharge under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) which would ruin his life forever. All due to this cover-up. How’s that for really standing up for what you believe in!!

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