Having a bad day at work? Try dealing with incomings…

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Originally published on January 29, 2014: My military guy came home from Afghanistan last October, after serving and surviving one year there. He shared with me this video of what it’s like to get rocketed in Bagram.

It’s pretty scary to us civilians yet know that our military are trained and prepared to deal with this. They see it as a “hassle” to deal with and, of course, the Taliban fire rockets on 9/11, Christmas, and other holidays – just to be jerks. The Taliban are usually so stoned they miss targets. Unfortunately, they do hit our guys as during my military guy’s tour, they lost four souls to a rocket attack. 🙁
So next time you’re having a bad day at work, be thankful your job doesn’t involve this!
Update 12/23/14: Be thankful this Christmas for our soldiers who have made it home safely. We still have many troops abroad in both Iraq and Afghanistan who won’t be home to spend the holidays with their loved ones. They will undoubtedly be rocketed on Christmas. Prayers for their safety!

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  1. My true gratitude to our friends and relatives in uniform, who stand between us and the bad guys.

  2. During WW-II our people dealt with the same sort of danger every day,but all the Citizens back home knew about it was what they saw on a weekly newsreel played at the local movie theater,and it showed very little of the day to day fighting;mostly our Soldiers taking a hill or in transit to another location. Soldiers,as a rule,didn’t tell of the horrors they experienced in their letters,because “they didn’t want to worry the family back home.” I believe they were far better fighters than the newer soldiers we have now BECAUSE of the News Media. Innocents were ALWAYS at risk,and many were killed or injured during battles-it’s WAR,not a video game. NOW,though,the evening news media is so intrenched in every skirmish,the only thing missing is the name of the soldier who actually caused the Civilian deaths. As much as Americans want to know all about what’s happening where their friends and family members are fighting,I think it better to go back to a little LESS SPECIFIC reporting.


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