Have You Heard the Wake Up Call Yet?

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This video is the work of shariah4america.com:

I cannot attest to the accuracy of the statements in this video, but that’s not what is important. What is important is that everyone in the west should be aware of Islam’s push for global domination. Maybe you think it can’t happen here, maybe you don’t see any direct evidence where you live, but it is happening here.

Like a chess game Islam is positioning itself in major cities across Europe, UK and North America, getting elected to government positions, taking over businesses and pushing out non-muslims. They are demanding sharia compliance and building mosques. From a strategic point of view, they are positioning their pieces in preparation for the assault.

Already there are areas of cities like London where there are no-go areas for non-muslims where unofficial sharia law exists and police dare not tread. In this country not long ago peaceful Christians were arrested for handing out pamphlets to muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, and segments of other large cities in this country have large muslim populations.

Keep this in mind, the Quran states that muslims can lie about their allegiance to an infidel and not suffer any consequences and can turn around and break any alliance, peace treaty or any promises made to non-muslims at any time to further Islam. We can’t take them at their word no matter how moderate they claim to be, nor can they be trusted. Our only course of action is to expel them from this country, not imprison, not intern, but expulsion by any means possible.

If we don’t take action soon, Islam will have their pieces in place, their plan instituted and their weapons at the ready. We’d better wake up and take action now or our country could become a bloody battlefield in the near future.

Tom in NC

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6 responses to “Have You Heard the Wake Up Call Yet?

  1. I heard the wake up call a couple of years ago but many don’t believe it but Islamists are worse than the nazis and that’s quite a shock. It is spreading in the world and in the USA where I thought it would never be able to. But most people are sleeping. I believe in live and let live but with muslims you cannot do that for they are working day and night to destroy what we took centuries to build. They are in 1432 and we are in 2011…Consciousness has evolved but not them. Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, the call is loud and clear…..
    one of the most disturbing things about Islam is that the Koran was written by one man.
    Mohammed himself says about his book, the Koran……..that where later parts may disagree with earlier parts, ALWAYS take the later writings as the law, as the tenets of Islam and how to live.
    The earlier writings are more temperate and what those speaking of “good Muslims” like to quote, but they are wrong.
    The latter parts, those calling for the killing of the Infidel, the destruction of the “People of the Book” and taqiyya mentioned in the post, ” muslims can lie about their allegiance to an infidel and not suffer any consequences and can turn around and break any alliance, peace treaty or any promises made to non-muslims at any time to further Islam” are the parts all “good” Muslims are to take seriously.

    Scary indeed.

  3. Jesus told us that we had been told all that we needed to be told, and that He alone was the One Way, and the one Word. (e.g., John 1) There is now, and has always been, no other. There has been, and will never be, any other revelation of God other than what is given us in the Bible (Gal. 1)

    As for a comparison with the Nazi’s, the Muslim Brotherhood was a creation brought about with cooperative efforts of the Nazi party with what was first named the Muslim Brotherhood. They continue to this day. From there, evolution of the party brought about the Wahhabi, and the present day outgrowths of that sect.

    Am I scared? Well, yes I am very fearful for those that follow any false god or false belief system.

  4. Islam poses a threat on a par with Communism during the time of the Iron Curtain. Islam is the new threat. Islam is also one of the pets of the loony left whom we dare not offend. The day of Christians turning the other cheek are over. It’s time to stand up and be counted. What we need now is Rooster Cockburn Christianity! “Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those that hate Him flee before His Face”. Vienna is also a no go city. Austrians are asking people to come and visit before it is too late! God bless and protect us all. Sed libero nos a malo.


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