Have You Heard Of The Latest And Greatest? Of Course I'm Speaking Of Google Glasses.

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A must have to make our lives so much more complete. here watch this vid  and just see how it will help.  LOL

Also just happened to see this on Drudge. Kinda amusing the implications.  LOL



~Steve~                                    H/T    My Newly Minted Teenage Son


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0 responses to “Have You Heard Of The Latest And Greatest? Of Course I'm Speaking Of Google Glasses.

  1. too funny!!!
    Please thank your son… :o)

  2. surfer, will do. He shows me these really silly, stupid vids sometimes and I can’t help but laugh. So I post them..LOL

    • ahhh.. It’s GREAT to have YOU back!

      • surfer, thanks. I have a lot of slack time to make up for. It was the hardest
        position for my back was sitting. So to work up a post was agony in the hard chair. I feel like a million bucks compared tio 2 day ago.
        Plus the pain meds ain’t hurting…LOL

  3. Why the heck does anybody want this thing? (Oh, boy, Google’s telling us we have to have it and can’t live without it… why?)

    • Anon, I see colossal failure written all over this. There are clubs, bars, restaurants, etc… that have already said they will not be permitted..

  4. Hilarious!

  5. Dressage Rider

    Heard on the Kim Komando show that this gadget can be hacked. Who really wants to be wired, followed all the time? Not me. Reminds me of the Larry Niven character called Louis Wu from the Ringworld Engineer novel. Wu was a current addict.


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