Have We Lost Our Mind? Warning Duct Tape Needed For This Story!

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A Suspiciously “Wet and Firm” Diaper

People when will enough be enough?


by AOL Travel Staff

Posted Jun 26th 2011 10:45 PM

TSA security officers at Florida’s Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport patted down a cancer-stricken, 95-year-old woman and forcibly removed her adult diaper during the search, CNN reports. Could this end up being yet another TSA PR nightmare?

Jean Weber was traveling with her ill mother on June 18 from Florida to Michigan to see relatives “in the final stages of her battle with leukemia” when the incident occurred.

Weber told CNN that while she thinks the officers may have been “procedurally correct…the procedure needs to be changed.” Weber noted that her mother had had a blood transfusion the week before.

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12 responses to “Have We Lost Our Mind? Warning Duct Tape Needed For This Story!

  1. lowtechgrannie

    I read this story in my email yesterday. Terrible! There’s no reason to subject anyone to such indignity, particularly such an elderly woman in a wheel chair. With all these TSA horror stories, I’m surprised anyone voluntarily travels by air anymore.

  2. I know I have quit flying. I had plans on going to Israel but have decided there is just no way I will fly and suffer these indignities. Who wants to go to the Holy Land feeling unholy?

    I only wish that Americans would stand up and boycott flying all over the USA.
    Those who give up their freedoms for security, deserve neither! Benjamin Franklin

  3. Achtung, ve are just following orders!

  4. This utterly degrading, disgusting thing happened in my backyard. Panama City is just a stone’s throw away from Destin. Our Sheriff in Bay County will not come to the aid of an air traveler in a time like this. His second in command told me that personally, when it is the duty of the Sheriff to hold off the feds and protect citizens.
    I would not spend one cent to come here. You can find beautiful beaches anywhere in Florida. I am sure the Tourist Development people in Destin and in Panama City Beach would like to hear your thoughts. I am sure Senator Don Gaetz, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson (maybe not him, he’s a Democrat), and surely Rep. Steve Southerland would also like to hear from you about this and your precious tourist dollar.

    Florida runs on tourism. It is important that you tell them you will not stand for invasive patdowns by sexual perverts and until it changes, you will not come here…and mean it.

  5. Sorry – I forgot the toll free no. to Congress:


    We will take as much tyranny as we will until we decide to stop it.


  6. This is sickening and disgusting and totally un-Christian for those apes to behave like that. While they’re busy beating up an old lady the real terrorists get by. Is this what civilisation has come to. It’s the same everywhere!

  7. As someone who has an elderly parent with alzheimers, if that had been my mother the TSA agent would have been forcibly fed that damn diaper along with a heaping portion of my fist. I wouldn’t have cared how long it would cost me behind bars, these bastards need to be taken on and taken down when they expose the elderly and childern to inhuman treatment.

  8. Stop flying. Write the airlines and tell them why. Write the tourist destination you were planning on visiting & tell them why you won’t come there. Boycott flying! Let the world know why!

  9. It is going to require a full scale rebellion on the part of the American people to put an end to this tyrannical Kenyan Muslim Obamaunism BS, and this T&A nonsense is just part of it.

    Which is why it will most likely will only get worse.


  10. You mean people still go to airports voluntarily? To fly?

    Why bother. You could get the same groping from the local sex offender, and not have to endure the long lines.

    Or pay an airline outrageous ticket prices, fees extra if you want to carry baggage. Or, have a snack. Or, a glass of water.

    Heck, the sex offender would probably do it for the price of a hot dog.

    [I am so very sorry about that pun…well sort of..a bit…]

  11. lowtechgrannie

    When asked how to define “the warning signs of tyranny” Dr. Henry Feingold said, “It’s a self-commanding bureaucracy, that doesn’t even have to be triggered, that is a machine that does now have any human dimensions, it just solves problems, any problems. That’s what we really saw (in the Holocaust),the facelessness, the depersonalization”…. and “euphemistic vocabulary” (aka Homeland Security)


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