Have No Doubt, Evil is Alive and Busy on Planet Earth

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Islamic cleric says, “Saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol, or killing someone”

Posted: December 15, 2011 | Author: |

Gee, and Muslims still don’t seem to understand why most of the world hates them so much.

This time of the year I try to dial back my anger towards these murdering pagan pedophiles and express my love for the Lord. I do take comfort in knowing that when the Lord does return to earth He will eradicate this evil with the sword of the Spirit.
Tom in NC
H/T to GrouchyFogie

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14 responses to “Have No Doubt, Evil is Alive and Busy on Planet Earth

  1. Now why would this Muslim cleric find so offensive a greeting about the birth of Jesus Christ — whom Muslims supposedly believe to be a prophet of God? Don’t Muslims revere and celebrate the birth of the prophet Muhammad?
    Friggin’ insane devil-worshipping hypocrites.

  2. Muslimism is the root of all Liberalism (Evil).

  3. If you think, like Ron Paul, that if we step down militarily these people will stop trying to murder us, then let this video stand as fair warning. The last thing we need in the white house is another Neville Chamberlain.

  4. There is nothing good or bad that thinking it doth make it so…
    Yes Mooslims are deceived and worship an asteroid in a cube of granite and an anti-Christ prophet….but Ron Paul believes they have the right to choose for themselves to do good or evil to themselves, so long as they don’t trespass on the rights of others to choose.
    He is not an appeaser/appologist like the current POTUS/pretender or Neville. He just respects boundaries and the rule of law and believes that America is not the worlds policeman and that the UN has no business dictating our foreign or domestic policy.
    The troops understand this and overwhelmingly support his position as proven in their financial support of his campaign. You have to listen carefully to what he says…but it’s easier to look at what he does through his record.
    I often find myself disagreeing with his positions until I examine his consistent reasoning… but his decisions are based on the truth and not emotion.

  5. He says that Christmas is the worst lie perpetuated on children? Wow! How about telling little Muslim boys and girls that Jews are pigs? Or that it is ok to have anal or natural sex with grown men, even if you are only 5 years old? How about the lie that Muhammed “wasn’t” a perverted sadistic pedophile who was finally “offed” by his beloved wife who had to good sense to kill the freak? Yea, I guess in comparison….Merry Christmas is very scary indeed. Someone should tell this pervert that Christians know that Jesus was not born on December 25th. But since we don’t know his exact date of birth then December 25th works just fine to honor our Lord. And unlike our president the Muslim, at least we know WHERE Jesus was born.

  6. Islamophobia… but why?

  7. Freaking camel washer…(yeah I stole that from Dave). Warped too.
    And they lie about not drinking alcohol (maybe not all). I worked w/men from the ME and they all drank over here. And one co-worker lived there and they drank (and smoked) at their parties with their women (whom weren’t their wives). PIGS.

  8. Hope he gets 72 virgins.


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