Has this anti-Obama billboard gone too far?

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Kurt Nimmo reports for Infowars.com, July 28, 2012, that a billboard on Franklin Road in Caldwell, Idaho, compares and equates the actions of the POS’s foreign policies to the acts of mass murderer James Holmes.
Holmes is the suspect who shot  12 people and wounded 58 in a Century theater in Aurora, Colorado. The billboard implies that Obama too is a mass murderer because his foreign policy led to the deaths of thousands — including American soldiers — in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and other nations targeted in the so-called War On Terror, which the White House had declared to have ended, yet paradoxically the wars continue.
Here’s the billboard, below which you can sound off on our poll:

H/t FOTM’s beloved Miss May!

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0 responses to “Has this anti-Obama billboard gone too far?

  1. I wonder and wonder about Syria…the 10’s of thousands being murdered…the “secret” wars in Africa…the Afghanistan joke…Ignoring the Iranian people…How many Obama? You didn’t get there on your own,…right Obama?

  2. I don’t really know what to answer. It’s the truth he’s killed far more than crazyman there, no question. But that’s like comparing (rotten) apples and oranges. It’s politicizing a terrible tragedy and some of the folks shot, or the families of the dead, may be Obama supporters and that’s just too much. We would respect those folks even if they are O supporters, it has NOTHING to do w/ that a**clown on the other side. At least O, (maybe? maybe not?) fully believes in what he’s doing and he thinks he’s trying to fix things. If he truly believes it and he’s just inept, that isn’t evil. (Personally, I think O has an agenda, but that’s another discussion.) This guy was just out to maim and kill as many ppl as possible w/ absolutely no remorse. Big difference. At least our kids going in (to war) know they may get shot and they’re trained and outfitted to avoid this. That “joker” preyed on the weak and unsuspecting and that goes even for the military folks he killed. My son said it’s worse to be here, either just in the US but also on base in the case of that crazy psychiatrist in Ft. Hood, and get shot, then getting shot where you expect to get shot (at). That’s just a very discomforting and unsettling picture and cruel too. (To the victims, not to O, for sure.) It just ain’t right. I can’t really say why more than that.

  3. It is not going to far. War is equal to what was done in the Movie theater.

  4. In my opinion, the POS is very harmful to the country, but not in the way described by this billboard.

  5. I hate Obama because of the damage he has done to the United States. He is tyring to destroy the constitution, sends troops to the middle east and they massacre innocents over there. Babies, old people, etc.

  6. To me Obama’s radical position on abortion would be a far more salient point.

  7. Dave McMullen

    The truth about Obama is far worse than any one billboard can display..Since the main stream media won’t ever tell the truth.we conservatives must use what ever media is available to us..So I say let him have it,need 50000 anti Obama billboards if necessary ,,If he gets 4 more years, we will face a firing squad for voicing our opinions against him .We are standing at a crossroads and we have a moral obligation to vote him out.If Not we may have to pay rivers of blood to regain our freedoms.

  8. It isn’t aimed in the right direction, as I could not care less how many camel-washers and their supporters president Infanticide kills.
    It’s the unborn and just-born American children that bother me.

  9. Obama Pathos Part 2: Disciple of Hate https://patriotpost.us/alexander/2766

  10. I think publicizing this shooter in this way is disgusting. By insinuating that what he did was not that bad is horrible. Are we not American? This shooter destroyed innocent lives, beautiful lives, American LIVES! This needs to be taken down!

  11. a reminder obama killed more u.s. troops in one year of war then were killed in the entire 8 years of bush…


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