Has Drudge Report Joined Fake News?

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Can anyone explain why Drudge has been publishing news to discourage the nation?

To me it looks the same as the Demonrat practice of suppressing conservative turnout at elections by publishing falsified poles.

Dr. Eowyn has recently been plugging the alternative news aggregator, Wharfinger.com, as a better resource than Drudge. And considering headlines like the ones highlighted above, I must agree with her.

I would love to hear from Dr. Eowyn and our readers what has happened to Drudge. As I tried to search out the subject on Google it seemed there was a stunning silence on the subject.

Dr. Eowyn, thank you in advance for weighing in on the subject.

Am I seeing things correctly, or am I just whining because I don’t like bad news? Looking forward to what others have to say on this.

~ TD

To borrow from my friend Dr. Eowyn:
Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!


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15 responses to “Has Drudge Report Joined Fake News?

  1. TrailDust:

    Those Drudge headlines aren’t new. Matt Drudge has been doing that ever since Trump’s inauguration, which is why I had long stopped reading Drudge Report and using it as a source for news, and why I recommend Whatfinger instead.

    Some months ago, before WordPress took us down, I raised this issue — that Drudge Report has ceased being conservative. I even did a search online and found other websites saying the same thing. A longtime FOTM reader took issue with that and became so incensed that he was verbally abusive.

    • Thank you Dr. Eowyn for filling in some content, particularly when it began. I have been going to Drudge daily and always leaving with the distinct feeling that conservatives are under attack there. When I go to the trouble of scanning through all the headlines I would usually feel depressed.

      • Then stop reading Drudge Report! You’re just adding to his number of views — and to his ad revenue.

        I had wondered why Matt Drudge changed. Now, I don’t care why or what. I do what is under my control, which is my own behavior, which is why I don’t go on or recommend the site. There are many, many other sources of news.

  2. Matt Drudge appeared on Alex Jones over two years ago, and he told Alex then that he was told, by a Supreme Court Justice earlier that, “Matt, it’s over for you,” and he went on with his explanation of the threat of censorship then. This was before Trump won the election.
    So has Drudge sold out? It very well could be. But Drudge does have this on his side: He is reporting headlines—gathering them and passing them on. He does not fabricate the headlines.

    I’ve tried Whatfinger and I like the layout. I also bookmarked Canon 212 and Conservative Angle, both much better and more content-rich than Drudge. Check out these sites, also.

    So has Drudge sold out? It could be. However, I would be more concerned that Fox News has sold out. I believe it already has. And I also believe that CRTV has sold out: They just took on Glenn Bleecccchhh!

  3. In a word: Obergefell.

    • And in another two words, “911 coverup,” the truth of which would delegitimize our ME wars and enthrallment to Israel tomorrow, and maybe even lead to exposure of the true fixers of our elections and thieves of our military and commercial secrets. It’s just too bad some of America’s pseudo-Christians called CUFI’s enjoy swallowing Drudge because he confirms their biases and sanctions their worship at the feet of a new Moloch, charmingly renamed GWOT, who’s busy cremating women and children in Arab countries because, as Dubya put it, these “terrace” hate us for our freedoms such as the Patriot Act, military tribunals, 24/7/365 surveillance, and so on. As Christopher Bollyn keeps hammering away at, unless the truth of 911 is made known there will never ever be peace in this world, which in turn makes all of the Establishment including the likes of Drudge, whether involved overtly or tacitly in the 911 coverup, the very principalities and powers we’ve been warned about.

      Those highlighted financial headlines above the article are just typical distractions from the underlying reality that, but for near-ZIRP money to players in any amount and constant interventions, the markets would immediately adjust to the true effects of actual unemployment and of actual inflation on future earnings, as reported by shadowstats, and drop by something like half tomorrow. Drudge, Fox News, and Conservatism Inc—who cares what these toadeating clowns say, except as a sort of entertaining reality show about fixing one-half the narrative in a popular show called The Empire of Lies.

      • WOW! Your post is truly super, loaded with insights and intelligent analysis. I’ve been following your comments and I think this is the best one yet, it deserves a wide reading.

      • Dan, you are asking us to accept a lot of things you take as gospel, but about which I know nothing. Could you please explain the meaning of acronyms you used that I have never seen? (CUFI, GWOT, and ZIRP)

        As for “911 coverup,” you have me at the fate of WTC building #7. The explanation of the twin towers seemed plausible, but no jet fuel was spilled on, much less inside of, WTC building #7. It seems to be a controlled demolition.

  4. I agree! I don’t have a clue what had happened to Matt but I no longer trust it as a reliable news soutce. Seems to haved turned into a rag mag, too much perversion and fake news with a decidedly anti trump bias throughout.

  5. I never read him. Of course I’ve always relegated him to the “Snopes” category.

    I go to a number of aggregator sites daily. I don’t do that so much for “opinion” as for raw information. I really don’t care what most of them “think”. Once in a while I find something pleasantly well-thought out and articulately presented. It’s rare, but sometimes it happens.

    The problem is always, the premises. It doesn’t matter how logically presented an argument is, it can’t hope to arrive at truth if the premise is wrong.

  6. I never really went to Drudge in the first place; I just didn’t care for the barebones look.

    I’ll typically go to the 2 Chicago papers websites, to see what the headlines are locally, and SteveQuayle.com to start me off on my daily interweb journey. I do like Whatfinger’s layout as well, and will go there 2-3X/week.

    I also saw last week that CRTV merged with The Blaze, noticed my CRTV app on my phone changed over to The Blaze, and promptly deleted the app.

  7. I still go with OANN on TV,but it’s not as comprehensive as I’d like. I sure enjoy their people and their presentation of the stories. They DO seem to REALLY fact check their info before broadcasting it,which I appreciate.

  8. Hearsay has it matt drudge new boyfriend influenced his political leaning to the left….thereafter drudge report became vapid..


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