Harvard University workshop teaches students how to have anal sex

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“In a world without God, everything is permitted.” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

What in God’s name is happening to America’s colleges and universities?
It’s one thing for their faculty to teach socialist propaganda instead of knowledge. See:

But things have degenerated to much worse — to the promotion of grotesque sexual perversities and outright satanism. See:

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Jennifer Kabbany reports for The College Fix that Obama’s alma mater Harvard University’s annual Sex Week observance, which began last Sunday, Oct. 2, 2014, includes a workshop called “What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101″ that aims to teach the Ivy League students how to have anal sex.
So-called sex experts from a local adult store led the Tuesday talk, which seeks to “dispel myths about anal sex and give you insight into why people do it and how to do it well,” the Fall 2014 Harvard Sex Week agenda states.
“They will cover a wide variety of topics, including: anal anatomy and the potential for pleasure for all genders; how to talk about it with a partner; basic preparation and hygiene; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex; anal penetration for beginners, and much more,” the agenda adds. “Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure, find out the common mistakes people make, and get all your questions answered.”
Student organizers of Harvard Sex Week did not respond to emails over the weekend from The College Fix seeking comment about the appropriateness and academic value of the event. University officials could not be reached Sunday for comment.
In addition to the anal sex workshop, other planned activities, according to the agenda, include:

  • “Brown Girlz Do it Well: a Queer Diaspora Remix,” a workshop that will “situate our personal narratives within broader systems of racism, casteism, classism, islamophobia, and imperialism.”
  • Sex Ed 101 promises to teach students the ins and outs of safer sex, including the proper use of dental dams.
  • “Losing Your (Concept of) Virginity” will question whether virginity matters.
  • “Fifty Shades of False: Kink, Fantasy, and Fetish” is expected to delve into how the bestselling book apparently got BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism) all wrong.
  • “#SellingSexy – How our social culture is shaping the future of entertainment” workshop slated for Tuesday does not offer a detailed description online. However Jincey Lumpkin, who describes herself as someone who “entices all women to explore their female fantasies” and is also a lesbian porn producer, Tweeted that she is set to give the talk.

Sex Week is coordinated by Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College, or SHEATH, a recognized student-run organization on campus. The events are billed as free and open to the public.
Throughout the week-long event, free products will be doled out, courtesy of California Exotic Novelties, which calls itself “the world’s largest pleasure product company.”
Not all Harvard students are fully supportive of Sex Week.
Reached for comment by The College Fix, student Molly Wharton said in an email Sunday that while she is not intimately versed with Sex Week, “after looking at the schedule of events, though, I do question the amount of time and resources that went into planning and funding these events, some of which are downright vulgar, at a place like Harvard. I can’t imagine that there are not more worthwhile educational programs and initiatives to which Harvard’s resources should be devoted.”

So Harvard University’s “Anal Sex 101″ workshop seeks to “dispel myths about anal sex”?
The following are not myths.
John R. Diggs, Jr., M.D., sounded this warning about the very serious health consequences of anal sex (for more, see “What They’ll Never Tell You in ‘Homosexual Education”):

The human body was not designed to accommodate anal intercourse. The rectum is significantly different from the vagina with regard to suitability for penetration by a penis. The vagina has natural lubricants and is composed of a mucus membrane with a multi-layer stratified squamous epithelium that allows it to endure friction without damage and to resist the immunological actions caused by semen and sperm. In contrast, the anus is a delicate mechanism of small muscles that comprise an “exit-only” passage. With repeated trauma, friction and stretching, the sphincter loses its tone and its ability to maintain a tight seal. Consequently, anal intercourse leads to leakage of fecal material that can easily become chronic. Moreover, the intestine has only a single layer of cells separating it from blood. Therefore, any organisms that are introduced into the rectum have a much easier time establishing a foothold for infection than they would in a vagina. The single layer tissue cannot withstand the friction associated with penile penetration, resulting in traumas that expose both participants to blood, organisms in feces, and a mixing of bodily fluids.
Furthermore, ejaculate has components that are immunosuppressive, designed to allow the sperm to evade the immune defenses of the female. The fragility of the anus and rectum, along with the immunosuppressive effect of ejaculate, make anal-genital intercourse a most efficient manner of transmitting HIV and other infections.
Below is a list of diseases found with extraordinary frequency among male homosexual practitioners as a result of anal intercourse. Sexual transmission of some of these diseases is so rare in the exclusively heterosexual population as to be virtually unknown. Lesbians are also at higher risk for these STDs:
* Anal cancer
* Chlamydia trachomatis
* Cryptosporidium
* Giardia lamblia
* Herpes simplex virus
* Human immunodeficiency virus
* Human papilloma virus
* Isospora belli
* Microsporidia
* Gonorrhea
* Viral hepatitis types B & C
* Syphilis

Put simply, the anus is not designed for sexual intercourse and penetration!
The vagina is.
One has to ask why Harvard University and other colleges, universities, best-seller books, and pop culture, are so hell-bent on indoctrinating and brainwashing America’s young to the UNNATURAL anal sex.

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0 responses to “Harvard University workshop teaches students how to have anal sex

  1. Perhaps the Trustees of Harvard will give scholarships.
    After all Barry attended and he is a proponent of this kind of activity.

  2. In the Clinton-Obama Military Heterosexuals Must [Mandatory] have ‘EXIT ONLY’ tat on the small of their backs if they are to avoid sodomite contact/rape.

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  4. The left is obsessed with sex. And the ones who talk about it the most are usually the ones who never get it.

  5. I used to think “what a positive thing it was to be able to say one graduated from Harvard.” Today, I have to say “Not so much!” I will never look at a “Harvard graduate” in exactly the same way. Why would Harvard sully their reputation? What a bunch of perverts.

  6. Who’s the instructor, obama?

  7. Ah, the perils of “higher education” in America today…

  8. Don’t forget about the politically incorrect term called gay bowel disease, the need for colostomy bags or rectal tubes from perforated bowels/anal fissures or bowel dysfunction, hemmorhoids, constant contact with fecal matter, anal prolapse, constipation…the list goes on and on. People are being told to just lube and relax and it’s all a lie. Anal sex/homosexual sex is called an abomination in the bible (Leviticus 18:22) and it’s anti-procreation. God didn’t design our bodies for that. People are being lied to and fall into the lie because they want to feel they are part of mainstream and are brainwashed into believing that ANY sex is liberating and pleasurable. The reality is, the devil is speaking and working through satanists and their ilk to promote deviancy and squash Christianity. If one understands what God wants for His people, then this junk is quite transparent; for others, quite opaque.

  9. Wasn’t Harvard started as a religious University? I feel like I need brain bleach after reading this…

  10. There is one positive note regarding this anal sex class. If the liberal loons at Harvard do what they are taught, they won’t breed!

  11. Dear Eowyn,
    That’s a very good question, what on earth is happening to America’s colleges and universities? I just got accepted in a Danish university and even though Denmark is a rather liberal country, one would never see a workshop about sex here… why? Because we are not going to university to learn about sex, we are learning law, economy, medicine and so on. I really fail to see why a university would waste time and money discussing something other than a subject that will help improving the student’s understanding on whatever is that they are studying. So unless we are talking about some course on prostitution, in which one is supposed to learn how to perform sex in a better and more efficient way, I don’t see why it is relevant to discuss anal sex in campus. I have no idea how busy students are in the US, but if it is something similar to the amount of work and reading we are supposed to do here, I also think it is an awful distraction to students.
    I tell you, the world is going insane!!!

  12. I’ve seen friends go to Harvard, and emerge quite different, in a bad way. Now it becomes clear just how much of a playground the school has become for the devil.

  13. My first thought as a mom who has put kiddies through college – megabucks for this? What is wrong with people!? Sorry, but I’m still back there with McGuffey and his timeless values.

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  15. The organizer has responded, predictably of course:
    ““The conservative backlash speaks to the latent homophobia that society thinks so often it has gotten over, and has not,” Kirin Gupta, one of the event organizers, told MTV. “It speaks to these residual prejudices that people [have] when faced with a reality they’re not willing to acknowledge or respect. I would say that the idea America has a crumbling morality, that we have some kind of morality that’s standing, is built on repressive patriarchal conceptions of sex and sexuality,” Gupta said. “So if that’s crumbling, then let it crumble.”

    • The great Scottish philosopher David Hume had a non-religious and very sensible definition for “moral/immoral.” Immorality is anything one does that injures oneself or another(s). By that definition, anal sex is immoral. Kirin Gupta and those Harvard students stupid enough as to heed “Anal Sex 101” will find out what “morality” really means when they get “gay bowel syndrome” or worse.

    • Well, it’s hard for them to scream “Racist!” on this one…

  16. This doesn’t reflect well on the Hahhhhhhhvahd faculty.
    I mean, you have an entire campus crawling with future proctologists and lawyers, and you have to have a separate workshop on porking people up the shaft?

  17. You know, maybe it’s time to make these “posh” institutions face up to the fact that they’ve become Universities in name only…that they’ve become over the centuries “legacy baby-sitters.” They house and cater to the descendants of generations of their graduates who, by huge money gifts, insure that their vapid progeny are admitted into attendance (and probably guaranteed a degree on the basis of not much more than enrollment/attendance). You can’t throw a brainiac class at them anymore and expect a “successful” completioin of “requirements” for a degree. So, thus…”Anal Sex 101.” I wonder if it’s a “hands on” class? ( I couldn’t resist that.)

  18. Sorry, I can’t resist… bad tasted, I know!!!
    I just found out the soundtrack of “Anal Sex 101” classes in Harvard. Before each class all students rise and sing in chorus!!!

  19. The world has become full of complete Fucksticks 😠


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