Harry's Amnesty Scheme Fails

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Seen at a TEA Party rally in Harry's hometown, Searchlight, NV, March 2010

Senate Dems fell short of the 60 votes they needed to approve the 2011 defense authorization bill. This means that BOTH the Dream Act amendment and the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal also failed! Woohoo!!!
It’s amazing how public opinion polls and seeing RINOs get defeated by TEA Party candidates in GOP primaries can put some starch into Senate Republicans! 
The down side to this is that our military’s defense authorization is now in limbo until the Senate returns to work after the November elections.
Hopefully, by that time, Reid is defeated and sent back to Searchlight, Nevada, never to darken the halls of the Senate again; and a new team of Conservatives would be elected to the Senate who will strip the 2011 Defense Authorization Bill of all its Amnesty-to-Illegals Dream Act and DADT add-on tumors.
H/t beloved fellow Tina!

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0 responses to “Harry's Amnesty Scheme Fails

  1. Yes I was notified of this through NumbersUSA. Wooohoo is right.
    One can only hope about Reid…I guess November will tell. I`ll be praying in the meantime.

  2. thank goodness for now! [but watch them closely]

  3. Lady Gaga must be so terribly upset, how will she go on to perform another concert…

  4. Dave from Atlanta

    There is a fascinating three part story on newsflavor.com from an unnamed white house insider talking about how the democratic party is in shambles. In part two, he mentioned that the party was so preoccupied with their hate Bush fest that they let the party be “highjacked by the far left.” Relevant to this story is the fact that he mentions Obama, Reid and Pelosi individually and indicates that all three are hurting the party because they are out of touch and selfishly promoting their own collective agenda.
    This link is to part three:

  5. I hope the Nevada voters send Harry back to Searchlight! On a personal note, I went to Reid’s office on four occasions to help an old, very ill United States Veteran. I got nothing but the run-around and lies. When I went to Senator Ensign’s office, I got results in three days! It was so amazing to me the lack of service, the lack of being “servant” in Reid’s office. Despicable!


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