Harry Reid is dying of pancreatic cancer

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Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) was Senate Majority Leader from 2007 to 2015 — credited with pushing Obamacare into law — and Senate Minority Leader from January 3, 2015 to January 3, 2017, when he retired from the U.S. Senate.

Remember Reid’s strange injuries?

On May 14, 2018, Reid underwent surgery after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

A source told the Nevada Independent: “They caught it early. The doctors believe it went well, and he is expected to make a full recovery.” According to Roll Call, Reid’s family put out this statement:

Today, Former Democratic Leader Harry Reid underwent surgery at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center to remove a tumor from his pancreas. His doctors caught the problem early during a routine screening and his surgeons are confident that the surgery was a success and that the prognosis for his recovery is good. He will undergo chemotherapy as the next step in his treatment. He is now out of surgery, in good spirits and resting with his family. He is grateful to his highly skilled team of doctors and to all who have sent and continue to send their love and support,” the statement said.

However, reporting for the New York Times Magazine on Jan. 2, 2019, Mark Leibovich writes:

Reid, who is 79, does not have long to live. I hate to be so abrupt about this….

I had planned to visit Reid, who had not granted an interview since his cancer diagnosis, in November, but he put me off, saying he felt too weak. People close to him were saying that he had months left, if not weeks….

Reid’s health, even before the cancer diagnosis, was a factor in opting not to seek re-election for a sixth Senate term in 2016. Over the last few months, he has had chemotherapy and two back surgeries….

Reid had dismissed Trump as a “spoiled brat,” a “con man” and a “human leech.”… In 2016, he dismissed Trump as “a big fat guy” who “didn’t win many fights.”

As with John McCain (R-AZ), I will not mourn Harry Reid’s death.

Update (Jan. 4)

Reacting to this post, a Christian friend wrote in an email that he would pray for Harry Reid. A reader wrote an email scolding me that when I wrote “I will not mourn Harry Reid’s death,” I was kicking a man when he’s down. Here is my response:

I’d always had problems with our Lord’s injunction to “love your neighbor as yourself”. I don’t believe He means an uncritical, all-accepting, non-“judgmental” love. That would go against everything that He is.

Nor do priests help in their homilies: I have yet to hear one that satisfactorily defines/explains what “loving your neighbor” means.

I believe the answer is in Luke 10:25-37‘s account of the Good Samaritan, in which a scholar of the law asked Jesus “who is my neighbor” whom Jesus enjoins us to “love as ourselves”. Jesus replied with the Parable of the Good Samaritan:

“A man fell victim to robbers as he went down to Jerusalem from Jericho. They stripped and beat him and went off leaving him half-dead. A priest happened to be going down that road, but when he saw him, he passed by on the opposite side. Likewise, a Levite came to the place, and when he saw him, he passed by on the opposite side. But a Samaritan traveler who came upon him was moved with compassion at the sight. He approached the victim, poured oil and wine over his wounds and bandaged them. Then he lifted him up on his own animal, took him to an inn, and cared for him. The next day he took out two silver coins and gave them to the innkeeper with the instruction, ‘Take care of him. If you spend more than what I have given you, I shall repay you on my way back.’ Which of these three, in your opinion, was neighbor to the robbers’ victim?” He answered, “The one who treated him with mercy.” Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

And so, when we are instructed to love our neighbor, in Jesus’ own words, it means that when another has fallen, through no fault of his/her own, we are to treat “our neighbor” with kindness and compassion, and provide assistance to the best of our abilities. That is what it means to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Harry Reid does not fit the definition of “our neighbor” — the man who fell victim to robbers through no fault of his own. Harry Reid’s pancreatic cancer is not akin to being robbed. Harry Reid did every evil in his life with full knowledge and free will, including profiting financially from the Obama BLM’s war against the Bundy Ranch. (See “” and InfoWars)

And so, I do not believe I am obliged to “love” Harry Reid. I don’t hate him — I don’t hate anyone — nor did I wish him pancreatic cancer, but I do not believe he merits my kindness, compassion, assistance, or love.

“When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.” -Proverbs 11:10


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53 responses to “Harry Reid is dying of pancreatic cancer

  1. Dr Eowyn . . . I am certainly with you, I never gave the death of John McCain any thought except . . . Hurray! After watching a documentary today regarding the Bundy family of Nevada, and a whistle blower within the BLM, who stated that the Reid family, LLC has gobbled up acres and acres of land in and around Nevada–much of it being acquired by them for Z-E-R-O dollars. All the while the holdings of Reid, LLC shows increasing holdings of acreage–the BLM maps showed that their holdings were diminishing. I think that most reasonable people are sick and tired of the thieving that has gone on in our land. Where families have been looted, and politicians have laughed all the way to the bank. Too bad, so sad this criminally minded man should definitely be on his way . . . to Hell!

    • I had thought of Reid’s exploitation of the BLM vs. Bundy for his own gain, but did not add this to the post. So many thanks, Auntie Lulu, for reminding us about this.

      • Me too. The last scam I heard from Dirty Harry was the government-funded paranormal investigation at Skin Walker Ranch. He managed to shuttle some major tax money to that Bigiloe character that owned the ranch. Now he’s designing modular space stations.

      • Yes, he’s been instrumental in selling federal land to the Communist Chinese. I realize its a failing of mine, but someone who does things like that and expects sympathy for their troubles doesn’t touch any nerve centers in me.

        People who did things like that in other cultures and times would have been buzzard bait by now.

  2. It was always something with Harry, he nearly lost his last senate bid in his home town of Searchlight, then there rumors that his wife kicked his ass, or that he got beat up with his rowing machine.

    The problem with congenital liars like Reid and the rest of his ilk they lie so often why believe them ever?

  3. I don’t know many people who have “full recovery” after pancreatic cancer operations. What a load of bs they feed us everyday. Reid and Buzzy both the epitome of health with cancer. Yeah right.
    They-both- are a pox on our great nation. It doesn’t surprise me the hate filled evilness of these 2 have gotten them where they are.
    As far as I am concerned good riddance to both.

    • I heard about this from a Las Vegas newscaster a year or so ago. He and Harry are buds. He said in his presentation that he had called him to tell him they’d found a tumor. At the time he didn’t know if it were operable.

      He IS getting old and the stealing is hard work. Few people have done as much stealing from such a small pool as Harry.

    • Full recovery BS is correct, along with the “caught the problem early” statement. Pancreatic cancer symptoms are usually noticed after the cancer has spread due to location of the pancreas and limited testing/screening procedures. My dad had a wife who died of this so I’m familiar with the disease.

      If he had genetic testing done that might be the case to catch it “early.”

      Yet if this disease runs in his family he would not have waited until 79 to decide to test for this very deadly cancer.

  4. Sorry to “kick a man when he is down,” but—-has anyone EVER been to or through “Searchlight, Nevada?” It’s literally a gas station stop along the old well-traveled road between the high desert of SoCal and Las Vegas. This man came from here, where there were no jobs, no opportunities….and so, never really held a job other than his elected “public servant” position in the Senate. YET, he’s a landed millionaire today (don’t you just hate that when it keeps happening over and over again, historically, in our “public servants” that we elect to “serve” us?). I doubt he would have EVER left the Senate unless his health had been failing….for far longer than we in the public were informed. Condolences in advance to his family. I’m sure they will enjoy the fruits of his career in public service.

  5. As y’all have said in your comments, I also feel no sorrow for this wicked man. I feel sorrow for the people he has victimized, such as those ranchers he tried to destroy for his own gain. Perhaps those people will haunt his dreams before he kicks the bucket, though I highly doubt he has a conscience left. A true reprobate! I just hope we don’t have to endure another month-long funeral like we did with McCain.

    • Maryaha, Dirty Harry does not qualify for a funeral like Cain McCain because the SOB didn’t go to Vietnam. At his age going through chemo and two back surgeries put him one foot in the coffin and ready to pack it in. This malevolent bastard is paying his ills as he leaves, don’t they all?

      • Oh! Alma .. . I loved it when I read the words .. . . . “malevolent bastard.” I think that would make a petty catchy saying for his tombstone!

    • Maryaha . . . . I agree with you. It was a farce to experience a “month-long funeral” observance for McCain. He was a traitor to this nation, and in particular to all the men who were left behind in Viet Nam at his behest. We had better not have to go thru the charade of “honoring Reid the swindler.” Just get him planted, or cremated, and be done with it.

  6. Dirty Harry, rest in purgatory next to McCain. You deserve everything you are getting. I hope they don’t drag him across the U.S. and we have to witness another Hollywood, nauseating, fake funeral service in D.C.

  7. Good Riddance to bad rubbish. Now if only we could get rid of pelosi and shumer so easily the country would be in much better condition.

  8. People like Reid, McCain, etc., never consider that they will have to face their maker someday. I expect the ground under my feet to warm noticeably when this heartless monster checks out.

  9. Two near-quotes (from memory) by Mr. twain:

    “I was unable to attend his funeral, but sent a nice note saying that I approved.”

    “Should I learn of his funeral, I would forsake all other forms of entertainment to attend.”

  10. Hope his death is very slow and agonizingly painful. He did all he could to see that innocents were murdered by the millions. He needs to die screaming insanely into the walls while crapping his magic underwear.

    • As much as I despise Harry Reid, this type of commentary does not reflect well on you. I would expect it from liberals.

      • Braveheart8850 is only expressing his feelings, he may have his reasons to wish Dirty Harrys’s bon voyage.

      • Harry has EARNED every insult,he sold the Rural majority of Nevada out countless times to fill his OWN pockets. I hope he keeps using his “exercise equipment”-maybe 3rd time is the charm….(Hope he gets laid to rest in Pelosi’s yard-we don’t wanna have him poisoning our Nuclear Test Site…)

  11. 6 months, tops.

  12. Make no mistake: I pity Reid for his devastating cancer, but the man, given his skullduggery and corruption and what he did to the Bundy Family, is a real villain.
    Like John McCain before him, he will, in all likelihood, go to his grave wondering what last bits of business he forgot to take care of. Unlike McCain, it seems he won’t have one last opportunity to stick it to America re.: the Affordable Care Act. That’s a relief.

    Moving onto the Big Picture, I do not think term limits are the answer. I think the answer to limiting Senatorial corruption would be to repeal the 16th Amendment, and have the legislatures of the various states choose the Senators. After all, senators are supposed to represent their own states.

    (As an aside, around 1983, I was walking on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, by Tiffany’s on E. 57th St. A woman walked passed me and stopped. She shouted something to a man about 15 feet away about meeting him at a place later on. That woman was Nancy Pelosi, and that man was Harry Reid. True! (Were they having an affair?))

    • I think you mean the 17th although both should be repealed along with the Federal Reserve Act all of which occurred in 1913 – a very bad year for liberty.

    • I’d bet money on them having an affair. Who else would have ’em? Their Twin Careers COULD have been a huge coincidence,but I doubt it. (Maybe they’re SIBLINGS! They’re TOO much alike in TOO many ways! How REVOLTING!!!)

  13. I hope it’s very slow and VERY painful! Before he goes to hell where he belongs.

  14. I hope this criminal Harry Reid knows that this painful pancreatic cancer is simply the first step on his journey to hell where he’ll find comfort in knowing there will be many like him waiting to help with his eternal suffering for a selfish life he lived on earth. You will not be missed, Harry!

  15. Saw hello to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Hugo and Fidel in Hell Harry. Also, please make an effort to find your old butt buddy John McCain.

  16. The righteous rejoice when the wicked perish.

  17. Please see my Update at the end of this post for my explanation as to why Christians are not obliged to “love” Harry Reid or mourn his death.

  18. Pancreatic cancer is very serious — of course I do not know Reid personally, and would not wish him, or anyone else, personally ill — but as a politician he and many others of his ilk (in both parties) did great harm to America — since he left politics, one can say: good riddance to Harry Reid the politician.

  19. It is out of love for God that I pray for his conversion and the realization (and repentance and also attonement) for the evil he has done. I also pray for the victims of his acts.

  20. There’s a boot-licking piece in CNN’s recent archives about Reid’s tough upbringing and fighter’s spirit that without a trace of irony features an official photo of Reid and McConnell, both with sh*t-eating grins on their faces, submissively foreshortened to the sides and behind a larger, smirking Netanyahu. The rest is distracting eyewash compared with this trio’s complicity in 911 and America’s total bankruptcy yet to play out as a result.

  21. I hope it is a long painful death. he has earned it. He can suffer for a while like he made others suffer for years.

  22. Kelleigh Nelson

    John 8:44-45 tells us exactly what these people are.

  23. Slimy little turd will only be missed by the left-wing morons.

  24. Good.

  25. I think the admonition to “love our neighbor” does apply even to lowlife persons such as hr – HOWEVER. What does “love your neighbor” mean in this instance? Does it mean enable him to keep stealing? Look away from continued acts against the vows he took? That is NOT very loving. A good friend would hold your feet to the fire, make you face what you are doing, and tell you in no uncertain terms to REPENT. And to face appropriate temporal consequences to whatever they have done.

    We can and should pray for him to repent. We can and should pray for him to face proper consequences for his actions – because a lack of justice is also a horrific lack of proper mercy and charity, since justice will ofttimes lead someone to repentance.

    • Agree: “Love your neighbor” means, “love your neighbor.” But, in contrast, “Do not cast your pearls before swine,” means….do not allow the “swine” amongst you to sully your prized and precious neighborhood/country with their personal greed and selfish goals, which enrich only them/their progeny, while rendering/sullying you and your neighbors/your children for poorer in many ways for generations. We are the stewards of not only our Earth, but our neighborhoods/societies against people like Harry Reid. Harry represented my neighboring Nevada. But, he was a swine in Washington D.C.

      For sure, I will pray that he will find his way in his afterlife—but the afterlife of a CHRISTIAN who understands/accepts the holy trinity. Harry is a Mormon who does not understand/believe in the Holy Trinity (believes that Joseph Smith sits with Christ with the Father…and does not believe in GRACE…but that you EARN your way to “heaven?”) , but rather, believes he will ascend into his own planet, and become a “God” like our own God. (“As God is, Man will become….” is written on a STONE in Temple Square in Salt Lake City outside of the Tabernacle—don’t take my word for it…look it up or go there and see it with your own eyes.). He believes that he will then call his own wife or whomever he is “sealed to” in the Mormon Temple , from her grave—to his “heavenly planet” where HE is the GOD, since she can NOT ascend to Heaven on her own. He has to “call” her from the grave in order for her to ascend into Heaven…indeed, even if it is ONLY to his “planet” of his own “heavenly” making. Don’t EVEN ask me what comes next–about the “spirit children” etc. which instructs all good Mormons to have at least 7 children. You will maybe NOT BELIEVE the reason why. All TOO crazy in most people’s experiences/beliefs. I lived in rural Utah, as a NON-MORMON from the East Coast, for years….and was continually assualted by those who would “convert me and my family.” Every time I tried to explain all this to my family/friends on visits back East, they not only thought it was weird, but they thought I was a NUT-CASE , and it was “kill the messenger time.” They actually thought I was making it up…..and had gone “off my rocker.” Way WAY too much to relate after having experienced both rural Utah Mormons (including separatist polygamists) and generational apologists for such…….Nevertheless…..I also harken back to the instruction to “hate the sin and not the sinner.” So, I still will pray that Harry Reid meets with our Savior, Jesus Christ, and accepts Him and no other, as his conduit into the Kingdom of God.

      Addendum: Hope you all can “flash back” to this post the next time Mitt Romney runs for president, and then ask me the questions that you don’t know how to ask right now and have no interest in right now……it all could matter later for all of us.

  26. Like McCain before him, no one is rejoicing but neither are they in deep mourning. This is the difference between greatness and infamy.

  27. I agree that both Amendment 16 (taxation) and Amendment 17 (selection of Senators) to the U. S. Constitution should be repealed.

    Also, the portion of Amendment 14 that pertains to birth in the U. S. making one a citizen needs to be further defined. It was intended to pertain to the children of slaves and has now served that purpose. It was not intended to pertain to the children of visitors, whether legal or illegal, to the United States.

  28. Ahhhh, yes; The Toilet of Life will soon flush another turd; McCain, Bush…..can’t happen fast enough, tho. And soooo many one has to be careful not to back the toilet up!

  29. I believe it is in Ezekiel where God says that He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Then in the NT it says that God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (Mandatory since Christ paid the price – Acts 17:30).

    So I guess I’ll give the old reprobate a pass.

  30. I don’t think folks need to get all maudlin’ over the death of the likes of the people named in these responses, but I do think you must love them.

    Love, in biblical terms, means willing the best for them.

    It is true that it is a good thing, that they cannot continue their unrepented evil. Good for us and for them. But seriously, can any Christian wish for them an eternal death in hell? If they are headed where they seem to be, they will never have any love ever, nothing good, ever. Satan will have one more soul, purchased by the Precious Blood of Our Lord, to torment for eternity.

    Why should that foul spirit get even one poor soul?

    My own soul is burdened by so many sins, I hesitate to cast aspersions. In my book, I think that Hilary is one of the most evil and corrupt people that I can name. But all the same, I pity her, rather than wish her ill. I am glad that she isn’t president, and I took some enjoyment over the election results … but still.

    I would rejoice to see these people converted and doing penance, here or in purgatory, rather than see them fall into a pit that I, also, richly deserve and may not avoid myself.

    The world is in really bad shape. I hope we can find it in ourselves to pray for the evildoers, rather than piling on.

    Sorry if my comments offend…

  31. We need to love and pray for our enemies. That is what sets all Christians apart. Jesus Christ told us that. Harry Reid has definitely been our enemy. I was grateful when he retired and most of us did not hear or suffer from his words and actions. I will pray for him. Christ wants him. That is why he died on the cross so that people like him might choose to believe. Yet, he told us only a few would choose him and most would choose the wide road to hell. You deserve to love him and pray for him. We are told only God knows what he deserves. God Bless

  32. Our Lord Jesus Christ died for Harry Reid and He loves him and wishes for his Eternal Happiness. And so do I.

  33. I would love to find out where they are going to bury him, Piss on his grave!


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