Harry Reid – 250 push ups my A**

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by Pam Key – Jan 9, 2015
Friday in an interview with Nevada Public Radio affiliate KNPR, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said his recent accident while exercising at his home, causing broken bones around his eye and three broken ribs, in no way reflects on his physical ability to do his job because, the Senator said, “I don’t know how many people out there can sit down and do 250 push ups,” adding “No one has questioned my physical ability.”

Personally, I suspect Harry is suffering from
Dain Bramage.

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0 responses to “Harry Reid – 250 push ups my A**

  1. I hope I can do 250 push ups still when I turn 3,690 years old.

  2. I’d bet a hundred dollars, heck, make it a thousand dollars that he couldn’t do fifty pushups.

  3. I have my doubts, since he had the same accident three years ago. Doesn’t say much for his physical prowess.

  4. The only push-up that this evil idiot can do is the ice cream version !

  5. Maybe if he used his tongue……. no, I think he’s still a lying bastard!
    He may have been doing 250 ‘push-aways’ while down on his knees at one of those ‘closed door’ sessions at the White House… and missed!

  6. Where I come from,we don’t SIT DOWN to do push ups;and HE just doesn’t DO push ups. (He hires an illegal alien kid to do ’em for him.)

  7. Just occurred to me that if broken ribs and a busted face don’t affect his ability to do his work,it only shows that he must have been doing a pretty sorry job BEFORE the “accident”.

  8. Harry!!! If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you fifty million times, “Don’t Exaggerate!!!”

  9. Over a period of how many says Harry?

  10. That excuse is right up there with Geee Dubya’s “choked on a pretzel” bruise and black eye while watching the game on TV

  11. That pedophile finally messed with the wrong 7 year old!!


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