Happy To Be Back

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I  am happy to return to FOTM as a contributor, but as an American I weep for our country. A lot has happened in my absence and none of it good. I actually gave up on politics for a while after the election, choosing to throw myself into emergency preparations, gathering supplies (food, water, medical supplies and of course ammunition). Despite my efforts though I was drawn to FOTM and other Conservative websites for my daily fix of the news.
With rampant vote fraud, intimidation and tampering, Obama will get a second term, backboneless Boehner will cave in to the liberals and make a bad deal to avoid the fiscal cliff and our country is more divided along racial and economic lines probably more than at any time in our history.
Liberals have planned and coordinated this attack on our society for decades and by seeing the state of our country,it has been successful and we were caught with our pants down. I believe  we have gone over the brink and whether we can bring ourselves back over the brink is up to the how far the true Americans are willing to go to take back what is ours according to the Constitution and what our forefathers fought for.
I want to thank Dr.Eowyn and the other contributors at FOTM for welcoming me back to the blog and I will do what I can to advance conservative principles in this dangerous age.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Happy To Be Back

  1. Welcome back Tom!

  2. You were missed by this old PATRIOT who has a serious case of permagrump. Very glad to see your return and yes, more ammo and a new ‘baby’ (38 Super) is now residing at schloss Homer. Can never have enough.

  3. Welcome back my old friend. Let’s Rock!!. 😀

  4. I’m so glad you’re back, Tom. Your voice is more needed than ever, as the darkness deepens around us….

  5. Welcome back Tom…

  6. Welcome back ,look forward to seeing your post.

  7. Welcome back, fellow North Carolinian!

  8. cue the theme song from “welcome back Kotter” welcome back

  9. I just discovered FOM a couple of weeks ago, and love it. I have not read enough of the site yet, so I do not know who you are Tom…But you sound like a true Patriot, as do others! I look forward to reading more from all of you!

    • PatriotGal, well a great big welcome to ya. If you look under the Masthead up top, things have been broken down into categories. Many, many past posts there. We are in a battle here for the future of our Country.
      We never give up, nor surrender. Look around and jump right in.
      We try and have some fun and please leave all PC at the door.
      Steve – Admin.. 😀
      I think you will like the writers. They Rock!!!. Me…not so much. Look for my morning jokes to get ya going. I’m from NY, so I write like I talk. You’ll cringe for a while..LOL
      Welcome on behalf of all at FOTM

    • Thank you, PatriotGalNC!
      A very warm WELCOME to FOTM! 😀

  10. Welcome back Tom! In all of the darkness and evil, we are still thankful to Our Lord for everything He has given us, especially His love! He is with us through difficult and trying times, wherein we recognize Him in disguise! We can see Him in our suffering, in creation and in the situations and circumstances of our lives. I am looking forward to your input and help.


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