Happy National Empty Chair Day!

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The man who started it all…

Are you celebrating National Empty Chair Day?  I am!  Here’s a few I’ve seen around the Internet today…

Empty Suit, appropriate!

Golf clubs needed a break…

Basketball was getting worn out too

Poor auto pen is always lonely…
(this was my creation)


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0 responses to “Happy National Empty Chair Day!

  1. I love the empty suit pic. 😀


  2. Made my day! 😀

  3. Saw a really good one on twitter. Empty lounge chair on the Titanic

  4. I can’t believe it…..someone STOLE OUR CHAIR!!!!!
    maybe they thought we were putting out a free chair..?????
    really surprised me…WTF??!

  5. happy empty chair day to you too…. oh what about the poor teleprompter after all he tells obama what to say

  6. Wait! Where did the pink toilet go?


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