Happy Monday!

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Need some inspiration to start off your week?  Hopefully these happy critters will put a smile on your face!

Laughing or stretching?

His smile is contagious…

Beautiful smile!

Ah, baby elephant enjoying life!

Get going with a smile!


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0 responses to “Happy Monday!

  1. the baby elephant is soo cute!:)

  2. I hear ya, Grouchy Fogie, and ditto to that! Many thanks to our DCG for this touch of grace and animal spirits. One of my favourite poems –as well as poets– is Walt Whitman’s “I think I could live with animals” [title from memory, may be not exactly correct].

  3. Steve, here’s a secret: no job, no mortgage, no car insurance, no college, no inheritance. All they have is what God gave them. So where have we missed out? And I quite agree: humans never play enough: we have too little a sense of whimsey, while being far too solemn about ourselves.


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