Happy Birthday, Barry Soetoro!

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Although there is no proof that today is Barry’s birthday…

we’ll wish him one, anyway!

You can sign a 50th birthday card to Mr. Soetoro! Go here!
I signed it with this birthday message: “Looking forward to kickin’ your skinny butt in 2012!”

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0 responses to “Happy Birthday, Barry Soetoro!

  1. May all his bday wishes not come True!

  2. Mad Angel is on FB

    I thought the ‘HERE’ link to sign the card would be more entertainment…..I don’t think I’ve ever clicked out of a site faster 😛

    • You don’t have to wish him a happy birthday, you know. [wink, wink 😉 ]
      I wrote this Happy BD message to him: “We’re gonna kick your butt in 2012! Cheers!”

  3. The irony of the Stock Market crashing on this fool’s birthday, if it really is his birthday, is better than the Presidential seals falling off podiums and his armored limo, “the Beast” … But what an ominous sign, watching the Dow dive … “A very Unhappy Birthday to you, to you,” * Barry!
    * from:
    ” Alice in Wonderland’s,” Mad Hatter’s Tea Party …

  4. Mad Angel- me too! I HATE giving any hits to that @#$%^^ site/person
    One perverse pleasure I am experiencing today is the thought of the generally less than cheery mood of a lot of those reviled “wealthy” people after the stock markets tanked at the Fraud’s Birthday Party.
    Funny he basically has to have the people he hates pay to attend his “birth”day because his rank & file socialist buds can’t afford to come.

  5. To hell with you and your birthday, you insufferable POS. You have taken a once strong, secure country and practically reduced it to a banana republic. You can stick that cake with the candles still lit right up where the good Lord gave you a split.

  6. I started not to sign his ridiculous card, but then changed my mind and wrote:
    “Enjoy it while you can, freeloader. Jan 20, 2013 will mark the end of an error.”
    I just couldn’t resist the temptation.

  7. That’s not half of what I wanted to say, but then I didn’t want the treasury department beating down my door


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