Halloween dilemma…

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Luc wants to dress up as a princess / Photo courtesy LA Times

The princess costume and the trick-or-treat dilemma

From the LA Times: Glendora moms face a difficult choice on their son’s choice of holiday garb: Protect his independent spirit or his tender feelings?
A few weeks ago, the 4-year-old boy’s desire to trick-or-treat as a princess sparked a dilemma for his two moms, Anna and Louisa Villeneuve: Which do you honor and protect, your child’s independent spirit or tender feelings?
“My first reaction was ‘He wants to be a princess? We’re there!‘ ” said mama Anna. But almost everybody she talked with about Luc’s intention told her, “Whoa; that’s a bad, bad, bad idea.”
For a girl who grew up wanting to dress like a boy, Luc’s choice felt like a blow against stereotyping. “But I’m trying to leave my inner activist at home,” she said, “and just do what’s best for my son.  “It’s one thing to say ‘Son, you can be anything you want. Our society needs to be less uptight.
It’s another thing entirely to consider how a boy in a princess dress will be treated when all the other boys are trick-or-treating in Superman or Power Rangers costumes.
“I want to encourage him to stand up and be himself,” she said. “But my 4-year-old is too little and too fragile to know where the social boundaries are. And I don’t want his feelings hurt on what should be one of his happiest nights.”
All year long, he’s been donning princess garb in the dress-up corner at his preschool. The adults in his life are fine with that. The little girls, however, have a problem with it. “Boys can’t be princesses,” they tell Luc, designating him a “wizard” instead.
The moms still haven’t decided what costume they will allow Luc to wear.  Luc liked a “prince” costume, then wanted to be a “cannon”.   Read the rest of the story here.
I do applaud these women for considering the social implications of a boy dressing as a princess.  It is not normal for  a young boy to want to dress up as a girl.  That is why it is the parents’ responsibility to teach children the social boundaries of our society. And if they allow him to break those, they must be prepared to help young Luc deal with the consequences.

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0 responses to “Halloween dilemma…

  1. What do you think of people like Chas Bono? Do you agree that there are some people (even if it’s a very small percentage) that are born that way (wanting to be the opposite sex)?

    • We’ve discussed Bono here: https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/dancing-with-the-stars/
      Bono is an adult free to make that decision. She’s also: 1. A DNA-chromosome female, with 2. A beard fuzz on her face, 3. Whose breasts have been amputated, and 4. With a clitoris, vagina, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Talk about confusing!
      This blog post relates to a 4 year old and his “decision”. The parents are responsible for any decision this child makes and must deal with the consequences.

    • Its a choice, always have been always will be. The “Adult Chaz” decided to mutilate herself a decision she will have to live with. Look SL if a man or a woman want to “flip the script” on their sexuality that’s all fine and dandy but they should not play the “born this way” excuse for doing so. Do it, live with it but don’t expect us to accept it.
      Most Americans have to suffer with being bullied by Gay, Lesbians, Transgender crowd in an attempt to force us to accept their lifestyles because “they” did not like the way they were born or preferred the same sex.
      The problem is SL is that you can write all the legislation you want, you can force all the people in the world to accept that lifestyle under penalty of prison, death, or fines but what we think don’t matter it’s what the big guy upstairs think and in the end they will have to answer to him…not us.
      This boy needs to grow up as a “boy” but later on in life if he wish to be a she that child will be a grown adult to make that decision and not used as a social pawn.

    • And no SL I am not saying “ALL” GLBT are going to hell, heck I’m not sure I’m going to the Pearly Gates but this lifestyle sure as heck increases your odds of heading south…and I’m not talking Florida either!

  2. Luc, wait ’til you’re older and have figured out what exactly that is you are or aren’t first… listen to your female classmates for the time being. (If nothing else, it’ll save on the confusion.)

  3. I know sage, the two moms again. Why don’t we hear about this from mom/dad parents? I’m sure that must happen to them but do they must try to help their child without publicly announcing it?
    Ha, one of my friends tried to help her son learn to use the toilet w/Cheerios – you know, aim & pee :). He wasn’t having anything to do with it until dad showed him how to do it!

  4. If Halloween is taken seriously as something important then it leads to seriously wondering if this little boy should walk around in a princess outfit. While this is going on the Administration can get up to some more antics. Goodness knows what will happen with the Occupy Everywhere protests on Halloween night.

  5. I’m glad the ‘mom’s’ are at least, for now, willing to recognize the potential for social implications… he’s 4. What I ‘don’t’ get, is when there is growing evidence that this confusion is more prevelant among kids of same-sex couples…then the LGBT community refutes there are no higher incidents… So, because of the spreading ‘acceptance’ of SScouples raising kids, you have varying studies by different scources/Dr.’s/Psychologist’s all contradicting one another… Sounds like even more ‘confusion’ instead of factual findings and admissions…jmho

    • They want to make it work so badly they’re not paying attention to that they have to ensure kids get “it may work in your case but not everybody’s that way, just so you know” along the way. It’s an “alternative lifestyle” (as the politically correct used to say) literally and shouldn’t be taken as representative of everything else (which little kids will naturally do if they don’t know any different) because everything else IS different. Though most will sort that out on their own, there will be some that have a problem in this area who wouldn’t otherwise just due to the situation (which could be any that’s not the norm) and must be addressed to make sure the kids come out right. You may have some that don’t come out right anyway, but why add to the problem?

  6. Funny, as all Halloween ever meant to me was dressing up in costumes and getting candy.
    And lot’s of it, too.
    Of course, scaring the heck out of little kids was fun, too. 🙂

    • Yep, candy was the ultimate goal. Now it’s some PC crap for every holiday. Thank you proggies for ruining our holidays. Happy now?

  7. gimme a break, the social norms have been put in place by society, this is learned behaviour, let him dress as a princess and let the world get over it,. We’re supressing this child already. As far as homosexuals and transsexuals go. It is genetic, they are born that way. I have a transgender in my immediate family, there is no doubt it is genetic and biological, proven by science which means if the church and religion are calling this a sin or an abomination or a choice, they are wrong. If god didn’t want homosexuals he wouldn’t have made them. If it’s a mistake, then God is fallible, error prone and only correct about 90% of the time….

    • There’s a reason society has social norms. A boy that wants to dress up as a girl is not one of them. Again, the parents are responsible for helping to guide a child through life.
      And why should we “get over it” when it comes to the LGBT community? Why should the majority of society compromise their standards for a minority that make up 3% or less if society? What about my feeeelings?
      As for science, Al Gore proved it can be twisted to make the basis for any claim or theory…

    • Did you ever get the link? Perhaps Monsanto is patenting it for tomato plants as we speak.

    • Ah more of the “born this way” (to much Lady Gaga perhaps) Sage_brush and now myself is still awaiting that evidence that GLBT is born that way micro.

      • Will,
        You will have to get in line behind me, because I’m still waiting for micro to deliver on his promise made to me 2 months ago that he would give us the source(s) for his claim that the Vatican had said that ETs exist (and not that ETs are a possibility).

  8. Granted,there are a few genetically. The majority have chosen this lifestyle. They should have NEVER been able to adopt children. I can’t even imagine the day coming as to when they have to explain their situation to the child. most of them have no conscience. This is a travesty to put upon our innocent children.


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