Half of D.C. residents want a return to citywide gun ban

Apparently we don’t need no Second Amendment…
liberal logic 101
A Washington Post poll found that 51% of D.C. residents said they would like to reinstate a ban on gun ownership in the city that was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2008.
And this comes even as D.C. has seen a 58 percent spike in homicides this year — almost all from gun violence.
On Friday, a federal appeals court will consider whether, in the absence of a ban, D.C. officials can continue to enforce certain restrictions on carrying firearms on the streets of the nation’s capital. This includes the requirement that a person state a “good reason” to obtain a concealed- carry permit. In May, I reported on how a judge ruled that a person no longer has to show a good reason to get a permit to carry concealed handguns outside their homes and businesses.  This issue will be addressed again in court on Friday (requiring individuals to show “good reason to fear injury,” backed up by evidence of specific threats or previous attacks).
In September, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled 2-1 that D.C. cannot ban gun owners from registering more than one pistol per month or require owners to re-register a gun every three years. The court also invalidated requirements that owners make a personal appearance to register a gun and pass a test about firearms laws.
The poll also found that reinstating a total ban on gun ownership is most popular among white residents (62 percent), particularly whites with college degrees (67 percent) and white women (65 percent). African Americans, particularly those living in areas of the city that have experienced a 50 percent increase in robberies at gunpoint this year, were also among the least supportive.
Well gals, guess you’ll just have to resort to urinating on a potential attacker (#LiberalTips2AvoidRape) while in D.C. That will do the trick, I’m sure! (obvious sarcasm)

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Dr. Eowyn

Excellent post, DCG! Love your sarcastic but spot-on editorial comments! 😀


A person needs to demonstrate a ‘good reason’ to carry?
Hm..well, lets see. How about, “Once the assault occurs and I’ve been able to brandish my weapon and/or use it, I’ll get back to you with that reason, your ‘Honor’. Until then, if you don’t want to carry, it’s your right not to carry, but the 2nd amendment still gives me the right—-it ain’t a privilege. And by the way, your ‘Honor’, is the court officer packing? Is there a metal detector at the entrance to this building? Was I frisked to get into this government building?”


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Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

How about a poll on who believes any thing from the washington post.


it sounds to me like the washington post poll is implying the safer you feel, the least likely you are to need to carry a gun….the problem is, you can “feel” as safe as you want, until you’re attacked; then, what do you do, pull a whoopi cushion on them?


Seems to me that the only people who legitimately have REASON to want the People disarmed are the ones who are doing something they think they’d get SHOT for.