Haitians turning from Voodoo to Christianity

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It is said that out of a misfortune or evil comes the opportunity for great goodness.
In the wake of Haiti’s terrible earthquake that struck two years ago, many Haitians reportedly are abandoning the demonic practice of Voodoo and turning to Christ. That is a result of the hard work of Christian missionaries who, unlike flashy Sean Penn, have stayed to do the grunt work of helping Haitians devastated by the disaster.

Mass grave site on outskirts of Port-au-Prince for Haiti’s 2010 earthquake victims. Photo by Reuters.

Stoyan Zaimov reports for Christian Post, Jan. 27, 2012, that two years after a devastating earthquake killed an estimated 300,000 people in Haiti, Christianity is fast replacing Voodoo in the lives and practices of the people.

According to the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, before the earthquake, about half of the population in Haiti practiced Voodoo, despite the profession by some 80% of the people that they were Catholic, and by another 16% claiming to be Protestant.
When the earthquake devastated Haiti, a host of Christian missionaries and charity organizations flew to the Caribbean nation to help the millions in desperate need. In the process, the missionaries have also contributed to a large conversion movement.
One such group, the Haiti Foundation of Hope, a Christian organization addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people in the impoverished rural communities of northern Haiti, has built a number of community health programs in local villages and has seen firsthand people giving up their Voodoo beliefs and turning to Christ.
“The background of the religious belief in Haiti has been Voodoo. This came from Africa, and has been integrated into Catholicism. My experience is that as Haitians have come to know the love of Christ, there has been a huge number of people who have left the Voodoo and turned to Christ,” Linda Markee told The Christian Post. Markee is the secretary, board and founding member of the Haiti Foundation of Hope and has spent two years living and working in the Caribbean nation.
“After the earthquake especially, people were turning to the Lord. Every single person that was in Haiti felt the earthquake – it wasn’t just people in Port-au-Prince that felt it. Everyone has been affected by it – most have lost family members. In a country where there is no real decentralization of the government – they all felt it. And I have seen people come to Christ, and have not gone back to Voodoo.”
“Most of the people who are following the Voodoo know that the Voodoo gods have no power – and most of them see that they get nothing from Voodoo. As Christians have come to work in different villages, and especially those that start a Holistic ministry, there are some definite changes taking place,” she continued.
Markee noted that while the country is growing more and more toward Christianity, there still exists a certain level of conflict between the Christian missionaries and people who are unwilling to accept the changes taking place. She explained:
“The conflict is going to come from the witch doctors, rather than from the people. In our village, one of the things we started was a community health program – we had three villages that were fairly close together – so we had 10 community health workers that we trained in these three villages. Last year, they heard about a woman that had a baby and suffered from a severe infection after the baby was born. She was dying – the baby too, because she had no milk, and was languishing in this hut of a witch doctor.
Our community health workers heard about that – and they had to climb very high into the mountains (to reach the hut) and they had to confront the witch doctor. In years past, no one was able to confront a witch doctor – because there was so much fear. But they were able to talk to him and tell him that the woman needed to go to a clinic, or she was going to die.
Finally, the witch doctor threw his arms in the air and said ‘Fine, but if you leave here, you will die.’ The workers, however, lifted the bed with the mother and the baby, and carried them down the mountains. They brought her to a hospital, where they gave her antibiotics, and she survived. I have seen her recently with her baby – they are both fine and are now church members.”
According to Markee, there is such a strong movement of people in Haiti converting to Christianity because they have been affected by the missionaries and see the love of God through their work, and also because they realize that Voodoo has no real power.
“We have even had a woman at the village who was a witch doctor – it took time for her to convert, she was 70 years old, but she did convert and it was a wonderful, joyful time. And even before she converted – she admitted that they (Voodoo witch doctors) did not have the power of the Christian church – I think they know that.”
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  1. Great, so they are switching from and incredibly unrealistic belief system to an equally incredibly unrealistic belief system. I guess whatever helps them sleep at night.

  2. A friend of mine has been to Haiti twice so far with his church group. They worked to restore that poor desolute nation’s infrastructure which was nothing much to cheer about to begin with. We show our faith through our good works and leave the rest in God’s able hands.The Haitian people are not fools; they have sufffered long under a corrupt government that serves only the elites. They see genuine care and concern and respond to it.

  3. So basically Eowyn its another “waaaaa your God won’t let me do what I want so I will thoroughly mock him since I can’t get my way”. Got it!

    • Sorry, Will, I got Sandytongue confused with artiewhitefox. It’s the latter who’s the zoosexuality advocate. But then maybe that’s Sandytongue’s thing too. LOL

  4. What will it take to get the citizens of the USA to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is LORD of all.
    We have no excuse to be in such dire straits, without even a catastrophic earthquake……………….. we’ve had fires, floods, tornados, volcanos acting up, drought, the twelve plagues only made Pharoah mad when the Terminator Angel flew over Egypt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lookout ……………………………….. here come the locusts………………………….

  5. We are more than conquerors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No weapon formed against us shall prosper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    We have the helmet of the hope of salvation, the girdle of truth, feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, the breastplate of righteousness, and in our left hand the shield of faith, saturated in the blood of the lamb to quench the fiery darts of the enemy, and in our right hand the sword of the spirit, which is God’s Word, the sharp two edged sword, that cuts going in and coming out, that rends asunder the bone from the marrow, the soul from the spirit, that will accomplish that for which it was sent forth, it will not return to Him void.
    We have on the Cloak of Zeal, and the Clothing of Vengeance. …………………If it had not been for the Lord who was on my side, where would I be?

  6. Wow, it appears I’ve wandered into a “spin-free” zone here. Please be good Christians and forgive me, you kind a have to:) I won’t bother any of you again.

    • Sandy,
      You are welcome here. But please don’t insult our Christian faith. You are our guest. It’s just bad manners for a guest to gratuitously insult his hosts.

    • Actually no we don’t “have to” that is why people like you are so predictable. You assume all Christians are suppose to just bend-over and take your grief because just like others before you, you cherry pick portions of the bible that you think (using “think” as loosely as possible) allows you to get away with your crap.
      Somewhere along the line ST you believe that your cutting edge, No, my friend cutting edge would be like going to a Muslim site talking junk and standing your ground, but just like those other cutting edge guys, the creators of South Park you don’t have the nerve. So you do what any other predator does, you attack a target that you think is the weakest and the easiest to kill, a target you assume wont fight back.
      Buddy you are at the wrong site, no easy kills here just plenty of @$$ whuppings for predator atheist trolls.

      • Hi Will,
        I’m confused with your hostility. I didn’t assume anything. I didn’t speak of the Bible, nor did I “cherry pick” it or anything else. I’ve never professed to be cutting edge in any way shape or form. I don’t watch South Park. Honestly, I didn’t even read the profile before I posted my comment. Next time I will, don’t worry. I’m not sure how Haitians switching from voodoo to Christianity will change their everyday circumstances.
        I’m not a troll in any way, shape or form.
        I did think that a huge element of Christianity was the principal of forgiveness, but I’m not overly educated so maybe I’m wrong.
        I’m not trying to fight or argue with anyone.
        I respect all individuals rights to believe in whatever they want. I don’t respect hatred, violence or aggression. I don’t name call and I don’t attack anyone. I’m not a mad atheist, nor have I ever been a mad Christian. But that’s just me. I really didn’t want to reply to your comments, but I felt compelled to.
        Take care, I wish you all the best in your life.

  7. Jesus is Lord. Believing He is Lord or failing to believe He is Lord doesn’t alter His position on His Throne. Jesus is God, Creator, King. Jesus is Lord. As we believe, we enter His Kingdom and gain the benefits of our salvation. Praise Jesus.


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