Hahahahaha: Seattle tunnel builders ask state for an extra $12 million

MyNorthwest.com: The contractors building the Seattle tunnel have asked the state for an extra $12 million.
KIRO-TV reports that Seattle Tunnel Partners filed a request for the funds in November. The change-order letter, obtained by KIRO TV through a public records request, alleges that when the contractors started digging a rescue pit to reach the broken-down tunnel machine called Bertha, they found conditions that were different than the state led them to expect.
Those conditions led to extra work. The request is the first one related to the construction of the rescue pit. The Washington State Department of Transportation says the request is under review.
Last month, state officials told lawmakers they denied 77 percent of the $210 million in change orders the contractors have requested.
You know you're laughing.
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5 years ago

Why don’t they just go out and hire a few hundred Mexican backhoes and save a ton of money?comment image

5 years ago

The entire districts of Washington and Oregon are money pits that progressives just love to support. More taxes, laws, rules and regulations. Maybe all the toss in all the new mussies the obama regime is bringing into the FUSA to aid the project. Mussies love to dig tunnels just like the mexicans, maybe even more so.
FYI, POORegon is now ‘testing’ miles driven tax program. The oppression continues unabated. They should tax stoopid hybrids and electric cars at a higher rate and call it an environmental arrogance tax.