Hahahaha: Sean Penn’s New Anti-American Action Flick BOMBS

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NewsBusters: Should we be shocked that according to reviews Sean Penn’s new movie, The Gunman, is turning out to be the Venezuelan economy of action thrillers? Not at all. After all, Penn, the Hugo Chavez fan boy, co-wrote the screenplay. And just as Chavez/Madurro socialist tropes inevitably led to a workers’ paradise chronically short of toilet paper, Sean Penn’s anti-corporate instincts led to a thriller chronically short of thrills.
The Gunman earned a pathetic 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. (For comparison, Run All Night, the current Liam Neeson shoot-em-up that’s struggling at the box office scored 59 percent. Neeson recently annoyed a good chunk of his audience with a stupidly hypocritical rant about guns. Penn lost those people decades ago.)
When you can’t get critics from the LA Times, The Guardian, NPR and the New York Times to put a happy face on your anti-American agitprop film, it must be some kind of stinker.
Penn plays a former assassin for hire haunted by things he did in Africa on behalf of big corporations that that have an interest third world in instability and bloodshed. Apparently he tries atone by doing Gaia’s work for an NGO when his old life sucks him back in, etc, etc, etc. Some of the best review lines:

  • “If the film’s intent is to condition the audience into a distaste for violence through boredom, it succeeds.” – Peter Keough, Boston Globe
  • “The self-seriousness is way out of touch with the realities of the production. This is a fundamentally stupid movie about a muscular superman beating and shooting the living hell out of all those who would cross him. It’s not an apologia for continental destruction.” – Robert Levin, AMNew York
  • “A lightweight thriller posing as a heavy political drama, or vice-versa. Not thoughtful and no fun.” – Rafer Guzman, Newsday
  • “Watching Penn pump iron and denounce capitalism for two hours would be roughly as illuminating as this monotonous Euro-thriller.” – Kyle Smith, New York Post
  • “In fact, no one in The Gunman looks happy.” – Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

How did The Gunman do in it’s opening weekend? Just $5 million.
Variety:The weekend’s other major wide release, “The Gunman,” fired blanks, picking up a meager $5 million and seemingly deep-sixing Sean Penn’s plans to be an aging action star. Open Road distributed the film in 2,816 theaters and had expected a debut in the $8 million range. “The Gunman’s” modest results were good enough for a fourth place finish in an otherwise slow weekend. The Gunman’s” roughly $40 million production budget was fully funded by StudioCanal.”
You know you're laughing.

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0 responses to “Hahahaha: Sean Penn’s New Anti-American Action Flick BOMBS

  1. He is welcome to leave the country any time he wants, and not come back. Perhaps Cuba or China would be more of his liking, since he hates this country so much. I’ll even help him pack.

  2. Couldn’t happen to a better jerk. His father was a full fledged communist. We never spend a dime on anything this guy touches.

    • And yet both Sean and his father, the late Leo Penn who was a movie director, are in the solely for-profit movie business — one of the most capitalist enterprises in the world. Stinking hypocrites!

  3. Maybe the American people are catching on to the scumbag? Certainly, conservatives should never ever give even one penny of our hard earned money to Penn, whether in the movie theaters or Netflix or cable TV or — unimaginable! — buy his DVDs.

  4. He’s aging alright , I’ve seen better looking corpses .

    • You are so right! Every picture shows him to be a looney who has escaped from an asylum. He just needs to give it up, and go away.

  5. Hollyweird people prove time and again that you don’t have to be smart to act.I think they forget WHO buys the tickets to the junk they put out there. They bite the hand that feeds them constantly and then they are baffled by box office fails. LOL!! It must be a side effect of living in their own little bio dome called Los Angeles.

  6. Anybody know what movies his was up against that weekend? I don’t go to movies,so I don’t know what movies were “better” than his. (David Letterman reading a phone book?)

  7. Sean Penn is a butthead

  8. Why is it that mental midget losers like Sean Penn think we should be interested in and impressed with his childish rants just because his communist father could walk him in the front door of Hollywood studios to impress studio executives how good he was at pretending he’s someone he’s not. LEAVE US ALONE SEAN!!! YOU”RE BORING


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