HaHaHa: WA ST Gov. Inslee wants new tax to fund $12 billion transportation plan

Gov. Inslee to Obama: Yeah, I got the suckas too in Washington state...

Gov. Inslee to Obama: Yeah, I got the suckas in Washington state…

KOMO: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday announced his 12-year, $12 billion plan for rebuilding the state’s transportation infrastructure. He said a third of the cost will be covered by a new tax on carbon pollution.
The governor expects the state to collect $400 million a year from the state’s worst polluters. Other expected sources of income for transportation include nearly $4 billion in tolls and other fees, plus more than $3 billion in construction bonds.
Inslee released his transportation plan on Tuesday at a news conference overlooking the new floating bridge, which is under construction on Lake Washington. The transportation budget items for the next 12 years the governor plans to propose to the Legislature include the following:
• Completing the bridge on state Route 520 with $1.4 billion in state dollars.
• Spending another $1.3 billion on Interstate 405 between Bellevue and Renton.
• Another $2 million for work on state highways 509 and 167 and Interstate 90 over Snoqualmie Pass.
• About $278 million for Interstate 5 improvements near Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
• About $432 million for work on U.S. 395 from Francis to the Spokane River.
The governor says more than half the state dollars will go toward new construction and economic development. A quarter will be aimed at maintenance, operations and preservation, and 20 percent goes to clean transportation and public transportation.
Some of the comments from the article:

  • “Carbon pollution” In a world full of stupid memes, this has to be one of the most idiotic.
  • Same #@ &! different day from our governor. Bleh!
  • Inslee is lying anyway.  This new tax money will be pumped right into the teacher’s union. 
  • Washington’s transportation infrastructure is crumbling and inadequate, but the Wash DOT is also demonstrably incompetent. I say clean house before they get another dime.
  • More tax money out of our pockets?  For yet another transportation plan?  Haven’t we been down this road before?
  • No, no more money until they fix the mess under the waterfront and the mess of 520 and its faulty concrete and super high tolls. Done. I’m so so done. Fix those projects first, then we’ll talk about more money. But not before.

Washington state voters have not elected a republican governor since 1981. I am so glad I moved out of that liberal-infested state!

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You can almost hear the sound of people packing up their things to join the great exodus OUT of Washington state.

Dr. Eowyn

Excellent post, DCG!


I live in NE Washington state and I’m not running!! I want to get even!


Carbon Pollution = The hot air emitting from the lying lips of “kings, captains, & mighty men…” Washington State may actually need new infrastructure after the Navy begins radiating the place to death! And we thought Smart Meters were bad. Check this out… “If the US Navy gets its way, it will begin flying Growler supersonic warplanes over Olympic National Forest and wilderness areas of the Western Olympic Peninsula next September [2015] in order to conduct electromagnetic warfare training exercises. As Truthout previously reported, this would entail flying 36 jets down to 1,200 feet above ground in some areas, in… Read more »


Actually, a Republican DID win a few years back (Dino Rossi), but the liberal side of the state stole the election away from him when they “recounted” the ballots.

mark haney

we pay 54cents a gallon tax on gasoline, they can’t find half the money because the keep giving it to the teachers union etc… they use very little of it to fix roads like they are supposed to.