Guys hike for hours in Taiwan to save dog who lost front paws

A happy story to start your Monday (and give you a break from the demoRATS’ Alinsky ploy to destroy Kavanaugh)!

From the Animal Care Trust Facebook post:

Sandy had lost both front feet to hunters’ leg-hold traps. The sweet little dog will soon have his professionally made prosthetic legs, which our vet is ordering from the US. We can’t wait! But, for now, he’s very happy, much loved by Bob Chau, and, apart from missing two front feet, he’s very healthy.

Huge thanks to Ross Td of Taiwan Adventures hiking specialists for getting us up and down safely, and to Lazy Lease for getting us up and down safely, and to Lazy Lease for calling in the rescue when she spotted Sandy and his appalling injuries while hiking in that very remote location.

And thanks to Sandy for making a very difficult rescue much easier than it would have been if he was bigger or less friendly!”


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1 year ago

What a sweet face on that dog. Am so glad he got help. I can’t stand to see animals that are hurt but at least this had a happy ending.

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

God bless this kind man, Bob Chau.

1 year ago

1 year ago

There are still many good people out there, Meryl Harrison is one of them. She has been rescuing the farm animals & pets left in Rhodesia, when the farm families are either murdered, assaulted, robbed, ethnically cleansed, and no one is there to care for the “Forgotten Victims”

Innocent Victims The Story of Zimbabwe’s stranded farm animals
Meryl Harrison

1 year ago

Great story.