Gunny and Glock. Can You Say Oops?

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~Steve~       H/T   Richard

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0 responses to “Gunny and Glock. Can You Say Oops?

  1. I love happy endings! 😀

  2. It does kinda give you the warm and fuzzies don’t it.? 😀

  3. Don’t mess with an armed girl!

  4. Sorry to be a mean s.o.b. but she should have capped his happy ass as soon as the door swung open …….Have any of you ever noticed that these type of commercials NEVER have a ” person of the darker persuasion ” as the perp. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!……….p.c.

  5. Cool! 🙂

  6. Well, it’s good she had a gun… especially with that flimsy door. That’s another thing people should secure more… their doors!

  7. won’t be happening that way if obama gets his way…. her weapon will be confiscated and only criminals and the elite will have guns not the regular people and added in now communities that are cutting and eliminating their police force so when you call 911 you get a busy signal or the response time if you do get a hold of someone will be 20 minutes or more oh yeah 4 more years of odumbo


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