Gunmen Open Fire on Bus in the City of Brotherly Love

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0 responses to “Gunmen Open Fire on Bus in the City of Brotherly Love

  1. Bet the Justice Department makes ’em drop the charges on the “they didn’t hit anyone” basis and calls for more gun control… wonder how many “TEA Party” or “militia movement” connections the media will “find” or allude to on the part of the shooters (call me cynical).

  2. ummmmmmm, does anyone have any idea why so many African Americans are losing their minds?
    It would be grossly naive and disingenuous to turn a blind eye to the fact that the “youths” at the Wisconsin State Fair, the people in this story, the perpetrators (and most of the victims) of beatings at McDonalds, IHops, in Peoria and beaches in Chicago etc etc etc are all undeniably AA.
    I am not trying to read something into a story or spin a story…just looking at the facts.
    The President is an African American…there is so much affirmative action that is, in my opinion, absurd and encourages lack of ambition and rewards sloth and mental laziness…even cell phones are being discussed as being a “right”….
    I look at this behaviour, at the fruits of Obama’s abject failure at leadership and can only wonder….supposedly the first Black President was going to unite America, it certainly seems to be the opposite. It’s really pitiful and sad…..and scary.

  3. Am I The Only One?

    Why is this urban shooting any different from any other urban shootings across the United States?
    I just don’t get the big news story here?

  4. Yes, because justice from being admonished is to shoot the bastard! I dont know what to say, its beyound absurd!!!

  5. As bad as he sounds, he could be an agent provocateur, egging like-minded people more stupid than himself on to create an “incident” that allows a SWAT Team to come in and use deadly force, so the “case” can be closed. Mind you, few will miss such reprehensible creatures….
    As I recall the SF area Black Panthers of the Sixties, they were focused on the issues that divided all people, and not as purely racist as this murderous fool is. That’s why some were later elected in local contests, and did quite a bit of good w/day-care programs, feeding poor families, etc..
    It’s very sad to see how the nation has declined overall, not just pockets any longer. The Founders would be aghast at this present state of affairs.


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