Gun Sales Set 9th Monthly Record In A Row

The only positive impact Obama has had on our economy.
Obama makes gun gesture
Via Fox News: The FBI conducted more gun-related background checks this January than in any other January since the system was created.
With 2,545,802 checks processed through the National Instant Background Check System, January 2016 beat the previous record, set in January 2013, by 50,326 checks. Though January’s number represents a drop from the all-time single month record set in December 2015, it is also marks the ninth month in a row that has set a record. It is also the third month in a row with more than two million background checks.
The number of background checks conducted by the FBI is widely considered the most reliable estimate for gun sales in the country since all sales conducted through federally licensed gun dealers and some sales conducted by private parties are required by law to obtain a check.
However, the number is not a one-to-one representation of gun sales. Many private sales are not included in the system. Also, in some cases a single background check can apply to the sale of multiple guns. Some states use background checks for their gun carry permitting process, which does not involve the sale of a gun.
The new record comes in the wake of President Obama’s executive action targeting gun sales. The White House had signaled that those selling even one firearm in their lifetime could be subject to federal licensing requirements, though it was later revealed that the written guidance issued by the ATF was at odds with the administration’s public comments.
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Steven Broiles
4 years ago

I have come to the opinion that America—at least culturally—is in a pre-revolutionary state. The revolution in ideas will come—once the demographics reach a critical mass. And then the revolution will come. In other words, it will have to be from the grass roots up.
In the meantime, we have to preserve what is left of America. And given the lemming death march of the Left, it is going to take God to save this place.

4 years ago
Reply to  Steven Broiles

Sometimes Satan is the best motivator for self-improvement. As the great religious-mystic poet-artist William Blake observed, “The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction,” which closely parallels the Japanese Buddhist nun of the 19th century who remarked that “It is as good to fall into Hell as it is to go to Heaven,” which I pondered for years, until I ‘got it’ by duress and difficulty!

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
4 years ago

Wouldn’t you think that the leftists would lay off the “gun control” issue since it is flaming the on-going increase of gun sales. This must prove the law of unintended consequences!

4 years ago
Reply to  Auntie Lulu

Auntie—often wondered about this myself…but decided that they can’t “help themselves.” Those who believe that they know the “truth” and are compelled by their narsicistic natures to impose it upon others—-esp. with compulsive overlays—–will NOT stop, NO MATTER the common-sense logistics to the contrary, and, even if they find themselves in the middle of a cross-hairs or a death-spiral. They CAN NOT pull themselves back from their compulsive actions/behaviors and overwhelming narsicism…..