Gun Picture Gets Boy In Trouble

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gun picture

KKTV: A little boy is in trouble for a picture he drew as part of a school assignment.

Second grader Kody Smith was assigned to go outside, look at the clouds, and then use his imagination to draw what he saw.

Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination and that picture is a gun,” explained 8-year-old Kody.

Because it was a gun, the teacher at Talbott Elementary in Widefield called him into the office, and then filed a behavior report. His parents say that’s too much.

“It hurts. It hurts that he was so scared for being penalized for his imagination,” said Kody’s father, Jeff Smith. “He’s 8 years old. He was doing exactly what he was told to do for the assignment,” said Kody’s mother, Angel Rivers.

The report says Kody showed behavior that is disruptive to the entire learning community. The parents were worried that this would be on his permanent school record. The Widefield School District says it will not be.

D-3 also sent us this statement: “Our primary responsibility as a school district is to ensure safety of all staff, students and community. We exercised an age-appropriate reaction to an incident. The student’s education was never disrupted nor is this incident on the student’s permanent record. Our response was in line with routine procedures focused on school safety.”



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0 responses to “Gun Picture Gets Boy In Trouble

  1. Insanity.

    Here’s contact info for Talbott Elementary School:

    Mrs. Bonilla (no first name), Principal
    Address: 401 Dean Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80911
    Phone:(719) 391-3475
    Fax: (719) 391-9414

  2. Okay, this is what happened. The little boy went outside, looked up in the sky and saw the chemtrails. He immediately went into survival mode, and thought guns. :~D

  3. And yet they are teaching them younger and younger how to have sex. It’s beyond idiotic, it’s satanic.

  4. Aggressive behavior is being drummed out of them. Competitiveness is frowned upon. Masculinity is offensive. Embrace diversity and perversity … or else.

    Our schools are enforcing codes of conduct that benefit no one but a bunch of oversexed pansies. In another generation we’d all be French except that the Hispanics and Muslims are out screwing us..

    I gotta go lie down.

  5. Good future citizens are to be dependent and helpless so they can be happy with the Nanny State and think freedom is evil and dangerous, comrade! (If left/liberal educators were honest about their utopian ideas… )

  6. The wussification of the future Amerikan sheeple rolls on – totally unhindered.



  7. When I was his age, I drew pictures of entire tank battles. This bunch would have imprisoned me for life.

    • TD,

      We used to take our little green army guys to school on rainy days and set up battles during recess.

      LOL – And sometimes the teacher even helped.

      Now they would have a conniption fit, if not an outright heart attack, and pack us off to God only knows where.

      I don’t know what happened to the America I was born into, but if history is any guide, I probably won’t see it ever again.



  8. Hypocrites talking about what harm an innocent pic of a gun will do, while kids’ games are filled with guns and all kinds of violence, not to mention TV and movies–(looks like they are trying to confuse them) and in the meantime, the TRULY dangerous stuff going on in schools now is not only encouraged, but taught. Guess they don’t either know or believe what Jesus said about harming so much as a hair on the head of the least of his little ones. Pray for for our children.

  9. Just a little afterthought: are we FURIOUS about this sort of thing? Well, we’re just finite, human creatures–just imagine the immeasurable WRATH of our Almighty and Infinitely Powerful God.


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