Gun Hysteria: Oregon police called to disarm cat with 'assault rifle'

This would be a Tuesday Funny post, it the matter weren’t so ridiculous and distressing.
The Parkland school shooting and the March For Our Lives protests — the DC permit application for which was made months before the march  (see here and here) — has whipped up Americans into a gun-control hysteria. As an example, police were called to a high school in Oberlin, Louisiana, because some students thought the square-root symbol resembles a gun.
But a year before March For Our Lives, Oregonians had already gone loopy over imagined assault weapons.

On April 25, 2017, Oregon’s Newport Police Department received a report of a cat in a tree armed with an assault rifle.
I kid you not.
The Newport Police posted about it on their Facebook page:

Liberalism really is a mental disorder, verging on psychosis.
H/t FOTM‘s Anon
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0 responses to “Gun Hysteria: Oregon police called to disarm cat with 'assault rifle'

  1. There are no words to describe how looney some people can be.

  2. HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!! That’s AWESOME!! Ha ha! Stupid anti gun loonies don’t even know cat’s can’t pull the trigger.
    That is hilarious! Thanks I needed that.

  3. Reminds me of a laid back version of Monty Python’s “Confuse a cat” skit.

  4. Hey fellows, don’t be so sure, plenty of “pussycats” out there meowing, they are faking it!

  5. Bahahaha

  6. Good grief….some people are insane!

  7. I think this is a CATastrophe!

  8. Who the hell saw that cat in the tree in a forest? Lucky he wasn’t shot for failure to follow commands….

  9. We have reached the point of diminished returns from the conditioning of the left. OMG give me a break, what is next? dogs using RPG’s from the top of the dog house. “CAUTION PETS WITH WEAPONS ZONE” please be advised. ☻

  10. As far as I am concerned, if an adult person cannot tell a tree branch from a weapon, and if they call in an emergency complaint under these circumstances–they should be fined $250.00 for filing a false report. Taking into consideration how many dillweeds we have here in Oregon, it is little wonder that this would happen.

    • Fines like that COULD solve their financial woes without raising everybody’s taxes!

    • HA HA Auntie…your comment, and this post, reminds me of a time in my youthfulness when my best friend was married to someone involved in the gov’t service ……w/J.Edgar Hoover at the helm……and….once, J. Edgar….a weird one overall AND one to edit copiously any reports given to him….annotated in the margins of a report submitted by my best friend’s husband: “watch the borders.” So, millions of dollars were spent to send special agents to the Canadian and Mexican borders…but not knowing WHY. After some discussion, it was reallized that J. Edgar, by noting “watch the borders,” meant, to observe editorial BORDER/MARGIN MEASURES in TYPING THE REPORT. It had NOTHING to do with our national border security……but JUST, a critcizm of submitted typed reports as it pertained to standardized margin measures…………at the cost of maybe millions, even then, to the USA tax payer……THE Swamp, everthus….

  11. Add to that the fact that an activated cat is harder to peel off ones self than a shrink wrap suit and can remove a criminal’s face in about 3 swipes of the rear claws when needed. NOT something to be trifled with. Don’t ask how I know this….

  12. Good thing the cat had a permit to carry, so a verbal warning was all it got.


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