Gun controllers change tactics to mimic those of homosexual movement

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Having failed to effect nation-wide gun control despite the Sandy Hook school massacre false-flag hoax, the anti-gun rights ilk are now taking a page from the successful “gay rights” and same-sex marriage movement: 

What you can’t get done at the federal level, try to get done state by state.

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Genevieve Woods writes for The Daily Signal, Jan. 9, 2015:

John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, explained to the New York Times that when advocates of same-sex marriage fought their battle at the federal level, they ended up with the opposite of what they wanted–the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman was passed.  So, what to do?   Feinblatt:  “Then they went to the states and showed that if you can get the majority of the public on your side state by state, that will influence the courts and Congress in the end.

Gun control exponents are adopting two tactics of the “gay rights” movement:
1. Take the fight to the states.
2. Change the language: Just as homosexuals co-opted the word “gay,” thereby replacing the image of sodomites with happy sunshiny “gay” people, the gun control lobby also has decided to ditch the “control” part of its name because the word is so, well, controlling.  It now prefers to be known as the gun safety movement.
Whatever they call themselves, Woods warns that “despite what gun control advocates call themselves or what strategy they use, their ultimate goal is an America where citizens don’t have the right to bear arms.”
You are forewarned!
H/t Robert K. Wilcox

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0 responses to “Gun controllers change tactics to mimic those of homosexual movement

  1. I would have never thought of this tactic–until you pointed it out. This is an excellent reminder.

  2. I concur with Auntie…excellent reminder!
    “Gun Safety Movement” is pure propaganda based on fear….fear-mongering. Worked very well for the 9/11 ‘Patriot’ Act where people willingly gave up their rights to feel more “safe”. With homosexuals (sodomites) it was the guilt and fear (satan’s tactics) they instilled in Christ-loving people that by not accepting homosexual behavior, they were directly responsible for those people committing suicide, and getting bullied and that sodomites (homosexuals) had a “right” to feel loved and safe. Even the homosexuals have changed their terminology, from: sodomite, to homosexual, to gay. Play on words used to evoke an emotion. I’m sure California will be the first state to sign up to be a ‘Gun Safety’ state.

  3. As with all proggie language, change the words to mislead the actual meaning. Shocker, not.
    Gun safety: Hit center mass!

  4. It’s a no-brainer-Any time someone have to re-name their platform to make it palatable for everyone,it HAS to be a TERRIBLE idea.

  5. They can change the name and tactics but the core is rotten and will never change. They want every gun taken away from us. These commies want us to be the next USSR, East Germany, England, Australia. Any of what these traitors want will lead to gun CONFISCATION. It always has and will. You can paint a Zebra all black yet it remains the same underneath. A sick, perverted agenda remains as such.
    Resist however and wherever you can.

  6. Can you imagine what Liberals would do to this world if they went totally unopposed? I’m sure it would be an earthly version of Hell.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Look at the abortion industry which has continually twisted and perverted language in order to promote their murderous agenda. Evil or the twisting of the truth comes from the temptations of the devil.

  8. Speaking of fascism. It seems nobody in the media took the time to scan through the various laws that were added to the “John Boner roll-over for bathhouse-Barry” spending bill last month, because something really got my attention.
    As of December, 2014… President Zer0 has “reauthorized” the Defense Production Act of 1950. This bill serves the sole purpose of giving the President incredible power to requisition private property, take control of industry, and allocate raw materials for national defense. It was enacted by Harry Truman at the start of the Korean War and really hasn’t been used for anything since other than to modernize our nuclear arsenal in the 1980’s
    Here’s more information:
    Hmm… now what is this prick up to. I wonder if it has to do with the massive artificial bubble he has created by having the FED print $80 BILLION/month and dump it into the banks and wall-street in order to make it look like the economy was doing well. The problem with doing that is inflation, which strangely hasn’t occurred. There are only two methods of preventing inflation when printing massive amounts of money. You can either lower interest rates… and they have been at almost zero for a decade. The other method is by selling off Gold. Dumping gold onto the commodities markets may sound unfeasible, but if anyone remembers a few years ago the Germans attempted to repatriate part of their national gold reserves from the NYC FED, and were told “No”, and it would take till 2020 for them to start receiving shipment.
    I firmly believe Obama dumped the nation’s 6,000+ TONS of gold, starting a few years ago during the budget battle where the Regime took “Extraordinary Measures” to prolong hitting the debt ceiling by well over 6 months. I bet those “extraordinary measures” involved dumping the nations gold. One of these mysterious gold dumps involved 2 MILLION OUNCES in a single sell order by an anonymous seller.

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