Gun-control Hypocrite: Sen. Kamala Harris protected by armed police

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), viewed as a rising star in the Demonrat Party with presidential ambitions, is vocal in her gun-control advocacy.

Like other gun-control politicos, Harris is a hypocrite, spouting off on gun control, while she is protected by armed Los Angeles police officers, the costs of which are borne by taxpayers.

More outrageous still is that Harris has the LAPD’s armed protection even when she isn’t in Los Angeles.

Eric Leonard and Andrew Blankstein report for NBC4 Los Angeles, Sept. 6, 2018, that City of Los Angeles Payment Vouchers show that armed, plain-clothes LAPD officers were dispatched to California cities outside of Los Angeles at least a dozen times to provide security for Sen. Kamala Harris at public events, media appearances, and a party.

LA taxpayers paid for airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and meals for the LAPD officers, according to detailed expense reports obtained by NBC News. The total cost of the trips, not including the officers’ overtime, topped $28,000.

Although the LAPD routinely provides security for dignitaries and officials visiting LA, a senior retired LAPD official said the protection extended to Harris for her travels to other cities was unprecedented.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti‘s spokesman Alex Comisar claims Garcetti had been “unaware” of this unusual arrangement, although Section 4.242.9(b) of the L.A. Administrative Code states:

With the exception of employees of the City Council or Office of the Mayor, all non-elected City officials and all other City employees shall notify the Mayor, the Chair of the Committee that oversees the Intergovernmental Relations function, and the Chief Legislative Analyst prior to traveling on official City business to Sacramento or to Washington, D.C.

Garcetti insists he hadn’t known until July, when new LAPD Chief Michel Moore conducted an “assessment of the threat” to Harris and “determined that this arrangement was no longer needed”.

Garcetti blames former LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein said “Chief of Police Charlie Beck assigned a security detail for US Senator Kamala Harris shortly before she was sworn into office in 2017, based on a threat assessment he believed to be credible. Funding for the detail was provided by the Department budget.”

Beck’s signature appears on many of the LAPD documents authorizing the trips, including:

  •   Just 10 days after Harris was sworn-in to the Senate, two LAPD officers flew to Oakland to go with Harris to a “retirement event” for a California Department of Justice official.
  • A trip in April 2017 when Harris gave TV interviews.
  • A trip in March 2018 for a speech by Harris at a YMCA event.
  • A trip in June 2018 to escort Harris to the San Francisco Pride parade, where LAPD officers were visible in video and pictures captured along the parade route.
  • Altogether, in the 1½ years between January 2017 and July 2018, LAPD officers flew to San Francisco at least seven times to provide armed protection for Harris. LAPD officers also traveled to Sacramento, Fresno, and San Diego for Harris.

The decision to end the out-of-town security program for Harris was made around the time the Los Angeles Times filed a lawsuit that demanded Mayor Eric Garcetti turn over records detailing the taxpayer expense of his own security detail during his extensive out-of-state travels, after both City Hall and the LAPD refused to release the documents through a routine California Public Records Act request, claiming that the documents “could potentially undermine the Mayor’s safety and security.”

But the Times‘ lawsuit claims there is no portion of the Records Act that exempts these expense records from public disclosure. Even the U.S. Secret Service has provided information about the cost of traveling security details for both Presidents Trump and Obama, and the cities of Chicago, Baltimore, and Seattle have all produced similar mayoral expense records for public review.

According to a Crazy Days and Nights blind, Kamala Harris began her political career by being the mistress of the powerful and married Willie Brown — former mayor of San Francisco and speaker of the California State Assembly — who took her to swinger parties that were “glorified orgies” where she engaged in sex with “large numbers of men and women”. CDAN claims there are compromising pictures of Harris at these orgies, “which is why senior leaders from her party are quietly trying to discourage her presidential ambitions”.

From Wikipedia:

In 1993, she [Kamala Harris] started dating California Speaker of the Assembly Willie Brown, who introduced her to many powerful individuals in the California and Sacramento political and campaign management establishment.

Kamala Harris was Willie Brown’s “girl friend” although he was — and still is — married to his wife Blanche Vitero (see James Richardson, Willie Brown: A Biography, p. 404).

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11 responses to “Gun-control Hypocrite: Sen. Kamala Harris protected by armed police

  1. How stupid are the people who elect folks like Harris of CA and Booker of NJ?

  2. She began her political career by being a mistress? What a role model for womyn everywhere…

  3. Well, well, KABALA Harris’s skeletons in her closet are now coming to light, I think the armed protection is not only for her security as a politician but from women that want to lynch her for screwing around with their husbands, specially those men that are still married. What a cheap label “girl friend” to tack on a senator -yep, the new breed of snakes in a bottomless swamp.

  4. Just blows my mind that it never seems to occur to any of these elected fools that there is some thing seriously wrong with their stance, views, and attitudes, when they are constantly finding them selves on the wrong side of the majority of the true U.S. citizens. They even seem to relish the fear, and the need for their own protection and defense from the very people they are sworn to serve, preferring to defy our Constitution and ignore their oaths of office,purposely creating enmity between citizens and government.

    It is as if they believe their own deep state propaganda and lying mocking bird media. Notwithstanding, harris is just one of many small time government hoods, who apparently comes with her own self made muddied reputation.

  5. What a nasty piece of work she is. Her utter disrespect when she questions any Republican in DC is unwarranted. The Dems love her since Obama loves her and wanted her in DC sooner than she actually went. She did OBama a huge favor by laundering 300 M thru Ca for his first run. She thinks she will be the next prez. This was exposed by an American Author way back when
    The way she treat Kavanaugh was terrible. Can’t wait for the day she is shut down.

  6. This disgusting woman is a “legend in her own mind.” I know she was sent to DC from California, but CA is a HUGE state, and the likes of Harris and Maxine Waters make nearly HALF the state roll their eyes and take cover once these poor/venal excuses for representing the USA open their mouths. Once again (as with many of our other state and federal reps), being judged by their public “performances” makes everyone think all of California is occupied by jackasses. Embarrassing.

  7. Yep. She’s as nasty and graceless as they come. That seems to be a prized trait in insane leftists these days. She’s precisely the sort of woman that nobody wants to deal with.

    I noticed her interactions with Republicans as well. They should refuse to answer other than reminding her that she has bad manners and that she’s rude.

  8. There’s ‘coattails’ and then there’s just ‘tail’.
    Ms Harris is certainly not the first woman to sleep her way to political power.

  9. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Considering how she conducted herself in the Kavanaugh hearings, I think she SHOULD have an armed guard with her at all times… some folks on the street might want to smack the nastiness and smirk off of her. She questioned Brett as if he were her drunk, cheatin’ boyfriend.

    As did, coincidentally, Senator Booker, of whom Wiki says, “Booker is a strong outspoken advocate of same-sex marriage…” Sad, as I felt he was a pretty good mayor of Newark back in the day, actually rolling up his sleeves and getting things done.

    Harris reminded me of the original “Kamala” from the WWF:
    But he was just an act; she’s the real thing. An ogre. Headhunter wanna-be.

  10. All of this is modeling. By putting trash in front of people they are more willing to become trash. Someone asked, “how do people like her get elected” (or words to that effect)? Well, when I lived in California people weren’t particularly stupid. People knew these were scum. Nobody you asked EVER voted for them.

    But, there they are. Who would vote for Maxine Waters, Jerry Brown or Nancy Pelosi. When I lived there they were known jokes. But, they even recalled a Governor and replaced him with The Terminator. Go figure.

    I don’t think you could get more in your face than this. She’s obnoxious. She’s a whore. If she was a tranny they’d probably run her for President. I think they’re insulting all of us. After eight years of Obongo dissing white people and Christians and generally destroying the whole culture what can they do for a follow on.

    The whole picture is rather depressing.

  11. Just read this headline on the internet: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was given a “false” rating by Politifact Monday for her deceptively edited video in a tweet claiming that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh had called birth control “abortion-inducing drugs.”
    Read article in


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