Gun control hypocrite LeBron James has 10 armed security guards at his home

Basketball player LeBron James, like many celebrities, is a gun control hypocrite.

Back in 2015 LeBron told the AP the following:

There’s no room for guns. Obviously you’re not going to be able to take every gun out, I don’t know how you can do that. There’s so many around now, today. But if there’s some stipulations behind it or some penalties, some big time penalties or rules or regulations about carrying firearms, legal or illegal, people will second-guess themselves.”

After the Parkland shooting earlier this year, LeBron said the following:

“It’s a tragedy and we’ve seen these schools and these tragedies happen in America and there’s been no change to gun control. We have a kid who wasn’t legal — legally not able to go to get a beer at a bar, but could go buy a AR-14 or an AR-15? Like, is that? How? It doesn’t make sense. And I’m not saying that he should be legal to go buy a beer, but I’m saying, how is it possible that we can have minors to go buy a gun? I don’t have the answer to it.

FYI: The Parkland shooter was not a minor, he was 19 years old.

There’s been a rash of burglaries at Hollyweird homes so LeBron is beefing up his security.

As reported by TMZ:

Bron has at least 10 armed security personnel at the home — including off-duty police officers. We’re told the NBA’s security team is also involved in the security plans.”

Must be nice to afford private security, you hypocrite.

h/t Breitbart


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Dr. Eowyn

Is there a “virtue signaling” pop culture “elite” who is NOT a hypocrite when it comes to gun control? Are they so bloated with narcissism and grandiosity that they’re blind to their hypocricy and pretentiousness?


Amazing, just amazing. And they don’t hesistate to tell us how we should behave.


If libs didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have ANY standards at all!

Jackie Puppet
Jackie Puppet

Dumbass conveniently forgets a lot of his fan base are gang-bangers & not gonna turn in their guns cause he asks them to do so.

Or is that the real reason why he has 10 guards? Is he afraid of some of his fans?

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell

Great post, leftists are clearly afflicted with multiple mental disorders, reblogging at my site, thank you.


Like every other hypocrite when it comes to gun control… He has armed security to protect his ass but wants our Rights limited or taken… If it was not for the fact that this jerk can play African Tree Hockey all he would be is just another “brutha”… The prisons are full of them but that is our fault somehow too…