Gun control, Chiraq style: Fourth of July Edition

As I checked the shooting numbers in Chiraq over the holiday weekend (mostly from MyFoxChicago), the numbers kept going up, up and up! Good thing Chicago Police added 1,500 officers to the streets for the holiday weekend…

Mayor Lightfoot’s “Accountability Monday” meeting should be a blast…

Friday morning: 3 stabbed, 14 trampled at Navy Pier after Fourth of July fireworks (no shootings yet bonus gang violence in the form of knife attacks)

Friday morning: 16 shot, 2 fatally in Fourth of July gun violence across Chicago

Friday at 4:00 pm: 34 shot — 4 fatally — over Fourth of July weekend

Saturday at 6:30 pm: 41 shot — 5 fatally — over Fourth of July weekend

Sunday morning: No total shot headline on MyFoxChicago but the headline from Chicago Tribune: Multiple victims the norm in shootings Saturday into Sunday as holiday weekend wears on (18 people were shot from Saturday to Sunday in a night that saw several bursts of gun violence on the South Side that left three or more people wounded by a single shooter at least three times)

Sunday at 3:00 pm: 64 shot — 5 fatally — over Fourth of July weekend

Sunday at 6:00 pm: 66 shot — 5 fatally — over Fourth of July weekend

Sunday at 9:00 pm: 68 shot, 5 fatally, in 4th of July weekend gun violence across Chicago

For the final grand total number of shootings, see


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The numbers [of shootings] keep going up while the [black] population keeps going down. Where’s Kamala, Pedo Joe, Reverend Jessy, Sharptongue, Obongo, Latrine Waters? Where are they???? Hiding under the mattress?


I’d hate to have to fit Lightfoot for binoculars. It looks like the activity has increased but the accuracy has declined. If they knew how to hold a gun like YT they’d be in trouble.

They’re gonna have so much lead at those ER’s they’ll have to reinforce the floor. They must be getting replacements from somewhere. Maybe they need a few more of those “Gun Free Zone” signs.

Jackie Puppet

Those 68 just got in the way of those “celebrating” the holiday weekend by shooting of their “handheld fireworks!” 💥

Less than 20 % shot, died – that’s bad gun control – not using 2 hands.


What the **** is wrong with that stupid city?!!!

Fred Ward
Fred Ward

The numbers prove one thing-gang bangers can’t shoot worth a damn.

m walker
m walker

This form of population control is faster than vaccines.