Gun control, Chiraq style: 3 dead, 20 wounded in Chicago shootings over MLK weekend

What a great way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Chiraq is looking to break their record for the number of shootings. Such a waste land that place is.

Heckuva job mayor!

Heckuva job mayor!

Three men were killed and at least 20 other people have been wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday evening, over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.
MyFoxChicago has all the details which sound just like a repeat of every weekend:

  • A man from Gary, Indiana was killed in a domestic-related shooting Saturday morning in the Roseland neighborhood on the Far South Side.
  • Another man was fatally shot Saturday in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood on the Southwest Side.
  • The most recent fatal shooting happened Saturday night in the Irving Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

Welcome to Chicago sign

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Proof positive that gun control DOES work – criminals have guns and citizens don’t. It works VERY well – for the criminals.

Dr. Eowyn

Dr. Martin Luther King must be rolling in his grave….


Subject for nightmare, that image of RE on a postage stamp or our coinage. Have to like the woman in the background framed by RE’s thumb and forefinger, though.


Obviously , she can spot an assho@e . Unlike the other numbed-nuts , who voted him in


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