Gun control, Chicago style: More Than 50 People Shot for the Second Weekend in a Row in Chicago

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Chicago has a serious problem and Rahm is finally waking up? He obviously hasn’t read the news for the past year or so.

Yahoo: Four people were killed and 52 wounded during shootings across Chicago over the weekend. After multiple weekends in a row of increased violence in the cityChicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is urging a fresh and more proactive approach to gun control. The latest incidents, including the murder of a pregnant mother, come on the heels of two weekends in a row with more than 50 shootings in Chicago.

At least 2,300 people have been shot in Chicago this year alone, according to the Chicago Tribune. According to their analysis, that’s roughly 400 more incidents than during the same period in 2014. Homicides are currently up 21 percent in 2015, with the past two weekends pointing to a noticeable increase in gun-related violence.

“Wherever you live, you should be able to get out of your car and go to your home,” Emanuel told reporters on Tuesday after receiving news of the increased violence continuing on Monday evening, leaving six dead and at least eight injured. “You can say this happened in the neighborhood of the Back of the Yards, but everybody (who) woke up this morning, or heard it last night, felt a pain of anguish, and it’s time that our criminal justice system and the laws as it relates to access to guns and the penalties for using ’em reflect the values of the people of the city of Chicago.”

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0 responses to “Gun control, Chicago style: More Than 50 People Shot for the Second Weekend in a Row in Chicago

  1. Wonder how many shootings there would be if people were armed and shot back? Criminals always take the path of least resistance because deep down inside their psyche is a very cowardly individual who cannot stand pain. As long as the people of Chicago are rendered helpless, this will continue to happen. I would like to challenge Mayor Emanuel to go about his daily activities without his body guards for two reasons; 1) one he is anti-gun and therefore should not be protected by them and 2) see how long it takes a thug to come out of the woodwork and try to take the Mayor down because he is no longer being guarded. I just love people who know what is best for everybody else but will not take their own advice.

  2. This is Emanuel practicing eugenics and keeping his hands clean. Does anyone really expect much to be done. Except for a token move?

  3. since banning guns doesn’t seem to be working for that city, may I suggest banning weekends? Seems more logical than denying people their constitutional right to defend themselves.

  4. Note to self: NEVER go to Chicago, except to change planes at O’Hare Airport. When in need of deep dish pizza, be satisfied with Uno’s Pizza anywhere else.

    • Ditto. I thought about Chicago tourism the other day and what effect all of the violence was having on vacationers. I don’t plan to get very far from home myself. If we do go very far it will be backroads and mostly rural areas. Hey, I sound just like my father.

      • I checked their tourism web site. The neighborhood with the most shootings (Englewood) isn’t listed in their neighborhood section. Gee I wonder why?


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