Gun-carrying citizen stops man from stabbing more shoppers

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Here’s another argument against the cacophony of hysterical leftwingers, like NY mayor Bloomberg, calling for gun control in the aftermath of the Aurora tragedy.
Yesterday evening in a Smith’s grocery store in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, a man started screaming “You killed my people!” and stabbing people with a knife, injuring two shoppers.
Luckily, a citizen with a gun stopped the man before he could hurt more people.

Don Hudson reports for Salt Lake City’s ABC4 News, July 27, 2012:
A citizen with a gun stopped a knife wielding man as he began stabbing people Thursday evening at the downtown Salt Lake City Smith’s store.
Police say the suspect purchased a knife inside the store and then turned it into a weapon. Smith’s employee Dorothy Espinoza says, “He pulled it out and stood outside the Smiths in the foyer. And just started stabbing people and yelling you killed my people. You killed my people.”
Espinoza says, the knife wielding man seriously injured two people. “There is blood all over. One got stabbed in the stomach and got stabbed in the head and held his hands and got stabbed all over the arms.”
Then, before the suspect could find another victim – a citizen with a gun stopped the madness. “A guy pulled gun on him and told him to drop his weapon or he would shoot him. So, he dropped his weapon and the people from Smith’s grabbed him.”
By the time officers arrived the suspect had been subdued by employees and shoppers. Police had high praise for gun carrying man who ended the hysteria. Lt. Brian Purvis said, “This was a volatile situation that could have gotten worse. We can only assume from what we saw it could have gotten worse. He was definitely in the right place at the right time.”
Dozens of other shoppers, who too could have become victims, are also thankful for the gun carrying man. And many, like Danylle Julian, are still in shock from the experience. “Scary actually. Really scary. Five minutes before I walk out to my car. It could have been me.”
Police say right now they have no idea what caused the suspect to go on the dangerous rampage. (We will update as soon as we learn new information.)
So far, police have not released the names of the suspect, the victims or the man who pulled the gun.

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0 responses to “Gun-carrying citizen stops man from stabbing more shoppers

  1. Comrade gun-grabber Bloomie will say the armed citizen acted stupidly.

    • Yes, thats a worn out, absurd sort of default statement by the gun-grabbing leftards, fresh off the shortbus of insanity.
      Can’t remember who said it, but “liberalism is a form of mental illness.”
      It seems truer words have seldom been spoken.

  2. Excellent.

  3. Good job with the report
    Thank you

  4. It’s going to be interesting to find out the background of the perp… Those statements make me wonder…

    • If he was armed and at a Smith’s in SLC, I can tell you his brand of underwear is Beehive State LDS issue temple garments. His party is Republican, he’s an enthusiastic supporter of the Mitt, he went on a mission for two years at age nineteen to___________. He was married relatively young in the SLC temple, and has or will have four to ten children. His basement has a room full of canned food enough to last from three months to a year, he has a gun safe with (at least) one rifle, shotgun or handgun for every male over ten years old (and maybe for the women-folk as well) and enough ammo to draw FBI attention to oneself anywhere outside of Utah, Arizona or maybe Texas. I can tell you all this with a high degree of accuracy and I don’t even know the man’s name. I’m not sure if there are any Chick-Fil-A’s in Utah.

  5. Once again a person with a gun stops a crime. He didn’t even have to pull the trigger.

  6. A great american hero that stopped yet another crime.This man should be on world news for his heroic actions.

  7. How come this is just now coming to light, it happened on April 26 of this year.


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