Guess who is to blame for anti-vaccination misinformation…

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FYI: While I did not have time to research all the authors of this study, if you go here you will see that of the eight authors of this “Russian-troll” article, only two of them have other published articles with the American Journal of Public Health.

One author – Jamison – has just one other article published. And one other author – Quinn – has 11 articles published. Some of her titles include: “HURRICANE KATRINA: A SOCIAL AND PUBLIC HEALTH DISASTER,” “Building Trust for Engagement of Minorities in Human Subjects Research: Is the Glass Half Full, Half Empty, or the Wrong Size?,” and “The Role of Community Advisory Boards: Involving Communities in the Informed Consent Process.”

I wish I had more time to research all of the authors (having a full-time job now does not allow that!) yet I did a quick search on the first author listed, David A. Broniatowski PhD. Here’s a bit of information from David’s CV: Research Interests: Group decision-making, social choice and social media surveillance. David’s academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems and degrees in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

Makes me curious as to what are the credentials/background of the other authors of this study…

From Oregon Live: They gathered in the cold, carrying signs and grudges. One sign read: “Vaccines: the more you KNOW, the more you NO!”

With a measles outbreak among unvaccinated children in the Vancouver area causing Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to declare a health emergency last month, hundreds of protesters turned out at the state capitol in Olympia to oppose a bill that would restrict personal exemptions to vaccines for school-age children.

So-called “anti-vaxxers” are part of a homegrown fringe movement, one that is suspicious of scientific data about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. But they unwittingly have been getting overseas help in recent years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t trying to mess only with America’s elections. He has set loose his undercover opinion manipulators to promote fear of vaccines and set pro- and anti-vaccination Americans against one another, a recent study concluded.

The overarching objective in this ongoing offensive: to divide and terrify Americans — and win a second Cold War. For the most part, Russia has taken this fight to where we live: on social media.

“Compared with average users, Russian trolls, sophisticated bots and ‘content polluters’ tweeted about vaccination at higher rates,” the study concluded last fall. The research, published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that “[a]ccounts masquerading as legitimate users create false equivalency, eroding public consensus on vaccination.”

An example of a “disinformation” tweet: “Did you know there was a secret government database of #Vaccine-damaged child? #VaccinateUS.”

Another tweet argued the other side: “#VaccinateUS You can’t fix stupidity. Let them die from measles, and I’m for #vaccination!”

Both tweets, it appears, came from “bad actors” in Russia.

“By playing both sides, they erode public trust in vaccination, exposing us all to the risk of infectious diseases,” John Hopkins University computer-science professor Mark Dredze told the BBC.

The American Journal of Public Health study linked malicious propaganda on the issue to social-media accounts from Russia’s Internet Research Agency, which Robert Mueller’s special-counsel office has indicted for its role in 2016 election interference.

The U.S., it must be noted, isn’t the only Western country where measles outbreaks have returned in recent years. The BBC reports that higher rates of measles are being found throughout Europe as well.


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38 responses to “Guess who is to blame for anti-vaccination misinformation…

  1. Am I the only one here who is highly suspicious of the federal government’s passing a blanket exemption of the makers of vaccines and certain other medications from any and all lawsuits, regardless of the damage done to recipients of what are supposed to be beneficial meds?

    Can somebody please tell me just what is wrong with this picture?

    Aside from Big Pharma, as far as I know no other industry gets such a blanket exemption from liability.

    • Vaccine companies, way too many, have been driven out of business by the lawyer shakedown industry. Finding a corrupt judge to allow phony lawsuits to proceed based on fraudulent science is a disservice to all citizens. Vaccines have saved 10s of millions of human and animal lives. Luddites, lawyers, and snake oil saleswomen have been bilking the ignorant public for centuries. The bilked will never admit their faults. Vaccines have saved millions of human lives, eradicated smallpox, rinderpest and hosts of other diseases. Evidence-based medicine still leads with the proof. You can lead a dying, dehydrated, dumb animal to clean water, but you cannot force them to drink. Nothing ever changes with this subset of the population so easily convinced by false information. I expect this kind of thinking in 3ed world nations, but not here from US citizens.

  2. During the (first) Cold War the US and the USSR were on their toes avoiding each other from engaging in a nuclear holocaust, although technology was not so advance as it is today, the fear of the”Star Wars” and our advanced capabilities made the USSR take another stand. A Russia today is a different world power, it has acquired a far advance technology allowing worldwide infiltration and intrusion, still Russia fears us and the idea of [Pres. Trump’s] “space army” is in their minds, so let’s get a head start and play Mr. Putin into the second Cold War, we have the means to fight the bear.

  3. The whole entire existence of the pharmaceutical industry is based on presentation of false science, and advertising this false science and drumming it into the minds of gullible people who have no curiosity to find out why that is so.

    • Not quite, but with my apologies for the choppy quote, this from

      “In 2005, John Ioannidis, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, published a paper, “Why most published research findings are false,” mathematically showing that a huge number of published [biomedical] papers must be incorrect . . . and found that, of 34 that had been retested, 41% had been contradicted . . . [and] at least 51% . . . of published [biomedical research] papers are based on studies and experiments showing results that cannot be reproduced.”

    • Are you serious? Have you ever taken a medication or received a vaccine .
      Do you condemn other modern technologies? How bout computers?

  4. Inject viruses into your body so you don’t get viruses. Makes so much sense.

    • That’s how the polio vaccines work. And they DO work. That how small pox vaccines work. And they DO work. They inject attenuated (weakened) or dead viruses into the body so that the body can learn to recognize these proteins as foreign so that when the body is exposed to the real, full strength virus it is ready for the fight.

      • ● Jonas Salk, inventor of the IPV, testified before a Senate subcommittee that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine.

      • “More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine from 1955 to 1963 when a proportion of vaccine was contaminated with SV40,” explains the CDC. “[I]t has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of vaccine.”

  5. Thanks democrats for letting in the disease riddled illegal invaders. This was pretty much wiped out, but no, we have to save these people flowing into our country on a tidal wave.

  6. Anyone who still has doubts as to which side of the vaccine debate the truth really lies, check out the linked video below. Not only does it provide lots of weaponry for us to take to the battle field (mostly found in the first half of the video), but it also makes mention of the fact that regarding the “One Conversation” conference on vaccine safety which was held in Atlanta the month prior (October 2018), the entire pro-vaccine panel of attendees backed out at the last moment… One of them had more or less stated in defense of their mass retreat that they simply didn’t want to let the “anti-vaxxers” put them in a bad light. In other words, the pro-vaxxers essentially proved by their own cowardly withdrawal from this conference that their pro-vaccination position is completely indefensible. They forfeited the whole debate right then and there and not surprisingly, the MSM failed to report on any of this.

  7. If you research vaccine history, you find ALL deadly diseases, like polio, smallpox, etc, were on a significant decline years prior to vaccine introduction, because nutrition and hygiene are better tools for reducing disease than most vaccines are.

    Also, I have a son who became Autistic AFTER his MMR vaccine. I have an inner truth compass that has told me many conspiracy theories are actual conspiracies (JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Vegas,..), but it is my time working at Pfizer corporate HQ in NYC that showed me the true colors of Big Pharma greed and lack of ethics. The HIV virus was, according to scientific data I saw, quite likely a mutation of the Salk/Sabin polio vaccine, created by injecting monkeys with the virus, then using their kidneys for making the vaccine.

    The entire Russia narrative is just another Deep State boondoggle for convincing the idiot public of another lie. The MSM follows Herr Goebbels to the letter, “if you repeat a lie enough times, the Sleeple (sic) will believe it…”

    Wake up, get armed, and be prepared to fight for freedom once again. The Deep State-controlled MSM and corrupt politicians have sold us out, and our corrupt legal and law enforcement administrations are anemic at best, criminal the rest. We may have to FORCE a systemic change.

  8. Z Doc is wrong. There is no such thing as “settled science.” (That’s the same line the Climate Change nuts say whenever anyone dares challenge their “data”.) There’s nothing wrong with having a public debate about vaccines—or about any topic where people have concerns or differing opinions. His scoffing at this makes me wonder about his integrity.

    I am not an anti-vaxxer, but we don’t know with 100% certainly what the bad side effects of vaccines are, or what the side effects are from giving so many to infants and children. Some vaccines may be safe and effective, others not so much. Which is which?

    • “There is no such thing as ‘settled science'”. Bingo! The phrase “settled science” is an oxymoron as science ceases to exist once it can no longer be challenged. This alone makes both vaccine and climate change policies based on nothing but pseudo-science.

  9. Russia, again?
    Only demented people take the Dems seriously.

    • Somebody caught “Madcow” or is it “Maddow” disease. She (he?) sees Russians under her (his?) bed. If you can’t trust an obsessive, insane lesbian who are you gonna trust?

      Who’s scarier, Vlad Putin or Adam Schiff?

  10. I may have mentioned this already in an earlier FOTM article comment but notice that the specter of “anti-science” tends to get raised in pro-vax discussions the same as it does regarding global warming. This is apparently part of the “flat Earth” psy-op meant to deal with those who stand in opposition to potentially failing public policies that are purportedly based on real science when in fact, they aren’t. I’ve been researching the current “flat Earth” phenomenon and what I’ve learned thus far strongly suggests that this phenomenon is a psy-op engineered by our intel community to enable those in power to more easily defeat those in opposition to their forced-down-our-throat public policies (such as forced vaccinations). Most interesting, this psy-op isn’t unprecedented. A similar one was apparently employed in the latter half of the nineteenth century to help squelch opposition to the ***theory of evolution*** and it was championed by none other than Andrew D. White–one of the incorporators of the ***death cult*** secret society, Skull & Bones! So, the same organization that has been so active throughout history promoting a massive Malthusian conspiracy–two products of which are the eugenics movement and the green blob bureaucracy–was also involved with creating the precedent for today’s flat Earth psy-op. Is it just a coincidence that the same secret society from whose ranks the CIA ***preferentially*** hires its own people was involved in setting the stage for a psy-op in the late nineteenth century that is essentially being replayed today, almost certainly compliments of the CIA? Not bloody likely!

    • Postman, you’d be right in that actually, the “flat earth” stuff is garbage, old and rather rotten garbage at that, previously employed to demonize Christianity by such types as washington irving (his columbus “biography” being one of the vectors for spreading that disinformation, falsely claiming that Christianity asserted the earth was flat.) and others to make way for the “popular science”/gnostic cult. Why do I say gnostic? Because primary doctrines from gnosticism are the “sacred” false doctrines of modern pop science… the “big bang” for example, a false doctrine that actually goes back to the orphic mystery school/cult that asserted the world was made from the shattering of a giant egg, and that a “being of light” emerged from it, going by the name of phanes, right now “science” as a cult is atheistic, but I suspect they’ll reintroduce the “light of intelligence”/phanes/lucifer (as freemasonry et al refers to the devil, since they are gnostic as well.) thing when it is considered advantageous to do so. Promoting the flat earth stuff, particularly seeding that disinfo in the “conspiracy” etc. movements (which already is subverted, as many therein are trying to convince people that gnosticism is hidden truth, per rense, ken adachi, steve quayle, tom horn, david icke, etc. etc.) is implementing a “demonize by association” tactic, propaganda 101 type stuff, which is exploiting a tendency by people to generalize, legitimate Truth gets lumped in with obvious malarkey which leads to the Truth getting discredited in the minds of those doing the generalizing.

      arianism, occult practices, flat earth stuff, nephilim as human-angel hybrids, “oneness”/anti-trinitarian stuff, the false doctrine of evolution, (which appears to be the “emmanation” garbage of kabala etc. as well as alchemy applied to biology, as well as the old man-into-god false doctrines, but cut in half and made more palatable to the general public by asserting lesser beings to apes, then apes into man, etc they’ll likely add the man-into-god stuff back in later, they’re already to do so with transhumanism.) “ancient aliens” false doctrine, transgenderism, homosexuality, transhumanism, it all stems from the same filthy source, it would appear. Its a shame people typically won’t do due research to find these things out.

  11. The vaccines that are in California are from China and are not tested. The government tends to ruin lives there is no accountability. 20 years ago I would have had a different opinion. Trusting the government after all we’ve been through is stupid…I’ve seen the global report their goal was to reduce the population by billions. Just how do you suppose they were going to implement that?

  12. How many of the children who have contracted measles have died? I have read the statistic that it is about 1 in 10,000 that die from the measles. I have also read that about 1 in 480 have serious side effects such as seizures from the measles. As a parent and grand-parent, that doesn’t sound like a good trade-off to me. To me, it would make more sense to send your child to play with another child that had measles so that your child could develop a natural immunity to measles for the rest of his/her life. 1 in 10,000 sound like pretty good odds to me.

    • I’m glad you brought that up, Dan. “In my day” we all just got Measles. EVERYBODY got measles. I can’t remember anyone dying of it.

      As a matter of fact, that is how vaccines work. People are exposed and build up immunities. For most of us “older” folks, we have been exposed to most of these already. They are pushing vaccines like they were “Magic JuJu”.

      • I has the MMR vaccine as a child and got the measles in my late 20s. It was annoying at most but not life-threatening.

        • Exactly. The risk must be worth the alternative. There are many examples of people that were vaccinated getting the disease against which they were inoculated. They don’t like to discuss that.

          People need to do a little research on how the body’s immune system works. If they did they would have very different opinions about “infant” inoculations, for example. They would also question the effectiveness of “flu” vaccinations due to the variations in types that change from year to year.

          The simple truth is that they are selling a product, not performing health care. If the profit took a backseat to the care component I would be more willing to trust them. For now I don’t.

          • Don’t even get me started on the flu vaccine…I knew a woman in the mid-90s who got the vaccine and she was sick (out of work sick) for TWO MONTHS.

            I’ve never had a flu vaccine and will never get one!

            • You’ve probably read my story. It put me out of commission for a long time. I still have permanent nerve damage. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t pleasant. It hurts and it takes a lot of recovery time if you recover at all.

              There are many, maybe most, medical practitioners who won’t go near it for themselves or their children. What does that tell you?

  13. RONDA R: “That’s how the polio vaccines work. And they DO work. That how small pox vaccines work. And they DO work. They inject attenuated (weakened) or dead viruses into the body so that the body can learn to recognize these proteins as foreign so that when the body is exposed to the real, full strength virus it is ready for the fight.” Sorry dear, but it’s obvious that you’re merely repeating what you’ve been conned into believing. QUESTION: When was the last time you considered information provided by MSM (YOU KNOW, paid SHILLS)? My best guess would be NEVER. You state your opinion as if it were gospel, providing nothing to substantiate your pernicious claim. If you don’t consider counter arguments to things you believe, you are what’s commonly referred to as a useful idiot.

  14. There’s nothing more unscientific than the absurd phrase “settled science”. For you armchair Einsteins out there… science is NEVER settled. EVER. That’s what makes it science. In fact, “settled science” is the very antithesis of science. And the beauty of it is, one needn’t be a scientist to understand this. Want to become a scientist? First take a few courses in political science, just so you’ll understand how utterly corrupt ‘science’ has become. As with any other field of human endeavor…. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  15. What these mandatory vax drug-pushers (and that IS what they are), don’t understand (or don’t care) about the “anti-vaxxer” side, is that we’re not so much anti-vaccine as we are “anti-everything-else” that’s put in the vaccines.

    The concept of vaccines is rather sound, but we’re against the adjuvants & other garbage they put in there. Today’s schedule of vaccines from birth to adulthood is also completely ridiculous & bogus.

  16. They are trying to silence the anti-vaxxers just like the climate deniers. They do not want a “conversation” where people might be able to learn about the facts, the ingredients, the governments patents on most of the vaccines, the big pharma lobby and campaign donations & collusion with the media, the gov drug court for vaccine damaged folks.
    Lack of record keeping on vaccine damaged people, manipulated numbers and the actual misinformation cover up.
    The movie Vaxxed was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. I watched an excellent documentary “The Truth about Vaccines” put out with information about all aspects and history. We are so stupid in this nation. Blindly following our masters, doing what ever they tell us to do & ask no questions.

  17. How many drug companies do you realistically think there are which would happen to not be jewish, or jewish run? How about the interlocking CEO’s of the bigger (((globalist))) corporations in general? I don’t know the answer, and they do their damnest to hide it, but I do have a good idea about what that answer is. Don’t you?

    But, We do know a lot about (((TV and Media))).

    “The Deeper Reason for Drug Ads On Television”
    Jon Rappoport

    “Television viewers are inundated with drug ads from Big Pharma. It’s a flood.

    Have you ever heard of these drugs? Otezla, Xeljanz, Namzaric, Keytruda, Breo, Cosentyz? Not likely. If you have, do you know what conditions they treat? Highly unlikely. But there they are, splashed in commercials.

    Why? Who is going to remember to ask their doctor whether these and other obscure meds are right for them?”

  18. Try taking this one first thing in the morning. “CVS rolls out new Health Hub where slaves can be mass vaccinated and prescribed deadly drugs”

    “According to this Business Insider report CVS has rolled out a new Health Hub that will serve as a staging area for mass vaccinations and deadly drug prescriptions.

    CVS Health and Aetna officially merged at the end of 2018, combining a chain of nearly 10,000 pharmacies that also owns a drug benefits business with one of the biggest US health insurers. [Continue to find out how Amazon is getting in on the action].

  19. “Generic drug companies conspired to fix drug prices and rake in billions by cheating customers, lawsuit says”

    “The business practices of Big Pharma are abhorrent, but some people manage to avoid falling victim to the inflated prices of brand-name medications by getting generic pills. Unfortunately, that is looking less and less like a viable alternative as more information about extensive price fixing among generic drug companies comes to light. Now, the makers of generic pills are facing a federal antitrust case brought about by 45 different states.The attorneys general of the states in question are accusing nearly 20 generic drug makers of illegally collaborating to hike the prices of their drugs. According to the suit, which was first reported by Business Insider, employees at rival firms conspired in close communications about ways to increase their prices on drugs used to treat conditions like diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, heart failure, and epilepsy.

    Their actions saw the prices of common drugs rise by 1,000 percent or more, with patients and taxpayers footing the bill.”

  20. Would this article below even seem to be at all related to vaccines or the medical/pharmaceutical issues?

    “Apple warns Natural News to stop publishing articles about abortions or satanism…”

    “In a series of shocking “demand” emails containing screen captures showing lists of Natural News articles, Apple has demanded Natural News stop publishing articles critical of abortions or Satanism, threatening to block the Natural News app from all Apple devices if Apple’s demands are not met.

    This is the first time that a dominant tech company has overtly come out in defense of Satanism while threatening to censor a prominent publisher that exposes the evils of Satanic influence. Many people will see this as yet more proof that Apple, along with other tech giants, is literally aligned with Satan and is exploiting its power of censorship to silence those who criticize Satanism.

    With Democrats now openly pushing infanticide and the legalization of the serial killing of infants, tech giants like Apple are serving as the censorship “speech police” to silence all criticism of the gruesome practice. In threatening Natural News over our coverage of infanticide and abortions, Apple is staking out the position of being pro-infanticide, and anyone who dares to speak up for innocent children is deemed by Apple to be engaged in “hate speech.”
    Although it’s now hidden behind a subscription pay wall, Financial Times had an article:

    “Apple and Google stake a claim on big pharma’s turf” [Mar 22, 2015],
    “For traditional healthcare companies, the arrival of Google and Apple on their territory is unsettling.”

    • Flanders, funny thing about apple… theres association with berkley (Which is already known for often promoting “counter culture”/rebellion, which is what the devil is often associated with.) cooked up a “devil” logo for their operating system called “BSD” perhaps trying to be tongue-in-cheek going off the example of a “daemon”, thus the character is named “beastie” (like the mark of the beast, etc.), and oddly enough its used as the basis for a lot of apple’s own electronic stuff. It gets creepier in that Apple’s logo is an apple with a bite missing, ergo the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil with a bite taken out of it. Granted these associations could be decried as “reaching”, but when you look at the data available… what does it end up looking like?

      Is it any wonder apple corp. would want to remove stuff against satanic filth?

      • I would say that it is no wonder, Seumas, that Apple would want it removed. Apple is jewish run, but even many of the other corporations and management staff are jewish-lovers, known as the Noahide Freemasons are, and just as the Freemason Jenner, the originator of vaccines, was.

        “Historical Scandals That Prove the Fraud of Vaccinations”

        “The Frauds of Vaccination’s Founding Father

        Edward Jenner (1749-1823) has been lauded as a medical pioneer and saver of the lives of millions for supposedly developing the earliest crude forms of vaccination. But is he really all that? Was he even an original thinker? Or simply a charlatan? See for yourself…

        Jenner set up practice as a “surgeon” in Berkeley in the 1700s but, in fact, he did not earn the title of “doctor” at all. Jenner’s history is actually quite amusing.”

        • Thanks for the tip Flanders, also, a “Jenner” huh? One wonders if there is any heredity with the transgenderism pusher propagandist boy… sometimes I run across surnames that seem to have links to pushing the occult etc. on back through history, and it makes me wonder if their families are generational as far as service to evil goes, (kellogg, for example, the eugenicist & circumcision pushing scumbag was directly related to the same “channel” kellogg utilized by william sadler to make the urantia book, an occultic attempt at a bible replacement, one of several over history, oahspe before that, which urantia drew on largely, and then the text by spiritualist creep andrew jackson davis before that, which oahspe drew on largely as well.) not that anyone should be judged on their name alone, of course, given people do have Free Will, and some are not vile like their relations are.


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