Guess which dog wins the spaghetti-eating contest!

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Two dogs — a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever — compete in a spaghetti-eating contest.
Before each dog is a bowl of spaghetti.
Each bowl contains the same amount of spaghetti.
Before you watch the video, please give me your best guess as to who will be the winner.
German Shepherd?  or  Golden Retriever?
German Shepherd, Golden Retriever

No cheating!

Now that you’ve voted, are you ready to find out who wins the contest?
The suspense is killing me!
Scroll down . . . .

The contest wasn’t even remotely close

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0 responses to “Guess which dog wins the spaghetti-eating contest!

  1. Oh man!!! And I voted for the German Shepherd!!! So lame… #teamshepherd

  2. I voted for the German Shepherd! : () The other dog slurped it, the German Shep ate with class! haha Leeann

  3. I am more surprised that the Golden didn’t then try to eat the Shepherd’s spaghetti…

  4. Wow, ‘treivers suck that stuff down and aren’t even messy!

  5. I’ve got about 3 who will give the Golden a run for his money… The GS wanted “real” spaghetti with sauce, I’ll bet.

  6. I didn’t think there’d be much,if any,difference. The Golden was such a lean,clean eating machine,I’m surprised it didn’t wash and dry the bowl.
    That was GREAT!

  7. This site was recommended to me…but some of this stuff is totally a waste of my time…

    • Mr. Doolittle,
      Didn’t you send FOTM several emails complaining about other sites — how they are filled with ads — and that’s why you decided to heed your friend’s recommendation for FOTM? There’s no pleasing you, is there? Fortunately, FOTM has no ads (which also means no revenue). Translated for you, that means it matters not a whit whether you approve of this site or not.
      Now please take your precious sourness and go somewhere else.


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