Guess what we missed last Sunday?

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From their website: It is written, in ancient Mayan glyphs, that on the 13th day of the month of May in the year 2012, a celebration of peace will occur. Join us as we celebrate the unfolding of our potential, and the unlimited possibilities of the future.
These kooks are really alarmists!  From their website:
We are living in extraordinary times. Our social, political, economic, and military systems are in crisis. We are consuming our planet’s limited resources, fueled by an addiction to unsustainable growth. Our traditional energy sources are becoming increasingly more difficult and messy to extract. At the same time, technology has enabled a more connected planet than ever before, and is catching up with the capabilities and limitations of our imagination alone.
Much significance is being placed on this moment in time. Many cultures, including the Hopi and Tibetans, have prophesies that appear to be reaching fulfillment at this time, which foretell of great changes. Many Hindus, Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe we are living in the End Times, that we are approaching the end of one era and the beginning of another.
And indeed, it is a very important time. We are witnessing extreme changes taking place around the world as a result of our behavior, the use of technology, and the infrastructure needed to support it. Climate, atmospheric, and oceanic changes will have a profound effect on future generations of all life on this planet, and already are. The loss of biodiversity and rate of extinction is growing at alarming rates. Our human systems are in critical states, as our population continues to reach unprecedented levels.
This event was sponsored by The World Peace Through Technology Organization (WPTTO).  Their mission? The mission of the WPTTO is to inspire world peace. We do this by demonstrating the many uses of benevolent technology to all people without discrimination. By doing so, we enhance the evolution of community development between global citizens and foster an environment of peace.
Based upon the pictures from the faire last weekend in San Francisco, looks like nothing more than an event for freaks to gather and, of course, get naked.

How’s painting your body related to world peace?

Bet that paint was hard to wash out of all that hair!

Maybe she is their ambassador?

Hey, at least roller skates have no carbon emissions!

Hopefully Batman will save the planet…


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  1. This freak show is regular faire (no pun intended) in the S.F. Bay Area! See also “Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco”:

  2. More useful idiots…

  3. Nancy Lugosi’s San Fransicko constituents at play. They don’t work and so….. I would bet that “Batman” is more apt to shave the planet than save the planet. And yeah, what is it about saving things and getting naked? They don’t get naked saving the whales, right? Don’t answer that. Forget that. If you can.


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