Guess what I did yesterday!

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No, not the gun range (although that is on the agenda in a couple weeks).  Indoor skydiving!  My best friend had her birthday party at iFly and we had a blast.

Our group was lucky:  We had a small group (7 people) so we got more “flight” time – two flights each for two minutes (most groups were having a minute or 1:30 flight time).  Secondly, our instructor was certified at a certain level so he was able to take us to the top of the tower (above the glass viewing area).  No other groups we watched were doing that!

This was a MAJOR adrenaline rush and so much fun!  Yet I won’t be jumping out of a plane anytime soon 🙂

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0 responses to “Guess what I did yesterday!

  1. That looks awesome! Would love to try that! What a great idea for a party.
    ~~Mrs. P

  2. This is ARTIFICIAL!! Try the REAL thing! It’s more enjoyable.

    • The 120 mph wind tunnel didn’t feel artificial to me…gotta start somewhere! And I prefer to start on the ground, TYVM.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know there was such a thing! I need to get out more. Looks like you’re having a GOOD time!

  4. Yup, that silly girl is me 🙂

  5. Looks like a “blast” 🙂

  6. DCG, I’m so glad you did it, instead of me! LOL

  7. GF, there was some libs in my group…although I volunteered to go first 🙂

  8. Hope you two stay safe! Air Force finally going out there to assist. Skippy golfed today while CO burned, prioirities…

  9. I’m praying for rain in Colorado. Our thoughts are with you, Grouchy.

  10. Wow, that looks like fun!
    LOL – But I still see no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, and I was practically raised in Cessnas.

    • Dave, I grew up in a Cessna too! Dad was a pilot. Loved flying with him, especially if I got to skip school 🙂
      Me, not jumping from plane at all! This was enough for me.

      • DCG,
        Yeah, the engineering company my dad worked for for 25 years had both a 172 and a 182.
        They would replace them every three years or so, and they were loaded with every option you could get, so they were always practically brand new.
        I did the bulk of my flying during the summer, but every once in a while I would get to lay out of school to go on a flight, and those were always more fun.
        LOL – We often flew into and out of airports (or cow pastures on occasion) that barely even showed up on the charts.
        I remember taking off from a grass strip one time somewhere in south Georgia in a 172, and I swear I remember seeing the main gear clip the tops of the trees on climb out.
        I think we were a few pounds over gross takeoff weight that day.
        I also remember taking our dog on a flight from Alabama to Atlanta when I was about 11, and spending two hours cleaning the interior of the airplane once we landed.

  11. Grouchy,
    Sorry to hear it.
    Wish I could kick that tropical storm that’s headed for us over your way, but those things tend to turn to the NE once they make landfall.


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