Guess what happened in Dearborn last night?

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Dearborn Muslims rally against the First Amendment

The Detroit News: Led by a newspaper publisher, Muslim activists will call for putting limits on American free speech at a Dearborn rally Friday evening. You can’t make this stuff up.

Nearly a decade after Dearborn’s streets celebrated America for bringing down Saddam Hussein and opening a door to democracy in the Mideast, the same city will be the epicenter today of calls to squelch free speech. Protesting the film, “Innocence of Muslims,” that has sparked protests in the Mideast, rally organizer Tarek Baydoun says that so-called blasphemy laws are necessary to prevent speech that hurts “the religious feelings of Muslims.”

This assault on the First Amendment in the name of the prophet Mohammed is a sad day in America – and confirms fears that Muslim-American activists do not understand the fundamental separation of church and state in the American Constitution.

There is a need for deterrent legal measures against those individuals or groups that want to damage relations between people, spread hate and incite violence,” said Arab-American News publisher Osama Siblani, a self-proclaimed “moderate” who is apparently oblivious to how gutting the First Amendment would affect his own business.

The Dearborn organizers seek an international law banning what they define as anti-Mohammed speech that would supersede American law.

But the rally also comes as Fox News reports that the Obama Administration knowingly lied about the deadly attack on the Libyan embassy. Contrary to claims that “Benghazi-gate” was a spontaneous rally protecting the anti-Mohammed film, officials now admit that the rally was a pre-panned terrorist attack. Siblani & Co. say they condemn the violence – which ABC News now says had nothing to do with the film – but are using the film to advance their anti-free speech agenda.

“The gathering will stress that the rise of Islamophobia is hurting America’s national interests, its image abroad and inciting worldwide violence,” say the rally organizers. Ironically, the rally comes at a time when hate crimes toward Muslims in America have dropped more 50 percent in a decade.

Incite violence?  Like the big mob of American Muslims who attacked Christians at the recent 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival while the useless police simply stood by watching?

You don’t like the First Amendment? DLTDHYAOTWO!


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0 responses to “Guess what happened in Dearborn last night?

  1. Exactly. Hypocrites….

  2. Those are the same Islamic people who believe they have a right to burn the American flag while they protest here in America. They play the mass media and the laws to their own benefit with a wicked heart of deception against a Christian nation. Islam is a religion of war against all who do not accept Islam.

    • Hmm, “deterrent legal measures against those individuals or groups that want to damage relations between people, spread hate and incite violence”– does that include them, too? Of course not? Use those measures again others and other who claims that you are on the same grounds– the wording in generic, of course!

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    Dearborn Muslims rally against the First Amendment

  4. They are a maligant cancer in the body politic.

  5. This is the old fable of the wolf in sheeps clothing…Will American “buy it”?…I would think not after being at war with terror for 11 years. However, the past four years have been spent “reversing, redefining and redacting”, by the Obama adminstration, scrubbing the very word from our vocabulary. Please, share this everywhere and please pray for the people to see and hear the truth. Our very basic freedoms are at stake.

  6. One more thing…I am a practicing Islamophobe, and I am proud of it!

  7. Not islamophobia if it’s true…

  8. Yup, expression of any other belief or non-support of islam is blasphemy because no toher faith is legitimate, of course, for ’em…

  9. The mainstream media has deserted us, becoming nothing more than an advertising agency for the liberal left. If we start dismantling the First Amendment to accommodate Islam, we will no longer have any means to alert each other to the dangers that threaten our country. I think this was part of the plan after Benghazi went down…”never let a good crisis go to waste”. I think they knew the movie had nothing to do with it; they wanted to jack with the internet and shut us down. Kinda like Fast and Furious had to do with the Second Amendment. They like to think they’re stealthy. Fortunately, some of them are bumbling fools and they always get exposed.

  10. As evidenced all over Europe when they reach 10% of the population they start causing problems ..I guess they hate Freedom.

  11. Send them a gift basket of Pork Chops and tell them to STFU.

  12. …and I used to think they came here to escape the oppression of their own country. Silly me. They came to bring oppression to us.

  13. I think I’m gonna lose my mind. No hyperbole here. It’s one reason I haven’t said much lately. It may seem like a cop-out, but the election crapola, combined with ongoing middle east mayhem, the attack on free speech, such as this story, and a personal issue – friends of mine who wanted to rent the store space next to me as hospice supplies were rejected by my landlord – HAMID – a place that has sat empty for over a year. And then Dr. E., you and Joan will love this, a nice Catholic lady and her husband who wants to open up a Catholic store, you know, bibles, rosary mala beads, statues of Catholic angels slaying dragons, crucifixes – plaques with Irish sayings on them was also rejected. Now we’re going to get another store (this makes four out of seven) full of Achmeds, this one selling cheap cell phone supplies. The other three: one sells rugs from Tehran full of moths that devour everything made of leather, suede, feathers or fur, another actually sells cell phones, horrible middle eastern pop music and quasi-legal skinny Jean knock-offs, and the last one is a cool long time American who escaped Khomeini’s regime and who sells quality silver jewelry who’s embarrassed by the rest of them. It always stinks of their nasty food in the same way a ghetto elementary school lunchroom stinks, they’re rude to all the women customers, they don’t use toilet paper or wash their hands yet they want to shake hands and touch you in ways no Americans want, the bathrooms need to have haz-mat teams follow each person in….squalling brats everywhere….full American citizenship and not a word of English. I saw one of their wives dangle her hijab into a baby’s diarhea filled diaper and walk around for hours with a shit-encrusted tassle!!! People were horrified at the woman potty-training her kid at that restaurant in Utah a couple of weeks ago. These people change diapers wherever they are, and leave their vile refuse behind for someone else to clean up. They take over everything and try to shut everyone else up. It’s weird though, they’re fascinated and terrified by Jews. Though I’m adopted and an ex-Mormon everyone naturally assumes I’m a Jew. Far from being mistreated, they almost defer to me. I keep waiting for the scimitar in the back! Anyway, i’m just venting. I’ve been hiding a bit from the news lately to try to keep my sanity, watching old episodes of the Munsters on Netflix

    • Don’t let the bastards get to you, SDF. That’s what they want.

      Put on the armor of God. Stay strong!

    • It’s not just ragheads, most of their customers are regular old middle America.

      • Wow, quick response…I’m totally surrounded here, The good thing is, their stores don’t last long. I depend on myself and am in it for the long haul. I have health issues and it’s all I can do right now, but I still don’t sponge off the state in any way. They’re lazy and they give up, especially when they all get as many entitlements as they possibly can, and a lot of them seem to be getting steady sustenance money from rich? relatives from Iran, Palestine, wherever else they’re from. The ones here are mostly Iranian. There’s quite a few Iranian Jews here. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true, and they tend to be about ten thousand percent less third world….I’ve admitted before I’m not at all religious, but even I can tell the difference between the god of the Jews and Christians, and the god of the mudslimes, even though scholars claim all three are Abrahamic.

    • A few hundred rounds of .357 and 9mm, several thousand cheap .38, Brickloads of .22 LR, hundreds of 12 gauge, about 50 12 gauge filled with rock salt, and I’m embarrassed to admit I have a 12 gauge shell with a mercury dime cut up in it with a pair of tinsnips in case I run into a werewolf…..

  14. Poor SDF!! What area of the country do you live in? We just retired and are thinking of moving; don’t wanna go there!! In my opinion, it’s our legal system that’s going to do us in. It was put there for our protection, but when we weren’t looking all the blood-suckers that call themselves lawyers took over. Considering our Attorney General has a multi million dollar firm devoted to helping terrorists beat the system, that kinda says it all.

    I hope you have friends there you can vent to and friends who watch your back.

    • Moxie, Ventura, California, which is generally a very nice town except that both major commercial property management rental agencies are owned by Iranians who will let places sit empty, lying to the property owners, until they can find “their own kind” to fill the place.

  15. Because signs reading “Surrender Infidels! Kneel before Zod!” would be too obvious for Taqqiya…

  16. Let’s just take stock of the situation…………………the Wahabi Salafi brand of Islam is the radical front of Islam, and it is widely reported that Osama bin Laden was a Salafi student of Islam, as well as a friend of George Bush and the leader of Al Quada who is the terrorist group that is fighting Assad’s government forces in Syria who Hillary Clinton has just raised more millions of dollars to support, whose associate from the ranks of those trained in Guantanomo to work for the CIA in conjunction with an Al Qaeda group of militants assassinated our Libyan Ambassador two weeks ago. Didn’t the Al Qaeda have a great deal to do with the first 9/11 attack? Didn’t we go to war in Iraq and later in Afganistan to fight the Al Qaeda? Isn’t the CIA on the Turkish border training and equipping rebels or “terrorists” to fight in Syria? What in the world is going on here? We have to tolerate this kind of diversion when our economy is on it’s last legs and there is no solution being discussed except for austerity, which is a sure way of reducing whatever is left of our economy to ashes. Congress left the Post Office hanging in the balance, and instead of the press pointing out that the reason it is defaulting is because it’s health and pension plans are way highter than any other entity, and making sure everyone is aware of that and is making waves to save the Post Office, which by the way is one of the largest business entities in the world and without which business in rural American would be legless, people are watching an MSNBC political analyst spray painting the Islamic poster in the NY Subway and wasting her own time and the NYPD’s time with her protest. The only begotten son of God, our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified for our sins and yet noone will stick up for Christianity or for the Highway to Heaven that we are promised in our Bible in the New Testament and yet we hear not a peep.
    He is not going to come again the way he came two thousand years ago, but it certainly when he comes we have to be ready. So let’s stop giving our attention to Islam and let’s get ready to meet Jesus instead.

  17. Oh it’s alright for them to call our Lord a Bastard, but it’s not alright for us to speak harshly of their leader who was in fact a Bastard due to the fact he was a child molester. I am not going to stand by and allow them to say whatever they choose to say about Jesus while trying to strip away my rights as a Christian. Let them comje for me if they like…kill me if that pleases them cause I’ll just be home with Jesus. But I am sick of the way they are hurting my America and my brothers and sisters in Christ. And I am really sick of the POS in the WH who crowardy defends them against the people he swore to protect. Send them all back to their own land and that includes Barack Huseine Obama…or who ever he is. God please remove this creature from office.

  18. if you get the chance-watch “The Project”, Glenn Beck’s show from 9-26-12. the U.S. govt. has been so infiltrated,time for a total house cleaning. “Throw All The Bums Out!”

  19. Muhammad is a girlie man(boy)


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