Guess how many private jets are flying to the World Economic Forum?

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Information from @flightradar24:
1700 private jets expected to Davos in Switzerland to discuss climate change at World Economic Forum”
On the agenda? Climate Change, of course!
“At the same time, the impacts of climate change are exacerbating this growing divide (income inequality). As temperatures rise, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe, crops and livelihoods are being devastated, and the efforts of people on low incomes to feed their families are being undone. Those who are least to blame are suffering the most.
On climate change, 2015 could be a pivotal year if our leaders rise to the challenge. Last year we saw the latest scientific assessments confirm more clearly than ever the scale of the danger we face from a warming world. And we saw the response of citizens: in September in New York, l joined a hundreds of thousands on a march to demand real action on climate. We were joined by many thousands more in other cities worldwide.”
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0 responses to “Guess how many private jets are flying to the World Economic Forum?

  1. Their hypocrisy is so blatant, it’s not even funny.
    Anyone still on the fence that “climate change” global warming is a ruse by the global elite to control the sheeple?
    Oh no! Not another conspiracy theory! /sarc

  2. Ah, hypocrisy is the problem of those pesky conservative “little people” for those “caring” rich liberals attending, I see…

  3. There is a trailer for a DVD called Blue produced by J.D. King concerning the UN Agenda 21.
    I am curious, just who decides who gets to go to these “conferences”. I might want to fly my jet over and get in my SUV to go. hahaha I really do have a few things to say to everyone there. :~D

  4. I forgot to tell you where to find the trailer. It is on the Vision to America website.

  5. Do as I say, not as I do!! It came out some years ago that Al Gore’s monthly heating/cooling bill was large enough to heat/cool approximately 100 middle-of-the-road individual houses for year. This was when Gore was on the news everywhere preaching global warming. Again, they are the entitled, global elites and deserve it all. Those of us out in here in fly-over country should pay for it! They are such hypocrites!

  6. Actually,if Gore has the money to heat a home that size-fine-I really don’t care. Where it pisses me off is the part where he tells everyone ELSE to conserve,go Green,sacrifice to save the WORLD from something that’s at best,unproven,flawed science and at worst,outright fictional BS.


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