Guess how many Muslims showed up at a rally to take a stand against Islamic extremism?

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Answer: Not enough.

Muslims against terror Dan Sanderson

Muslims against terror
Photo by Dan Sanderson

A group French Muslims held up banners and started to chant at a location where people gathered to lay flowers and light candles in memory of those who died in the Paris terrorist attacks. ‘Unite against brutality, unite for humanity!’ They shouted. ‘Killing any human is killing all mankind! Saving any human is saving all mankind!’ Around 30 Muslims, all of Bangladeshi origin and living in Paris, felt they had to take a stand against Islamic extremism because – as they saw it – few other Muslims were willing to raise their voices.
‘Muslims are not being loud enough,’ Mohammad Hassan, 35, told MailOnline, ‘This needed to be done because some Muslims are afraid of coming out to say the truth. About five percent of Muslims support the terrorists. The rest of them need to speak out. I wish more Muslims would join us here. We swear we will fight against these monsters. Decent Muslims must stand up to them before it is too late.’
Khalil Merroun, the rector of the Islamic Centre in Courcouronnes where Oman Mostefai, one of the suicide bombers, is thought to have attended, struck a similar note. ‘We need to wage a jihad against the jihad,’ he told MailOnline. ‘These kids want to change the world rather than themselves. We have to show the true face of Islam.’
Amid the shock and pain that characterizes aftermath of these brutal attacks, France is beginning a process of soul-searching.  And despite strong statements like these many ordinary people on the streets of Paris are pointing the finger of blame at the Muslim community.
‘Paris is “Middle-Easting”. We now have the same problems that they have in the Middle East, in Egypt, Palestine and Syria,’ said Natalie Augier, a historian and terrorism expert, as she gazed in disbelief at the smashed-up facade of the Casa Nostra café, where five diners were killed.
‘There is a very radical mosque just around the corner from here. I know how these people work and operate. They don’t speak to women, they dress them up as lampshades. They are not integrated at all, yet they are allowed to live among us and spread their poison. Thousands and thousands of refugees are pouring in and we know some terrorists are with them. We are paying for our stupidity.
A significant number of France’s 4.7 million Muslims live in relatively poor areas, including the notorious suburbs of Paris where unemployment and crime are rife. This is often thought to be a breeding ground for extremism and terror.
Although many Muslims are well-integrated in the country, a 2013 survey showed that just 26 percent of French people thought that Islam was compatible with their society, a sentiment that is compounded by the surging Front National.
Read the rest of the story here. The story also includes commentary from a psychologist who blames the media for not reporting on the actions of Muslims decrying the terrorism. But from what I’ve been able to find on the internet, not many Muslims actually hold public protests to denounce terrorism. And I didn’t find one protest held by CAIR. Shocker, not.

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0 responses to “Guess how many Muslims showed up at a rally to take a stand against Islamic extremism?

  1. Excellent truth-telling post, DCG!

  2. those 30 had the guts to stand up and speak the truth…cair only “cares” about pushing its own agenda; advancing islam in us and stepping on Christianity in the process

  3. The Muslim culture must stay exactly where it originated – the Middle East. That’s where these people belong because they have their belief system in God, laws, women and men, children, societal norms, dress code and more. They stubbornly don’t integrate with any other way of life – it’s almost like they are unable to because of their psychology. The good ones need to deal with the rotten, grossly distorted ones themselves – they were all born there for a reason. It isn’t the world’s responsibility to take care of these people. It’s their responsibility, and If someone wants to migrate to another country, then they go through the process and apply, learn that country’s laws and culture and integrate into that country, not the other way around. The communists and muslims in USA government have infiltrated and taken over the US and are using these people to slyly change us into them. They are also using these people to bring into total fruition their one world and dominate and abuse people in every nation. Rothschild, Soros, Obamas, Clintons, Bernie, Bush, Rockefeller families, Bilderberg Group and the rest are not manipulating many of us any more with their illogical, totalitarian retoric and actions. They know this and now are using brute force and are nothing more than abusive dictators. More and more people every day are waking up to their truth – all glory to God! People are ! Let’s stand up for ourselves, our God given rights and the health and wealth of our great nation and tell our governors, mayors and Congress NO, you will not take away our Constitutional rights or our right mindedness and true heart in Christ!

    • You’re right-they refuse to assimilate with other cultures they move into;but we are the same way,to a degree. That’s human nature-the Culture we have is “Right” in our minds and hearts,just as their Cultures are in THEIR minds and hearts. That’s the reason different Cultures should reside with their own kind,and NOT move into the lands of People with OTHER beliefs,religions,ways,laws and codes. If my take on this seems segregationist,it is,but that’s just how I feel about it.

      • I agree with you Truckjunkie. I firmly believe that God Almighty made different parts of the world for different people groups, for different purposes and put up natural barriers to help keep those people groups apart. That doesn’t mean that some would not immigrate to other parts of the world but for the most part invasions like we are seeing now would never happen. This is all man-made, planned out by the global elitist and NWO crowd. May the Lord have mercy.

        • “I firmly believe that God Almighty made different parts of the world for different people groups, for different purposes and put up natural barriers to help keep those people groups apart.”
          Then I assume you would agree that European Caucasians (English) don’t belong in North America, or Central & South America (Spaniards & Portuguese), or in Australia & New Zealand (English)?

  4. It is damning that only 5% of Muslims condemn terrorism. This in itself is reason enough to keep them from migrating anywhere. Let them stay in the Middle East and either make a go of it or perish.

  5. The Bangladeshi muslims probably make up most of that 5% who condem terrorism also. Those I used to work with from Bangladeshi were always more considerate and easier to deal with than any one from the Middle East. These young men need to be applauded and encouraged.

  6. You do good work but why don’t you expose the Jews who are behind Muslim migrant crisis. Are you not familiar with the work Michael Hoffman and brother Nathaniel both catholic and orthodox Christian who expose the Jews hands in Europe. What about Henry makow. The Jews are behind this. I’m black by the way I’m definitely not antisemitic

  7. I wonder if our resident mooooooooooooooooooooooooslim sympathizing troll showed up?

  8. So, while I appeciate the 5% of Muslims who condemn Islamic terrorism (in fact, since I counted SIX anti-terrorism Muslims in the pic…and then was informed that THIRTY had shown up to the anti-terrorism rally…it, INDEED, turned out to be a perfect 5%!!!!), it makes me wonder and worry that, if the stats are “flipped,” which means………if all we are seeing in evidence are 5% of the Muslim extremists while they shoot us, attack us, bomb us out of the skies……then, not only the OBAMA admin…but the REST OF US, too, have grossly underestimated what is in store for us.


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