Gubmint Stoopidity: We Don't Need No Stinking English

Surfing the Internet can be truly interesting at times, as you just never know what you are going to find.
I dug this little gem up this morning, which illustrates not just how far we have sunk as a nation, but how colossally stupid government can be.

English Fluency? Correct Pronunciation? Why Would Teachers Need Those?
Posted by Walter Olson
As Pat Kossan reports in the Arizona Republic, the state of Arizona has averted a threatened civil-rights lawsuit from Washington by agreeing to stop monitoring teachers’ English fluency and pronunciation in the classroom. “In November, federal officials told Arizona that its fluency monitoring may violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against teachers who are Hispanic and others who are not native English speakers.”
Does this strike you as perhaps a bit crazy? If so, it’s craziness with quite a pedigree. It was way back in the first Bush administration that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) began filing lawsuits against employers for “discriminating” against employees with difficult-to-understand or heavily accented speech, the theory being that this served as an improper proxy for discrimination based on national origin. The scope for allowable exceptions was exceedingly narrow, too narrow to cover most teaching positions, as I wrote quite a while back when the issue had just come over the horizon in a Massachusetts case. Indeed, the National Education Association (I pointed out) had been prevailed on to pass a resolution “decrying disparate treatment on the basis of ‘pronunciation’ — quite a switch from the old days when teachers used to be demons for correctness on that topic.”
Don’t assume you can escape by choosing one of your local private schools. Their employment of teachers falls under the EEOC’s jurisdiction too.

Political correctness is a cancer that is killing our America.

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Dr. Eowyn

The Left just keep coming up with crap. We’re drowning in it.


Heaven forbid teachers actually learn to speak correctly. Who cares if our kids can understand their teachers or not? Pretty soon public schools are going to be all about learning about diversity, gay culture, incorrect history, and whatever else liberals want on their agenda. Man, be scared for our future generations.

Vic Bailey
Vic Bailey

We don’t need no stinking English, We don’t need no stinking Birth certificate, We don’t need no stinking Social Security Number, but we DO need stinking education, healthcare, food stamps, welfare and free cell phones for those on welfare! Semper Fi.


aye karumba… not knowing the correct pronunciation is a step away from revising history to fit a new agenda.


And I thought that teachers should be able to speak English correctly… my bad!!! Now I see the light: there is no need for a teacher, or anyone else for that matter, to speak English, or pronounce it correctly. It is logical!!! We are commies, let’s make love and not war, smoke some hash and go waste our time doing more important things, like bashing Glenn Beck and the tea party movement! Aham!!! It’s obvious!!! NOT!!!


That picture looks like the ILLEGAL down the block from me…
Proud to be a life long “NON PC” American Independant voter.
Acta Non Verba !
Semper Peratus.