Guardian angel saves girl from falling into the Grand Canyon

Today is the feast day of our Guardian Angels.

Below is an account of what one Guardian Angel did.

In 1977, Al Holiday of Hartland, Michigan, took his family and his 14-year-old sister Janie on a vacation to the Grand Canyon.

At a lookout point over a steep cliff, Janie ignored the posted warning sign and stepped outside a guard rail to take photos of the canyon.

She slipped and fell, plunging down into the canyon when, suddenly, she came to an abrupt stop on the practically-vertical cliff embankment.

Her family above could hear her screams but could not see her because the cliff was so steep.

Janie desperately tried to move up the steep embankment, but couldn’t.

Suddenly, she found herself back on top of the cliff although she hadn’t moved.

When Janie returned home, she told her mother Shirley about her terrifying experience.

Shirley said that at the exact moment when Janie was hanging onto the steep face of the cliff, Shirley, who was more than 1,500 miles away, had a premonition that Janie was going to die. Shirley started to cry, but then a peace came over her.

Janie believes her Guardian Angel had saved her life that day by stopping her plunge down the cliff and whisking her safely back  to the top.

H/t Spirit Daily

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1 year ago

Divine experience. And then, there are the unbelievers.

1 year ago
Reply to  Alma

“Divine experience. ”
How else can we explain these things? I know there’s been half a dozen times when,for all intents and purposes,I should have died but didn’t. I’d LIKE to claim I had the skill,or strength,or forethought to survive,or even just blind luck saved me,but I’d be lying-there was a much higher power at work. I STILL wonder why…..

1 year ago

Wow! How beautiful! Something like that happened to me in the 1970s. I was at a school in Lenox, MA talking with some friends in the corridor. As I leaned back against the wall, there was no wall there, but an open door to the basement. I plunged backward head over heals rolling over and over, and landing on my feet unhurt on the cement floor of the basement. I came up the stairs to see the shocked looks on my friends’ faces, not sure what to think. It had looked silly, like the moment in the Pink Panther when… Read more »

1 year ago

Beautiful, amazing. I have had three, possibly four, encounters with guardian angels. If our work on Earth is not finished they will intervene, I believe, to save us from our own stupdity. Speaking for myself of course:)

1 year ago

I was walking on a catwalk past a high pressure boiler when a manhole plate gasket blew under full pressure. I was 4 feet from the vertical manhole when the gasket blew under 150lbs of pressure. It would have scalded me and cut me to the bone…. But… There was the figure of a MAN between me and the steam protecting me. I jumped over the catwalk rail and landed gently on my feet after missing the piping below. The man waved to me and vanished into the steam cloud. After we got everything secured I looked at the entire… Read more »

Glen Coe Scottish Highlands
Glen Coe Scottish Highlands
1 year ago

I had an experience when I choked on a pill that went down the wrong
way. I cried out to the Lord in a silent prayer for help. I felt the
pill that had gone down my airway, suddenly come back up. Shocked me
that my angel was so close that I had help instantly. My border collie
female was trying to help me, by jumping on me.

This happened in 2012. I had a heavenly Heimlich maneuver.