Grumpy cat has a message for Piers "Musket" Morgan

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grumpy cat

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0 responses to “Grumpy cat has a message for Piers "Musket" Morgan

  1. he is a jerk.

  2. I wonder how he felt about the Britsh Policeman getting hacked to death when he could have pulled out a gun and shot the murderous bast#@d. If a legally carry gun owner was there his life could have been saved. I feel very badly about it and I am not British, just an ordinary human being.. Stupid thing having a citizenry not able to defend themselves because their guns have been taken away. We ought to send this guy back right in the middle of that butchering with no weapon..

    • Piers can’t feel adequate without depriving someone else of their guns… like most left/libtards.

  3. Better yet , why doesn’t C.N.N. send him to the S.S.of Chicago to do an expose’ on gun violence . I’m sure the ” brothers ” would treat him real nice !


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