Growing Up Stinks

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~Steve~                            H/T   Hardnox

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0 responses to “Growing Up Stinks

  1. I tried to find this funny, but I didn’t, as it expresses the tragic loss of innocence for children.

  2. Steve, we know that childhood is such a wonderful time and society today wants to rob children of this time that should be so precious and fun, so adventuresome and exciting! Grouchy, I agree with what you say, and I have my beautiful Secret Garden in my mind with such warm childhood memories. My sons also have wonderful memories. I used to just love showing them nature, bugs, butterflies, flowers, grass, trees, – I taught them about God through nature and through art and music, going to St. Teresa’s and also through cooking. Such fun times!

  3. I got it Steve… also thought it was funny… that’s just the ‘little johnny’ in me…


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